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Bristol Winter Congress 2017 Major

Last update 27.11.2017 22:02:28, Creator/Last Upload: Geoff Gammon

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Starting rank list

1Williams Stephen M414743ENG152Essex Ca
2Lewis Timothy435660ENG151Barnet Knights
3Perrin BrentENG151Horfield & Redland
4Woodward Tim F425001ENG150Trowbridge
5Munn AndrewENG149Downend & Fishponds
6Strong Chris M424986ENG144Clevedon
7Williams David JWLS144Malpas
8Williams Stephen1803140WLS140Cwmbran
9Jones Timothy MENG137Bristol Cabot
10Dimond Peter DENG135Bath
11Martin LouisENG135Horfield & Redland
12Walpole Jack442003ENG135
13Brown Christian K435830ENG134Bath
14Macarthur Duncan M449083ENG134Keynsham
15Mcgeeney David B2406101SCO134Bristol Cabot
16Sage Antony JENG131Bath
17Rogers David RENG130Exmouth
18Ter Hark Alex437638ENG130
19Kan Toby457515ENG126Downend & Fishponds
20Millener Richard PENG124North Bristol
21Jankowski TomasENG122Bristol & Clifton
22Belinger JohnENG119New Milton
23Carver Anthony WrENG119Bristol & Clifton
24Cunliffe NicholasENG117Wells
25Harris John B438693ENG115Stroud
26Walker MaxENG115Churchill Academy
27Wang DaoyiENG112Bristol University