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Torneig Equips Escolar Artur Pomar 2017

Last update 19.11.2017 13:06:33, Creator/Last Upload: Spanish Chess Federation (Licence 158)

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Starting rank

1Alumnes David PonsESP1682
2Mallorca Isolani AESP1586
3Balanguera AESP1465
4Balanguera BESP1318
5Escola Escacs Santa MargalidaESP1280
6CP Es CanyarESP1171
7Els replegatsESP1167
8Mogal Motor-Reis i DamesESP1109
9Sant BonaventuraESP1062
10CEIP Joan Mas i VerdESP1032
12Aula BalearESP0
14EM Can PastillaESP0
15EM Es ViveroESP0
17EM Palma ArenaESP0
18EM Pintor Joan MiroESP0
19Mallorca Isolani BESP0
20SAV-Reis i DamesESP0
21San Cayetano AESP0
22San Cayetano BESP0
23San Felip NeriESP0
24Sant Vicente de PaulESP0
25Santa TeresaESP0