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Hart House Reading Week 2018 U1300

Last update 20.02.2018 02:28:37, Creator: Canada Chess Federation (Licence 34),Last Upload: Canada Chess Federation (Licence 23)

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Starting rank

1Xu William2629542CAN1289On (Markham)
2Lin EthanCAN1273On (Vaughan)
3Skumar Rohit46630198CAN1256On (Mississauga)
4Tran DennisCAN1215On (Toronto)
5Guo Roger2619121CAN1211ON
6Coat SvenCAN1209On (Toronto)
7Zhu IsabelleCAN1189On (Toronto)
8Pishdad M. HassanCAN1168On (Richmond Hill)
9Stroganov VictorCAN1155On (Toronto)
10Wang Nathan ZianCAN1150On (Toronto)
11Xiong Dylan2620103CAN1132On (Toronto)
12Ripley NoahCAN1130On (Harrow)
13Plotkin JuliaCAN1071On (Thornhill)
14Li NoahCAN1066On (Scarborough)
15Rozin MarkCAN1043On (Toronto)
16Ksenych DrewCAN1039ON
17Singh HarpreetCAN1012On (Oakville)
18Odoemelam DanielCAN1004On (Scarborough)
19Gangolli RahulCAN1001On (Toronto)
20Souchko LarissaCAN975On (Etobicoke)
21Wang YinanCAN967On (Toronto)
22Li EricCAN963On (London)
23Mane ArnavCAN948On (Richmond Hill)
24Hay John2629046CAN929On (Mississauga)
25Pedersen NoahCAN928On (Kingston)
26Li GabrielCAN912On (Toronto)
27Libardo BenjohnCAN911ON
28Ksenych AlexaCAN910On (Toronto)
29Howson RyanCAN0