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Bristol winter Congress 2017 FIDE Open

Last update 27.11.2017 23:11:28, Creator/Last Upload: Geoff Gammon

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Starting rank list

1GMArkell Keith C400270ENG24164ncl Cheddleton
2IMBeaumont Chris R400424ENG2270Bristol & Clifton
3Martin Lewis410551ENG20684ncl Brown Jack
4Musson Adam J424455WLS2030Bath
5French Max426652ENG2007Frome
6Cordner David A447048ENG1987Southampton
7Muller Anton M406023ENG1967Bristol & Clifton
8Bogdan Horia D1205927ROU1956Southampton University
9Littleton Mark431214ENG1955Wimborne
10Smith Chris A464937ENG1952North Bristol
11Iwi Graham R448230ENG1951North Bristol
12Anderson Peter W420107ENG1949Dorset *
13Waterfield John W407143WLS1947Bristol & Clifton
14Johnson Richard J409855ENG1930Bristol Grendel
15Holton Jake436437ENG1916Witney
16Svyatoslav Vorobyev24561142ESP1903
17Turner Joseph David1801520WLS1899Malpas
18Borkowski J Andrew1803786WLS1870Thornbury Bristol
19Cherupalli Ramprasad25623761IND1856India
20Kramaley David448680ENG1839Bristol University
21Fowler Hugo433411WLS1780Millfield School
22Howell Oliver W435929ENG1757Sussex Juniors
23Price Andrew416126ENG1755Leamington
24Varney Daniel431753ENG1746Cumnor
25Jukes Sam1803182WLS1745Barry
26Lampard Alice2402750SCO1647Bristol University
27Di-Vetta Andrew1803964WLS1611Bridgend
28Hosdurga Chirag438189ENG1460Bristol Juniors
29Stubbs Oliver441325ENG1445Downend & Fishponds