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9th Penang Heritage City International Chess Open 2017 Penang Challenger 2017

Last update 09.12.2017 06:39:43, Creator/Last Upload: PenangChessAssociation

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Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 Rp
1Anang Satriyadi0INA 59b1106w1 16b1 14w½ 17w1 4b1 5w1 13b1 7w½805649,252034
2Pham Minh Hieu1962VIE 89w1 56b1 22w1 17b½ 4w½ 25b1 21w1 3b½ 13w17,50,55544,501851
3Chen Kailin1734CHN100w1 57b1 80w1 30b1 8w1 5b½ 13b½ 2w½ 12b17,50,554,544,501759
4Yip Thung1664MAS 48b1 67w1 52b1 6w1 2b½ 1w0 19b1 11w½ 24b17056,541,501604
5Liuviann Cecilia Natalie1632INA169b1 75w1 12b1 7b1 21w1 3w½ 1b0 27w1 6b½705539,751693
6WFMJelsen Yemi1934INA131w1 11b1 37w1 4b0 51w½ 43b1 22w1 8b1 5w½705340,001721
7Fariha Mariroh1851INA143b1 35w1 62b1 5w0 38b1 41w1 10b1 12w½ 1b½7052,538,251511
8Su Weng Yang Joel1727MAS 96b1103w1 45b1 10w1 3b0 53w1 27b1 6w0 26b1705237,501653
9Looi Ka Loc1640MAS 10w0165b1 89w1 57b1 84w1 11b0 54w1 29b1 20w1704633,001498
10AIMNursinggih Prima Donna0FID 9b1 60w1 55w1 8b0 50w1 17b1 7w0 32b1 23w½6,5054,537,501853
11Pang Khai Jie Ryan1367SGP 91b1 6w0114b1 29w1 24b1 9w1 14w½ 4b½ 15w½6,5054,537,001679
12Ginting Osaka Hendra0INA 50w1 66b1 5w0 63b1 23w1 40b1 15w1 7b½ 3w06,5054,536,501827
13Di Xu Wei1730MAS111w1 64b1 87w1 33b1 15w1 20b1 3w½ 1w0 2b06,5054,535,251638
14CMTan Jun Hao1901SGP 95b1 82w1 31b½ 1b½ 54w½ 62w1 11b½ 16w½ 34w16,5051,536,001548
15Chan Yung Kang Jerome1761SGP136b1 70w1 38b1 34w1 13b0 26w1 12b0 42w1 11b½6,5050,534,751546
16Kabhilan S1585IND110w1 78b1 1w0 64b1103w1 19b½ 20w½ 14b½ 43w16,505032,751514
17Wong Zhenyong Jayden1688SGP164b1 97w1163b1 2w½ 1b0 10w0 67b1 83w1 37b16,5045,529,251475
18Anannth Varun R1670IND109w1 33b0 74w1 84b0 81b1103w1 83b½ 45w1 44b16,504330,751438
19Janto Yusin0INA 69b1 73w1 20b0 45w1 31b1 16w½ 4w0 39b½ 50w16051,532,501681
20Singgih Diajeng Theresa1897INA116w1 36b½ 19w1 65b1 43w1 13w0 16b½ 41w1 9b06051,532,001541
21Hoe Chew Ming Thomas1738SGP134b1 61w1 83b1 25w1 5b0 35w1 2b0 26w0 36w16050,530,001594
22AFMHairul Muhd Ilhan Mansiz1546MAS 93b1 71w1 2b0 97w1 42b½ 51w1 6b0 35w½ 58b16049,529,501546
23WFMAnisa Aay Aisyah1987INA 76b1 26w1 34b0 44w½ 12b0143w1 61b1 38w1 10b½6048,530,501398
24Hamzah Razali1717MAS101w1 65b½ 36w½ 92b1 11w0 57b1 69w1 50b1 4w0604829,251498
25Aritra Ganguly1570IND142w1 74b1 28w1 21b0 80w1 2w0 44b0 52b1 64w1604829,001560
Tay Xiong Ze Darren Christopher1411MAS130w1 23b0142w1 86b1 30w1 15b0 55w1 21b1 8w0604829,001620
27Lim Lui Lung1740MAS140w1 84b1 33w0 36b1 56w1 82b1 8w0 5b0 63w16047,528,001531
28Handayani Tri1938INA107b1 42w1 25b0 70w½ 61b½ 84w1 38b½ 44w½ 51w1604629,501503
29Zulkippli Iskandar Hakimi0MAS123w1 63b1 30w0 11b0163w1 92b1 46w1 9w0 62b16045,528,001539
30Yip Yong1589MAS173b1 53w1 29b1 3w0 26b0 68w1 -0108b1 56w1604527,001479
31Ho Yi Amadeus1526SGP129w1104b1 14w½ 40b½ 19w0 87b1 82w½ 51b½ 53w16044,527,751446
32Ramesh Balasubramanian1661IND 90w1 80b0104w0129b1 52w1 64b1 63w1 10w0 54b1604328,001318
33Hisham Nik Emer1281MAS149b1 18w1 27b1 13w0 34b0 59w½ 73b1 62w½ 41b½5,504828,251614
34Yeop Mat Zaki1572MAS118b1 99w1 23w1 15b0 33w1 -0 35b½ 82w1 14b05,5047,527,251626
35Foo Jiu Yarng Clarance1364MAS121w1 7b0126w1102b1 47w1 21b0 34w½ 22b½ 40w½5,5047,526,251504
36Haw Zi Xuan1361SGP 98b1 20w½ 24b½ 27w0 93b1 85w½ 81b1 60w1 21b05,504726,751480
37Noel Nicolas1533FRA148b1 58w1 6b0 68w1 82b0 80w½ 75b1 49w1 17w05,504625,751432
38WCMDing Dao En1461MAS151b1132w1 15w0104b1 7w0 48b1 28w½ 23b0 80w15,504623,501526
39Chin Mei Qi1498MAS122b1 52w0 58b1 53w0 96b1 71w1 49b½ 19w½ 48b½5,5045,527,001196
40Chia Yu Zhe Ashton1600SGP114b1108w1 81b½ 31w½ 69b1 12w0 42b0 97w1 35b½5,5045,525,001336
41Mahindran Praveen1541MAS138w1 87b0116w1 72b1 90w1 7b0 56w1 20b0 33w½5,504524,751424
42Foo Jiu Weir Brien1380MAS145w1 28b0138w1105b1 22w½ 55b½ 40w1 15b0 47w½5,504524,251525
43Tan Yik Chean1446MAS144b1 88w½128b1 81w1 20b0 6w0 80b1 59w1 16b05,5044,523,251445
44AFMRazali Muhd Syukur1357MAS125w0159b1145w1 23b½ 87w½ 88b1 25w1 28b½ 18w05,5042,524,251452
45Lai Zhen Hou1427MAS174w1113b1 8w0 19b0114w1125b½ 89w1 18b0 85w15,5041,520,251253
46Cahyadi1731INA 52b0122w1 65w0138b1134b1 61w½ 29b0104w1 82b15,5040,522,001239
47Nagaraj Jeevvanraj1509MAS157b1163w0 71b1135w1 35b0 49w0 85b1 74w1 42b½5,5039,523,251275
48Ong Ewe Shern1042MAS 4w0175b1 56w0160b1106b1 38w0 57w1 92b1 39w½5,503918,751433
49Lian Kai En Gerard1186SGP113w0126b0167w1145b1 86w1 47b1 39w½ 37b0 83b15,503822,251301
50Koay Yu Zhe1472MAS 12b0112w1 76b1107w1 10b0 95w1 58b1 24w0 19b05047,522,501195
51Tang Ngai Juan Dixon1439SGP 94b1128w½ 88b½ 52w1 6b½ 22b0125w1 31w½ 28b0504623,751384
52Neoh Sheng Wei Nicholas1124MAS 46w1 39b1 4w0 51b0 32b0147w1106b1 25w0103b1504622,001531
53Lim Cheng Lun1231MAS156w1 30b0150w1 39b1 66w1 8b0 60b½ 55w½ 31b05045,520,501485
54Tin Shan Ze1393MAS132b0151w1 96b1 88w1 14b½ 60w½ 9b0 76w1 32w0504522,751371
55Chang Cheng Hwee1651SGP137b1135w1 10b0 61w½ 70b1 42w½ 26b0 53b½ 67w½504521,751302
56Lee Ryan1374MAS171b1 2w0 48b1127w1 27b0107w1 41b0 79w1 30b0504519,501380
57Roszaman Nurkamilia Batrisya1338MAS158b1 3w0 98b1 9w0 94b1 24w0 48b0148w1109b1504519,001285
58Tan Jia Xuan1178MAS102w1 37b0 39w0121b1115w1 66b1 50w0 69b1 22w05044,523,001375
59Chan Kaden Timothy1600HKG 1w0119b1131w1103b0111w1 33b½ 65w1 43b0 70w½5044,521,751262
60Eng Jia Jean1504MAS119w1 10b0111w½117b1 65w1 54b½ 53w½ 36b0 61w½504422,501259
61Yeoh Yuan Hui1341MAS161w1 21b0125w1 55b½ 28w½ 46b½ 23w0 89b1 60b½504421,251566
62Chong Ming Ee1469MAS141w1125b1 7w0 87b½128w1 14b0117w1 33b½ 29w0504419,501313
63AFMEmran Muhammad Emir Rasyid1426MAS147b1 29w0134b1 12w0118b1 76w1 32b0109w1 27b0504419,501237
64Chow Tze Yang Isaac1326SGP 85b1 13w0120b1 16w0147b1 32w0137b1115w1 25b0504419,001329
65Chan Wen Hui Ryan1292SGP133b1 24w½ 46b1 20w0 60b0127w1 59b0112w1 73b½5043,521,501480
66Srivatanakul Pricha1485THA112b1 12w0154b1 99w1 53b0 58w0107b1 71w½ 75b½504220,501200
67AFMKapoor Satvik1312IND139w1 4b0 86w0159b½126w1 91b1 17w0 90b1 55b½5041,519,751270
68Goh Julien1283SGP 86w0141b1115w1 37b0 98w1 30b0 79w0119b1110w1504120,001168
69Lee Yib Yi1455MAS 19w0153b1110w1163b1 40w0 90b1 24b0 58w0116w1504019,501247
70Foo Jing Er Claire1351MAS168w1 15b0121w1 28b½ 55w0 89b0141w1131b1 59b½504017,501406
Tay Xiong Sheng Dexter Christop1203MAS167w1 22b0 47w0130b1133w1 39b0105w1 66b½ 77w½504017,501319
72Aw Kai Le Andrew1322SGP 88b0144w1 85b1 41w0 91b½ 81w0123b1 95w½114b1503919,501120
73Lee Zhia Chen Zachary1482MAS159w1 19b0 90w0126b½144w1104b1 33w0 86b1 65w½5038,518,251129
74Tan Yi Xuan1202SGP172b1 25w0 18b0112w0153b1148w1133b1 47b0124w15037,515,501237
75Seow Chun Hong Ryan1259MAS160w1 5b0105w0144b½159w1128b1 37w0125b1 66w½5036,516,501226
76Teh Ren Xuan1162MAS 23w0174b1 50w0168b1105w1 63b0113w1 54b0121w15036,515,501296
77Ho Khai Sheng Samuel1449SGP166b1 81w0107b0128w0119b1110w1 95b½ 93w1 71b½503619,251100
78Tan Jia Jin1221MAS170b1 16w0127b0157w1 85b0 93w½130b1 81w½115b1503617,001108
79Azhar Muhd Azham Arif0MAS163b0127w0158b1120w1 97b1 83w0 68b1 56b0108w15035,520,001247
80Lee Yann Ze Darryl1268SGP127b1 32w1 3b0106w1 25b0 37b½ 43w0 91w1 38b04,504820,751433
81Loo Pin Xie0MAS 92w1 77b1 40w½ 43b0 18w0 72b1 36w0 78b½ 87w½4,504722,001400
82Shubh Kapur1368IND124w1 14b0129w1113b1 37w1 27w0 31b½ 34b0 46w04,5046,520,001445
83Sathaseelan Dinish1446MAS126w1 86b1 21w0 90b0137w1 79b1 18w½ 17b0 49w04,5045,519,751261
84Lai Hong Jun1347MAS120b1 27w0132b1 18w1 9b0 28b0109w0118w1 96b½4,5045,519,751346
85Mahindran Vidhya0MAS 64w0101b1 72w0110b1 78w1 36b½ 47w0117b1 45b04,504420,251271
86Rosli Adam Safwan0MAS 68b1 83w0 67b1 26w0 49b0134w1 99b1 73w0 95b½4,5043,520,251292
87Hee Wei Jie1182SGP152b1 41w1 13b0 62w½ 44b½ 31w0115b0126w1 81b½4,5043,520,001291
88Nor Amli Muhd Aliff0MAS 72w1 43b½ 51w½ 54b0 99b1 44w0 97b0136w1117w½4,5042,520,251318
89Choo Xuan1159MAS 2b0147w1 9b0151w1146b½ 70w1 45b0 61w0130b14,5042,516,001302
90Ong Coshinne1038MAS 32b0149w1 73b1 83w1 41b0 69w0103b½ 67w0127b14,5041,518,001359
91Lim Feng Wei Ferris0MAS 11w0116b0101w1100b1 72w½ 67w0143b1 80b0131w14,5040,518,001212
92Pooja Aishwareya1352MAS 81b0166w1118b1 24w0112b1 29w0111b1 48w0100b½4,5040,516,251111
93Cheah Hoang Vu Jonathan0MAS 22w0105b0161w1108b1 36w0 78b½ 98w1 77b0125w14,504017,001204
94Khor Qiao Wen Nicole0SGP 51w0117b½124w1111b½ 57w0100b½135b1103w½ 99b½4,5038,517,501228
95Koay Yu Hang1154MAS 14w0145b0166w1155b1102w1 50b0 77w½ 72b½ 86w½4,5038,516,751238
96Tan Yong Xi Rey Matthew1080MAS 8w0161b1 54w0149b1 39w0105b0144w1113b1 84w½4,5038,514,751218
97Chong Hui Yi1325MAS175w1 17b0155w1 22b0 79w0129b1 88w1 40b0101w½4,5038,513,251210
98Lim Jing H0MAS 36w0140b1 57w0109b1 68b0135w½ 93b0143w1137b14,5037,515,501180
99Teh Yi-Lynn1216MAS105w1 34b0165w1 66b0 88w0155b1 86w0122b1 94w½4,503715,251117
100Pang Tze Yuan1128MAS 3b0120w0171b1 91w0145b1 94w½146b½133w1 92w½4,5036,513,501121
101Hisham Nik Emin1055MAS 24b0 85w0 91b0174w1124b1115w0145b1146w1 97b½4,503514,251116
102Thian Ren Ning0MAS 58b0157w1143b1 35w0 95b0109b0129w½154w1141b14,503513,751117
103Navaratnam Ishaan Quan Tze1337MAS155w1 8b0139w1 59w1 16b0 18b0 90w½ 94b½ 52w04045,516,001262
104Subramaniam Kumaresan1166MAS150b1 31w0 32b1 38w0127b½ 73w0132b1 46b0123w½404215,751275
105Tan Rui Ze0MAS 99b0 93w1 75b1 42w0 76b0 96w1 71b0137w½112b½4041,517,751105
106Mohd Kamal Eldin Hakimi1493MAS153w1 1b0109w1 80b0 48w0114b1 52w0110b0151w1404113,501010
107Seah Jie Long Cayden1157SGP 28w0130b1 77w1 50b0113w1 56b0 66w0124b0153w14040,515,501259
108Rosli Adam Ariff1258MAS146b1 40b0113w0 93w0122b1118w1139b1 30w0 79b04039,514,501089
109Loganathan Divyadarrshini1047MAS 18b0133w1106b0 98w0168b1102w1 84b1 63b0 57w04039,513,501210
110Chan Kye Minn Keith0MAS 16b0146w1 69b0 85w0120b1 77b0168w1106w1 68b0403912,001209
111Chua Yaw Teng Leonidas1108SGP 13b0158w1 60b½ 94w½ 59b0149w1 92w0121b0147w14038,513,751200
112Damascus Rostam Zulkhairi0MAS 66w0 50b0162w1 74b1 92w0131b½128w1 65b0105w½403815,251175
113Teh Ming Yang0MAS 49b1 45w0108b1 82w0107b0164w1 76b0 96w0157b1403814,501145
114Anoop Singh Harmahinder Singh0MAS 40w0162b1 11w0150b1 45b0106w0149b1152w+ 72w0403811,501189
115Roszaman Nur Alia Maisarah0MAS -0169w1 68b0164w1 58b0101b1 87w1 64b0 78w04037,513,001162
116Cheng Rong En Nathaniel1151SGP 20b0 91w1 41b0132w½143b0144b½151w1139w1 69b0403714,251184
117Ooi Zhi Ping1215MAS128b0 94w½148b1 60w0132b1146w1 62b0 85w0 88b½4036,514,001065
118Chan Zhen Jie Lincoln0MAS 34w0156b1 92w0165b1 63w0108b0120w1 84b0155w14035,511,001174
119Chuah Ee Chao0MAS 60b0 59w0133b0171w1 77w0156b1150b1 68w0146b14034,59,501161
120Low Luke Liang0MAS 84w0100b1 64w0 79b0110w0172b+118b0173w1148b1403413,001013
121Lim Janice0MAS 35b0136w1 70b0 58w0164b0169w1173b1111w1 76b0403411,501108
122Chuah Ee Hong0MAS 39w0 46b0149w0162b1108w0170b1154b1 99w0150b140339,501165
123Khaw Eu Jin0MAS 29b0154w0164b0136w½172b1140b1 72w0135w1104b½4032,512,751097
124Lim Cheng Siang0MAS 82b0143w½ 94b0148w½101w0166b1164b1107w1 74b04032,511,001066
125Lim Kun Hoe0MAS 44b1 62w0 61b0154w1135b1 45w½ 51b0 75w0 93b03,504214,251223
126Kee Lee Er0MAS 83b0 49w1 35b0 73w½ 67b0136w½134b1 87b0140w½3,5040,515,001186
127Selvarajan Devendra Rajan0MAS 80w0 79b1 78w1 56b0104w½ 65b0131w0159b1 90w03,503914,501088
128Tan Wei Er0MAS117w1 51b½ 43w0 77b1 62b0 75w0112b0141w-164w13,503913,501248
129Choo Ting Han0MAS 31b0152w1 82b0 32w0156b1 97w0102b½130w0160b13,5037,510,751129
130Lai Xin Hong0MAS 26b0107w0169b1 71w0140w½138b1 78w0129b1 89w03,503710,751063
131Lian Yuen Ching Natalie1155SGP 6b0171w1 59b0147w0151b1112w½127b1 70w0 91b03,503710,001129
132Lee Wei Hong0MAS 54w1 38b0 84w0116b½117w0159b1104w0140b½136b½3,5036,513,001144
133Ong Xuan En Alexander0MAS 65w0109b0119w1142b1 71b0163w+ 74w0100b0138w½3,5036,512,25968
134Chai Chang Yik1136MAS 21w0168b1 63w0139b1 46w0 86b0126w0144b½159w13,5035,59,001131
135Dharanipragada Mahima1274SGP162w1 55b0160w1 47b0125w0 98b½ 94w0123b0152b+3,503510,251004
136Ang Jing Xu1146MAS 15w0121b0144w0123b½165w1126b½147w1 88b0132w½3,503410,501005
137Mat Puteri Rabiatul Adawiyah1031MAS 55w0139b0174w1152b1 83b0150w1 64w0105b½ 98w03,503410,001078
138Chin Shannen0MAS 41b0172w1 42b0 46w0160b½130w0167b½145w1133b½3,50339,251104
139Nor Amli Nur Aisyah0MAS 67b0137w1103b0134w0173b1154w1108w0116b0142w½3,5032,510,251074
140Chong Kai Zhe Colin1137MAS 27b0 98w0147b0172w1130b½123w0160b1132w½126b½3,5032,510,251002
141Ho Ming Sheng Daniel0SGP 62b0 68w0172b½146w0167b1160w1 70b0128b+102w03,5032,58,75997
142Chang Jia Jun Alvin0SGP 25b0170w1 26b0133w0149b0145w0158b1167w1139b½3,50328,251029
143Ng Jia Shyen1149MAS 7w0124b½102w0167b1116w1 23b0 91w0 98b0144w½3039,59,501096
144Khamroev Zamir0UZB 43w0 72b0136b1 75w½ 73b0116w½ 96b0134w½143b½303911,251116
145Lee Zhan Fan Isaac0MAS 42b0 95w1 44b0 49w0100w0142b1101w0138b0170w130399,501015
146Soon Yong Xin Keeve0MAS108w0110b0153w1141b1 89w½117b0100w½101b0119w0303610,50966
147Kiev Siow Jia Shen0MAS 63w0 89b0140w1131b1 64w0 52b0136b0164w1111b030369,001056
148Chong Rou Yi0MAS 37w0167b½117w0124b½152w1 74b0155w1 57b0120w03035,59,501018
149Rosli Ain Insyirah0MAS 33w0 90b0122b1 96w0142w1111b0114w0151b0169w130359,50931
150Tonchieva Mukhlisakhon0UZB104w0 -1 53b0114w0157b1137b0119w0161b1122w03034,58,00861

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Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable