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Budapest Spring Festival 2018 C U1800

Last update 26.04.2018 14:40:54, Creator: Hungarian Chess-Federation (Master),Last Upload: Tamas Gyomber

Player overview for ita

9Dal Bianco Nicola1703ITA1½111½01½6,5517352013,60U1800
49Paragliola Gennaro1401ITA0½010011½447130620-23,80U1800

Results of the last round for ita

Rd.Bo.No.NameFEDRtgPts. ResultPts. NameFEDRtgNo.
9219Fulop Peter BenjaminHUN1616 ½ - ½6 Dal Bianco NicolaITA17039
92474Szuhorukov MarcellHUN1068 ½ - ½ Paragliola GennaroITA140149

Player details for ita

Dal Bianco Nicola 1703 ITA Rp:1735 Pts. 6,5
149Paragliola Gennaro1401ITA4s 10,850,15203,00
237Szabo Marton Nandor1482HUN4,5w ½0,78-0,2820-5,60
333Herczeg Marcell1495HUN4,5s 10,770,23204,60
425Magyar Erik Ferenc1536HUN4,5w 10,720,28205,60
55Lakat Gyula1736HUN6,5w 10,450,552011,00
620Henderson Franklin Matthew1609ESP7,5s ½0,63-0,1320-2,60
7-not paired- --- 0
876AFMSukhorukov Mykola0FID6w 1
919Fulop Peter Benjamin1616HUN7s ½0,62-0,1220-2,40
Paragliola Gennaro 1401 ITA Rp:1306 Pts. 4
19Dal Bianco Nicola1703ITA6,5w 00,15-0,1520-3,00
272Lehocz Jozsef Jr.1136HUN2,5s ½0,82-0,3220-6,40
31Rabovszky Gyorgy1791HUN6w 00,09-0,0920-1,80
470Erenberg Shmuel1201ISR2s 10,760,24204,80
564Juhasz Tamas1278HUN5w 00,67-0,6720-13,40
665Cohen Jeffrey1268USA2,5s 00,68-0,6820-13,60
751Baranyai Antal1378HUN4s 10,530,47209,40
861Horvath Zoltan1321HUN3,5w 10,610,39207,80
974Szuhorukov Marcell1068HUN4s ½0,88-0,3820-7,60