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2017 Lidums Australian Junior Masters Open

Last update 08.12.2017 04:13:11, Creator/Last Upload: alanachibnall

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Starting rank

1Chan Kris3216349AUS2153
2FMTsai Charles3216497AUS1989
3WCMPunsalan Vyanla M4305850NZL1987
4Leaver Kyle3228410AUS1975
5CMLam Ross3221890AUS1935
6Kiripitige Punala3207587AUS1934
7Kong-Lim Qi Le3219445NZL1820
8White Henry3226654AUS1760
9Teagle Sebastian3226638AUS1690
10Lee Joel3225755AUS1676
11Karayiannis Riley3227324AUS1604
12Sanusi-Goh Gavyn3229661AUS1516
13Kiripitige Chathula3225178AUS1396
14Wells Susanne3229378AUS1370
15Giouvantsioudis-Mousiadis Arist4296125GRE1330
16Retnaraja EthanAUS1119
17Viljoen ChristiaanAUS1095
18Yee Hui-SiAUS901
19Mead BronteAUS0