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Otvoreno prvenstvo Pozarevca 2017

Last update 24.12.2017 19:04:58, Creator/Last Upload: Suhartovic Branislav

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Final Ranking crosstable after 5 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1IMMarkovic Zoran S2340SRB 16b1 42w1 41b1 12w1 3b½4,513046
2FMBesedes Danilo2287SRB 27b1 13w½ 26b1 25w1 14b14,512044
3FMPantelic Sasa2340SRB 17w½ 19b1 20w1 9b1 1w½414038
4CMCvetanovic Uros2295SRB 19w0 29b1 32w1 24b1 21w1412040
5Todorovic Nenad I2304SRB 6b1 12w0 37b1 43w1 22b1412040
6Samu Sorin-Mihai2094ROU 5w0 61b1 47w1 44b1 15w1411,5040
7GMAbramovic Bosko2393SRB 12b0 53w1 35b1 27w1 16b1411040
8IMMilenkovic Mladen2329SRB 31b1 25w0 45b1 41w1 12b1410,5040
9FMTrifunovic Miroljub2187SRB 36b1 14w½ 28b1 3w0 18w13,512,5034
10Rajic Stefan1754SRB 26b0 50w½ 68b1 30w1 36b13,59,5034
11Bulutic Sasa1976SRB 54w½ 56b1 15w0 55b1 29w13,58,5034
12Madjar Stanislav2174SRB 7w1 5b1 44w1 1b0 8w0316,5030
13GMRajkovic Dusan2351SRB 48w1 2b½ 23w1 15b½ -0314,5032
14FMIvic Matija2323SRB 21w1 9b½ 54w1 18b½ 2w0314032
15FMZegarac Vuk2237SRB 28b½ 30w1 11b1 13w½ 6b0313,5030
16Rasic Jovan2123SRB 1w0 33b1 61w1 34b1 7w0313,5030
17WFMBojicic Andjela2116SRB 3b½ 28w0 59b1 38w1 23b½312032
18Zivanovic Milos1818SRB 51b1 31w1 25b½ 14w½ 9b0312030
19Stanojevic Ilija2072SRB 4b1 3w0 43b0 62w1 46b1312030
20Simic Anja1726SRB 68b½ 39w1 3b0 28w1 31b½311,5032
21FMRajkovic Ljubisa2106SRB 14b0 46w1 53b1 26w1 4b0311,5030
22Klcesko Nebojsa2021SRB 25b0 49w1 62b1 42w+ 5w0311,5030
23Tomic Slobodan1996SRB 38b1 45w½ 13b0 40w1 17w½311,5028
24Tasic Zoran T2082SRB -0 43w1 46b1 4w0 41b1311030
25FMDjokic Nebojsa2217SRB 22w1 8b1 18w½ 2b0 -02,515024
26Mijatovic Pavle0SRB 10w1 35b1 2w0 21b0 34w½2,513,5024
27Jevtic Miroljub2038SRB 2w0 47b1 58w1 7b0 32w½2,513024
28Janjic Jugoslav2032SRB 15w½ 17b1 9w0 20b0 54w12,512,5024
29Isak Igor G2005SRB 30b½ 4w0 52b1 45w1 11b02,512026
30FMDjukic Slobodan D2182SRB 29w½ 15b0 56w1 10b0 43b12,511024
31Zivkovic Momcilo2111SRB 8w0 18b0 66w1 61b1 20w½2,511024
32Pavlasevic Dragisa1868SRB 45b0 51w1 4b0 49w1 27b½2,510,5026
33Gligorijevic Bojan1840SRB 52b1 16w0 42b0 50w1 39b½2,510,5026
34Petrovic Zoran Z2036SRB 42b0 62w1 49b1 16w0 26b½2,510,5026
35Andric Sinisa1964SRB 59b1 26w0 7w0 47b½ 55w12,510026
36Lazarevic Dusan2008SRB 9w0 58b1 55w½ 54b1 10w02,510024
37Petrovic Borislav I1934SRB 55w1 44b0 5w0 57b½ 58w12,59,5026
38Musikic Stefan1721MNE 23w0 63b½ 67w1 17b0 57w12,59026
39Kujic Goran1874SRB 56w½ 20b0 57w½ 63b1 33w½2,58,5022
40Matovic Andjela1808SRB 58w0 57b½ 60w1 23b0 56w12,57,5026
41Matic Dragan1865SRB 57w1 48b1 1w0 8b0 24w0214020
42FMRadosavljevic Slobodan D2270SRB 34w1 1b0 33w1 22b- -0213,5020
43Ristic Luka1776SRB 63w1 24b0 19w1 5b0 30w0213020
44Novakovic Aleksandar S0SRB 65b1 37w1 12b0 6w0 -0212,5020
45AFMPistalovic Slobodan1625BIH 32w1 23b½ 8w0 29b0 47w½212020
46Petrovic Tijana1823SRB 60w1 21b0 24w0 48b1 19w0211,5020
47Popovic Branislav1769SRB 66b1 27w0 6b0 35w½ 45b½211020
48Tosic Nebojsa2139SRB 13b0 41w0 51b1 46w0 59b129,5020
49Djordjevic Nevena1659SRB 64w1 22b0 34w0 32b0 67w129,5020
50Petrovic Marija V1478SRB 61w0 10b½ 64w½ 33b0 62b129020
51Ilic Petar1562SRB 18w0 32b0 48w0 66b1 61w128,5020
52Tomic Stefan1594SRB 33w0 64b½ 29w0 67b½ 63w+28022
53Kuzmanovic Ratko1877SRB -1 7b0 21w0 58b½ -01,511,5016
54Dimitrijevic Zoran S1698SRB 11b½ 68w1 14b0 36w0 28b01,511,5016
55Milosevic Goran D1687SRB 37b0 66w1 36b½ 11w0 35b01,511016
Keric Zoran1632SRB 39b½ 11w0 30b0 68w1 40b01,511016
57Krstic Milos D1614SRB 41b0 40w½ 39b½ 37w½ 38b01,510014
58Djordjevic Mihajlo1509SRB 40b1 36w0 27b0 53w½ 37b01,510014
59Slavkovic Uros1691SRB 35w0 67b½ 17w0 60b1 48w01,59016
60Golubovic Velibor1588SRB 46b0 65w½ 40b0 59w0 68b11,58014
61Arsic Novica1795SRB 50b1 6w0 16b0 31w0 51b0111,5010
62Jovkic Nikola1763SRB 67w1 34b0 22w0 19b0 50w0110010
63Joksimovic Ognjen1293SRB 43b0 38w½ 65b½ 39w0 52b-19010
64Kandjolas Konstantin1878SRB 49b0 52w½ 50b½ -0 -018,5010
Klcesko Aleksandar1733SRB 44w0 60b½ 63w½ -0 -018,5010
66Zivanovic Stefan1212SRB 47w0 55b0 31b0 51w0 -118010
67Cvetkovic Nenad0SRB 62b0 59w½ 38b0 52w½ 49b017,508
68Petrovic Slavoljub0SRB 20w½ 54b0 10w0 56b0 60w00,59,504

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel With parameter)
Tie Break2: Direct Encounter (The results Of the players In the same point group)
Tie Break3: Arranz System (Win:1 / Draw: 0.6 black, 0.4 white, lost: 0)