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Aeroflot Open 2018 A

Last update 28.02.2018 20:04:26, Creator/Last Upload: St.Petersburg Chess Federation

Player overview for arg

18GMMareco Sandro2632ARG½½01½1½1½5,518260610-2,80Open A
52GMPichot Alan2552ARG010½½0½1½464248210-8,30Open A

Results of the last round for arg

Rd.Bo.No.NameFEDRtgPts. ResultPts. NameFEDRtgNo.
91018GMMareco SandroARG26325 ½ - ½5 GMAlekseenko KirillRUS260929
93276IMGholami AryanIRI2489 ½ - ½ GMPichot AlanARG255252

Player details for arg

GM Mareco Sandro 2632 ARG Rp:2606 Pts. 5,5
164IMAbdusattorov Nodirbek2516UZB4w ½10-1,60
256GMXu Yinglun2538CHN4,5s ½10-1,30
354GMXu Xiangyu2545CHN6w 010-6,20
474IMGolubov Saveliy2492RUS3,5s 1103,10
571IMHakobyan Aram2497ARM5w ½10-1,80
680IMPavlov Sergey2485UKR3s 1103,00
784IMYakubboev Nodirbek2462UZB4,5w ½10-2,20
839GMMaghsoodloo Parham2594IRI4s 1104,50
929GMAlekseenko Kirill2609RUS5,5w ½10-0,30
GM Pichot Alan 2552 ARG Rp:2482 Pts. 4
16GMArtemiev Vladislav2697RUS6s 010-3,10
285IMDragnev Valentin2461AUT3w 1103,80
34GMMamedov Rauf2709AZE6s 010-2,90
486IMGallego Alcaraz Andres Felipe2461COL5w ½10-1,20
583IMLiu Yan2476CHN4s ½10-1,00
689IMShinkevich Vitaly2454RUS3,5w 010-6,30
774IMGolubov Saveliy2492RUS3,5s ½10-0,80
880IMPavlov Sergey2485UKR3w 1104,10
976IMGholami Aryan2489IRI4s ½10-0,90