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9th Khanzad Classic Chess Tournament-group-B- U14

Last update 10.02.2018 18:14:29, Creator/Last Upload: IRAQI Chess Federation

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Starting rank

1Abdullah Hasan Othman4813936IRQ1329
2Zear Dalzar Hma Salah4809629IRQ1121
3Shadi Fouad Mohammed4814541IRQ1092
4Ahmed Qusay Ahmed4814150IRQ0
5Aya Falah Sabah4814460IRQ0
6Aymen Falah Sabah4814479IRQ0
7Daniyar Dlzar Hamasalih4813979IRQ0
8Lana Hawar Khaleel4814177IRQ0
9Mohammed Majid Noori4814525IRQ0
10Pari Pishtiwan Ahmed4814533IRQ0
11Parwa Pshtiwan Ahmed4814193IRQ0
12Rawa Fakhraddin Awdl4814711IRQ0
13Roziya Fakhraddin Awdl4814720IRQ0