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Last update 15.04.2010 12:12:48, Creator/Last Upload: all india chess federation

Final Ranking crosstable after 10 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.Rd10.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 Rp
1GMNeelotpal Das2445IND 97b1 64w1 53b1 8w½ 2b1 9w½ 20b1 3w1 4w1 6b½8,566,562,056,52577
2IMKamble Vikramaditya2390IND116w1 68b1 31w1 27b1 1w0 24b1 4w1 8b1 3w½ 9b18,566,062,056,52530
3IMThejkumar M S2437IND 66w1 76b1 32w1 49b1 33w1 4b½ 13w1 1b0 2b½ 12w18,066,061,055,52456
4GMSriram Jha2506IND164w+ 18b1 29w1 13b1 9w1 3w½ 2b0 11w1 1b0 20w17,573,066,560,02466
5IMKonguvel Ponnuswamy2423IND 46b1 51w1 22b½ 35w½ 20b½ 36w½ 34b½ 76w1 26b1 30w17,561,056,050,02274
6Anwesh Upadhyaya2424IND 74w1 77b½115w1 33w0 98b1 53w1 26b1 10b½ 14w1 1w½7,559,555,551,02315
7Abhishek Das2343IND112w½110b1 77w1 22b½ 32w0 52w1 36b1 25b½ 23w1 21b17,557,053,048,52167
8IMSuvrajit Saha2356IND129b+ 42b1 17w1 1b½ 21w1 10b½ 49w1 2w0 9b½ 16w½7,069,564,058,02362
9IMHimanshu Sharma2436IND120b1105w1 45b1 12w1 4b0 1b½ 28w1 33b1 8w½ 2w07,064,560,556,02371
10IMKoshy Varugeese2310IND 85b1 63w1 16b½ 36w1 11b½ 8w½ 42b1 6w½ 30b½ 15w½7,064,059,053,52273
11Praveen Prasad P2293IND101w1 19b½ 47w1 41b1 10w½ 25b½ 32w1 4b0 50w1 13b½7,062,558,052,52233
12Shreyansh Daklia2286IND 88w1 48b1 50w1 9b0 22w½ 34b½ 17w1 49b1 37w1 3b07,062,557,552,02260
13Jaiswal Puneet2245IND147b1 69w1 44b1 4w0 15b1 23w1 3b0 51w½ 34b1 11w½7,062,059,053,52259
14Prakash Ram2280IND113w1 50b0 74w1 55b1 17w1 32b0 18w1 22b1 6b0 28w17,061,057,051,52181
15Bhambure Shantanu2044IND126w1 58b1 21w½ 25b½ 13w0 65b1 24w½ 80b1 33w1 10b½7,059,555,550,52068
16Surendran N2050IND103w1 62b1 10w½ 21b0 56w1 29b1 33w0 75b1 24w1 8b½7,059,555,050,02164
17Thanki Hemal Karsanji2046IND142b1 75w1 8b0 61w1 14b0 82w1 12b0 97w1 59b1 38b17,055,552,047,52114
18Sanjeev Biswas2044IND135b1 4w0147b1 82w1 23b0 97w1 14b0 46w1 58b1 37b17,054,051,047,52020
19Cholleti Sahajasri1975IND149w1 11w½ 20b0114b½113w1 79w1 23b0 81w1 49b1 32b17,052,549,545,52054
20Shashikant Kutwal2291IND 93b1 55w½ 19w1 56b1 5w½ 27b1 1w0 23b½ 25w1 4b06,566,060,555,02243
21FMAkshat Khamparia2284IND 67b1 54w1 15b½ 16w1 8b0 22w½ 76b½ 44w1 35b1 7w06,562,557,552,02180
22Atishay Ajmera2078IND123w1 95b1 5w½ 7w½ 12b½ 21b½ 38w1 14w0 57b½ 50b16,561,557,552,52216
23Kathmale Sameer2135IND104w1 52b0112w1 43b1 18w1 13b0 19w1 20w½ 7b0 60b16,560,556,552,02137
24Kulkarni Rakesh2160IND 78b½128w1 55b½ 44w1 51b1 2w0 15b½ 52w1 16b0 63w16,560,056,051,02032
25CMPrince Bajaj2149IND125b1 70w½ 98b1 15w½ 54b1 11w½ 30b½ 7w½ 20b0 71w16,559,555,551,02176
26Jagadish H D2131IND 96w1 57b0101w1 39b½ 41w1 59b1 6w0 42b1 5w0 68b16,559,054,549,52091
27Chakrabarty Debasis2129IND118b1 61w1 40b1 2w0 71b1 20w0 51b0 54w½ 52b1 57w16,558,554,549,02085
28Singh Arvinder Preet2155IND114w1 43b½ 56w0 95b1 39w1 68b1 9b0 83w1 51b1 14b06,557,053,048,02094
29Swaraj Palit2123IND 81b1 92w1 4b0 52w½ 69b1 16w0 70b1 40w0 83b1 54w16,557,052,047,02060
30Sahoo Utkal Ranjan2244IND 62w0126b1116w1 50b½ 57w1 77b1 25w½ 32b1 10w½ 5b06,556,552,548,52070
31Priyanka Kumari2064IND130b1 99w1 2b0 70w½ 52b0 80w½112b1 65w1 39b½ 61w16,554,050,046,01972
32Sahu Vikramaditya2095IND 73b1 65w1 3b0 83w1 7b1 14w1 11b0 30w0 47b1 19w06,065,060,054,52154
33Dhar Rajib2171IND154w1 91b1 57w1 6b1 3b0 42w½ 16b1 9w0 15b0 34w½6,062,059,054,02174
34Baisakhi Das2050IND141b1 40w0 67b½ 79w1 70b1 12w½ 5w½ 56b1 13w0 33b½6,058,555,050,02042
35WFMSaranya J2125IND100w1 39b1 41w½ 5b½ 60w1 49b0 55w1 50b½ 21w0 42b½6,058,554,048,52097
36Pardeep Arora2061IND 84w1 56b½102w1 10b0133w1 5b½ 7w0 41b1 61w½ 39w½6,058,054,550,01996
37Gusain Himal2182IND109w1 47b½ 43w½ 57b½ 50w½ 54b1 60w1 61b1 12b0 18w06,058,053,548,02042
38Singh Pritam2194IND106b1 44w0 46b1 54w0134b1 71w1 22b0 98w1 40b1 17w06,056,051,547,01918
39Manush Shah1889IND158b1 35w0 80b1 26w½ 28b0 84w1 53b½ 45w1 31w½ 36b½6,055,553,048,01984
Janardhan Mukherjee1819IND152w1 34b1 27w0 68b½ 77w0 43b1 48w1 29b1 38w0 49w½6,055,553,048,02054
41Barath L1872IND139b1 72w1 35b½ 11w0 26b0 86w1 64b½ 36w0 78b1 75w16,055,051,546,51928
42Ashutosh Kumar1997IND157b1 8w0 75b1 97w1 45b1 33b½ 10w0 26w0 99b1 35w½6,054,552,047,52043
43A Akshaya1944IND117b1 28w½ 37b½ 23w0 78b½ 40w0 86b1100w1 73b½ 79w16,054,050,045,51808
44Bose Sayan1942IND161w1 38b1 13w0 24b0 62w1 89b½ 66w1 21b0 75w½ 80b16,053,552,047,01978
45Rakesh Agarwal2098IND107w1 59b1 9w0 66b1 42w0 61b0116w1 39b0108w1 82b16,053,549,545,01965
46Shankar T1801IND 5w0136b1 38w0148b1 58w1 60b0119w1 18b0 77w1 76b16,052,049,045,51827
47Bhatt Jalpan1953IND131b1 37w½ 11b0 78w½ 79b0146w1 88b1 72w1 32w0 85b16,051,548,544,51882
48Rathore Sonakshi1971IND156b1 12w0118b1146w½ 67b½ 75w½ 40b0104w1 79b½ 81w16,047,545,042,01739
49Venkat Sundaram2175IND 79b1 83w1 52b1 3w0 64b1 35w1 8b0 12w0 19w0 40b½5,561,556,551,52096
50Mohammad Ashraf1958IND153b1 14w1 12b0 30w½ 37b½ 73w1 72b1 35w½ 11b0 22w05,560,057,051,52072
51Karthikeyan Murali2000IND148w1 5b0109w1 58b1 24w0 67b1 27w1 13b½ 28w0 -05,558,555,551,01971
52Joshua A P1922IND150b1 23w1 49w0 29b½ 31w1 7b0 87w1 24b0 27w0101b15,558,555,050,51967
53Seshu P V V2115IND 80b1 82w1 1w0108b1 59w½ 6b0 39w½ 57b0 97b½106w15,556,552,047,51974
54Rakesh Kumar Nayak1957IND138w1 21b0104w1 38b1 25w0 37w0 93b1 27b½101w1 29b05,556,052,548,01986
55Singhai Niklesh Jain1961IND124w1 20b½ 24w½ 14w0129b1 81w1 35b0 58b0 93w1 66b½5,556,052,047,51865
Sunyasakta Satpathy1827IND132b1 36w½ 28b1 20w0 16b0134w1 69b1 34w0 60w0107b15,556,052,047,51891
57Aditya Chakraborty1895IND146b1 26w1 33b0 37w½ 30b0 78w½125b1 53w1 22w½ 27b05,555,552,548,52005
58Manoj Kumar(dhanbad)0IND 94b1 15w0 65b1 51w0 46b0147w1 92b1 55w1 18w0 59w½5,555,052,047,51872
59Saurabh Mandal1860IND143b1 45w0 73b1 72w1 53b½ 26w0 98b½ 64w1 17w0 58b½5,555,051,547,01881
60Deobrat Singh2034IND 86b½ 78w1 70b½ 99w1 35b0 46w1 37b0 79w½ 56b1 23w05,555,050,545,51881
61D K Chopra1885IND159w1 27b0 84w1 17b0114w1 45w1 89b1 37w0 36b½ 31b05,554,052,048,01954
62Nigam Aushik1743IND 30b1 16w0105b1 64w0 44b0138w1 82b1 63w½ 71b0 99w15,553,550,045,51944
63Satish Kumar1991IND 90w1 10b0114w½100b½ 88w0 96b1 67w1 62b½ 74w1 24b05,553,549,545,01815
64Sumit Kr Srivastava2040IND137w1 1b0113w1 62b1 49w0 66b½ 41w½ 59b0120w1 65b½5,553,050,046,01887
65Gobardhan Behera1842IND111w1 32b0 58w0137b1 96w1 15w0 78b1 31b0103w1 64w½5,552,549,545,01709
66Sumit Kumar1812IND 3b0135w1128b1 45w0118b1 64w½ 44b0 84w1 76b½ 55w½5,552,549,045,01848
67Aseem Bihari Sharan1769IND 21w0124b1 34w½115b1 48w½ 51w0 63b0127b1102w1 69w½5,552,048,044,01893
68Sekar B2005IND160b1 2w0125b1 40w½146b1 28w0 80b0106w1 70b1 26w05,551,549,546,51823
69Subba Raju S1946IND 87w1 13b0100w½122b1 29w0107b1 56w0123b½113w1 67b½5,550,546,542,51725
70Ashis Roy1895IND162w1 25b½ 60w½ 31b½ 34w0124b1 29w0133b1 68w0100b15,550,048,545,01804
71Ashish Kumar1927IND133w½112b½121w1 89b1 27w0 38b0113w½ 90b1 62w1 25b05,550,046,542,51828
72Biswajit Chatterjee2115IND121w1 41b0 88w1 59b0112w1102b1 50w0 47b0 80w½ 97b15,550,046,042,01857
73Smaraki Mohanty1555IND 32w0127b1 59w0 94b1115w1 50b0120w1 77b½ 43w½ 89w½5,549,545,541,51857
74Agnihotri Ghosh1801IND 6b0155w1 14b0151w1 81b0121w½134b1117w1 63b0 98w15,547,545,042,01708
75Nishant Kumar1670IND 89w1 17b0 42w0127b1108w1 48b½ 77w1 16w0 44b½ 41b05,056,552,548,01908
76Roy Pallabi2031IND122w1 3w0 79b0123b1101w1 88b1 21w½ 5b0 66w½ 46w05,056,052,048,01880
77Mohapatra G C2028IND155b1 6w½ 7b0 85w1 40b1 30w0 75b0 73w½ 46b0125w15,055,553,049,01855
78Saikat Dutta1722IND 24w½ 60b0 87w1 47b½ 43w½ 57b½ 65w0119b1 41w0127b15,054,050,046,01730
79Chandi Sachin1737IND 49w0161b1 76w1 34b0 47w1 19b0102w1 60b½ 48w½ 43b05,053,051,547,01927
80Sarkar Arna1624IND 53w0144b1 39w0119b1116w1 31b½ 68w1 15w0 72b½ 44w05,053,050,046,01837
81Satyam Kumar1647IND 29w0159b1 91w½102b½ 74w1 55b0108w1 19b0116w1 48b05,050,548,544,51855
82Bhoi K L1847IND127w1 53b0149w1 18b0104w1 17b0 62w0114b1123w1 45w05,050,547,543,51740
83Shalini Srivastava [jhar]1898IND145w1 49b0123w1 32b0109w½100b1133w1 28b0 29w0 88b½5,049,546,042,51767
84Minal Mishra1548IND 36b0132w1 61b0105w½ 91w1 39b0115w1 66b0111w1102b½5,049,545,541,51793
85Shah Dhruv1780IND 10w0 90b½110w1 77b0 87w0149b1103w½148b1105b1 47w05,047,544,541,51580
86Anand Nana Yashwante0IND 60w½115b0133w0110b1 95w1 41b0 43w0 91b½114w1120b15,047,544,040,01755
87Manav Kumar0IND 69b0106w½ 78b0141w1 85b1 92w1 52b0 99w0104b½129w15,047,544,039,51780
88Ponkshe Sarang1775IND 12b0156w1 72b0157w1 63b1 76w0 47w0150b1 98b½ 83w½5,047,044,542,01782
89Amrutha Mokal2131IND 75b0140w1129b1 71w0147b1 44w½ 61w0101b0126w1 73b½5,047,044,040,51670
90Ashis Kumar0IND 63b0 85w½106b½113b0 94w1129w½121b1 71w0 92b½112w15,046,542,538,51747
91Sharma R N1946IND151b1 33w0 81b½134w0 84b0119b0110w1 86w½122b1118w15,045,042,038,01423
92Lal Chiranjee1863IND144w1 29b0103w½133b0122w1 87b0 58w0138b1 90w½121b15,044,541,538,01365
93Tiwary Vikash K1777IND 20w0149b0143b1160w1 -0136b1 54w0124b1 55b0119w15,043,041,038,01533
94Sadhu N Vishal0IND 58w0103b0 -1 73w0 90b0157w1137b1115b½121w½113b15,042,540,037,01426
95Bihari P K1844IND163b1 22w0151b½ 28w0 86b0117w0140b1122w½148w1123b15,041,539,536,51419
96Swapan Kr Das Iol1666IND 26b0146w0131b1150w1 65b0 63w0148b0160w1152b1115b15,039,537,535,01515
97Debarshi Mukherjee1817IND 1w0137b1119w1 42b0121w1 18b0114w1 17b0 53w½ 72w04,554,551,547,51814
98Sinha Abhay Kumar1949IND110w½133b1 25w0103b1 6w0109b1 59w½ 38b0 88w½ 74b04,553,049,545,01748
99Gupta Rajesh R S1830IND119w1 31b0111w1 60b0100w½133b0107w1 87b1 42w0 62b04,549,546,042,01549
100Kumar Gaurav1652IND 35b0158w1 69b½ 63w½ 99b½ 83w0111b1 43b0117w1 70w04,549,046,542,51687
101Rahul Lamba1779IND 11b0157w1 26b0135w1 76b0137w1105b½ 89w1 54b0 52w04,548,045,542,51771
102Lolla Sembhu1940IND140b½134w1 36b0 81w½125b1 72w0 79b0118w1 67b0 84w½4,548,044,540,51630
Shalini Srinivasan N1502IND 16b0 94w1 92b½ 98w0105b0140w1 85b½112w1 65b0108b½4,548,044,540,51716
104Aishwarya1680IND 23b0150w1 54b0128w1 82b0111w½146b1 48b0 87w½105w½4,547,544,541,01556
105Jha Kausal Kumar2009IND136w1 9b0 62w0 84b½103w1120b½101w½113b½ 85w0104b½4,547,544,040,01687
106Nilesh Kumar1741IND 38w0 87b½ 90w½117b½124w0110b1122w1 68b0133w1 53b04,547,043,539,51435
107Karan Manish Jain1563IND 45b0143w½134b0132w1117b1 69w0 99b0128w1139b1 56w04,545,041,538,01454
108Atul Bihari Sharan1838IND128b0142w1152b1 53w0 75b0118w1 81b0125w1 45b0103w½4,544,041,538,01591
109Rakesh Kumar Jena1739IND 37b0131w1 51b0153w1 83b½ 98w0117b0134w0151b1133w14,543,540,537,51487
110Kumar Atul0IND 98b½ 7w0 85b0 86w0152b1106w0 91b0157w1156b1139w14,542,540,037,51540
111Shamim Ahmad0IND 65b0130w1 99b0118w0160b1104b½100w0147w1 84b0154w14,540,038,035,01609
112Kumar Sanu1789IND 7b½ 71w½ 23b0142w1 72b0130w1 31w0103b0150w1 90b04,052,048,545,01678
113Kaushik Bhave1756IND 14b0153w1 64b0 90w1 19b0148w1 71b½105w½ 69b0 94w04,050,547,544,51626
114Sradhanjali Jena1718IND 28b0117w1 63b½ 19w½ 61b0131w1 97b0 82w0 86b0153b14,050,047,043,01575
115Jha H C1988IND134b½ 86w1 6b0 67w0 73b0156w1 84b0 94w½135b1 96w04,048,546,042,51424
116Chhualsingh P K1799IND 2b0160w1 30b0130w1 80b0135w1 45b0139w½ 81b0117b½4,048,046,042,51564
117Manisha Masi0IND 43w0114b0141b1106w½107w0 95b1109w1 74b0100b0116w½4,046,042,538,51661
118Manideep Mukhi1665IND 27w0162b1 48w0111b1 66w0108b0136w1102b0145w1 91b04,045,043,540,01572
119Somu Gorai0IND 99b0141w1 97b0 80w0157b1 91w1 46b0 78w0142b1 93b04,045,042,539,01598
120Prasannakumar Nayak1806IND 9w0122b½146b0140w1151b1105w½ 73b0130w1 64b0 86w04,045,042,039,01487
121Salini R1624IND 72b0139w1 71b0152w1 97b0 74b½ 90w0146w1 94b½ 92w04,044,542,039,01480
122Anigani Kavya0IND 76b0120w½140b1 69w0 92b0128w1106b0 95b½ 91w0146w14,044,541,538,01606
123Deepak Paliwal1552IND 22b0163w1 83b0 76w0156b½151w1129b1 69w½ 82b0 95w04,044,042,039,51632
124Himanshu Kankal0IND 55b0 67w0132b½143w1106b1 70w0147b½ 93w0129b0152w14,044,041,538,51556
125Diotima Dutta Gupta1714IND 25w0145b1 68w0162b1102w0127b1 57w0108b0144w1 77b04,043,542,039,01594
126Abhinaba Pal0IND 15b0 30w0150b0139w1131b0158w1138b½132w1 89b0128w½4,043,541,037,51410
127Samal Ansuman0IND 82b0 73w0156b1 75w0155b1125w0135b1 67w0130b1 78w04,042,540,037,51471
128Shubham Srivastava0IND108w1 24b0 66w0104b0149w½122b0155w1107b0136w1126b½4,042,540,037,01433
129Singh Ankit K1794IND 8w-148b1 89w0136b1 55w0 90b½123w0144b½124w1 87b04,042,539,536,51384
130Santosh Pal1552IND 31w0111b0138w1116b0153w1112b0131w1120b0127w0150b14,041,038,034,51394
131Krishna Murari Prasad0IND 47w0109b0 96w0159b1126w1114b0130b0142w0160b1147w14,038,036,034,01471
132Soumyadip Sinha0IND 56w0 84b0124w½107b0154w½153b½149w1126b0137b½148w14,038,035,032,01315
133Nikhil Singh0IND 71b½ 98w0 86b1 92w1 36b0 99w1 83b0 70w0106b0109b03,550,045,541,01700
134D. Chattopadhyay0IND115w½102b0107w1 91b1 38w0 56b0 74w0109b1 -0 -03,548,544,540,01832
135Abhisek Roy0IND 18w0 66b0145w1101b0162w1116b0127w0143b1115w0138b½3,541,039,536,01432
136Anshul Nigam0IND105b0 46w0139b1129w0158b1 93w0118b0151w½128b0156w13,540,037,535,01395
137Abhishek Khamparia0IND 64b0 97w0158b1 65w0150b+101b0 94w0145b0132w½159b13,539,537,535,01332
138Ishan Gupta0IND 54b0147w0130b0163w1142b1 62b0126w½ 92w0141b½135w½3,539,537,534,51434
139Ronit Roy0IND 41w0121b0136w0126b0161w1155w1142b1116b½107w0110b03,538,036,534,01322
140N. Basnet0IND102w½ 89b0122w0120b0143w1103b0 95w0154b0158w1160b13,538,036,033,51466
141Manisha Gore1524IND 34w0119b0117w0 87b0159w1145b1150w0153b½138w½144b½3,537,535,532,51175
142Sonal Mishra1459IND 17w0108b0161w1112b0138w0162b1139w0131b1119w0145b½3,537,035,534,01297
143Sai Sumedha S0IND 59w0107b½ 93w0124b0140b0154w1160b½135w0161b1155w½3,535,534,032,01304
144Sachin Kumar0IND 92b0 80w0157b0 -1148w0160w½156b1129w½125b0141w½3,535,033,030,51314
145Nivedita0IND 83b0125w0135b0156w0163b1141w0159b1137w1118b0142w½3,533,031,029,01316
146Prabhunath Sah0IND 57w0 96b1120w1 48b½ 68w0 47b0104w0121b0154w½122b03,047,544,540,51605
147Soumya Ranjan Das1745IND 13w0138b1 18w0149b1 89w0 58b0124w½111b0153w½131b03,046,543,540,51333
148Anup Kumar Singh0IND 51b0129w0163b1 46w0144b1113b0 96w1 85w0 95b0132b03,044,542,539,51475
149Debanjan Sasmal0IND 19b0 93w1 82b0147w0128b½ 85w0132b0152w0157b1151w½3,041,539,036,51363
150Niraj Kumar0IND 52w0104b0126w1 96b0137w-152w1141b1 88w0112b0130w03,041,539,035,51465

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