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40th International Tournament Bosna 2010

Last update 15.05.2010 01:50:23, Creator/Last Upload: Boris Budimir

Player overview for chn

1GMWang Hao2722CHN110111½11½2312796109,10Bosna 2010

Results of the last round for chn

Rd.Bo.No. NameFEDRtgPts. ResultPts. NameFEDRtg No.
GMWang HaoCHN2722 ½ - ½ GMEfimenko ZaharUKR2677

Player details for chn

GM Wang Hao 2722 CHN Rp:2796 Pts. 23
184IMLejlic Samir2362SWE13s 10,900,10101,00
246IMBrandenburg Daan2503NED18w 10,780,22102,20
331GMSvetushkin Dmitry2547MDA19s 00,73-0,7310-7,30
464GMManik Mikulas2440SVK14w 10,840,16101,60
526GMJankovic Alojzije2559CRO19s 10,720,28102,80
638GMBerczes David2519HUN18w 10,760,24102,40
716GMGeetha Narayanan Gopal2604IND21s ½0,66-0,1610-1,60
83GMTimofeev Artyom2677RUS21w 10,560,44104,40
95GMBologan Viktor2668MDA22s 10,580,42104,20
102GMEfimenko Zahar2677UKR22w ½0,56-0,0610-0,60