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Crewe Congress: Minor

Last update 15.10.2017 18:30:30, Creator/Last Upload: mattcarr2700

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Final Ranking after 5 Rounds

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/City TB1 
11Dehghan-Afifi SajjadENG104Sale4,5
212Gardiner Colin JENG89Barnstaple4
36Bonner Dennis MENG95Telepost (shrewsbury)3,5
8Kelly AlanENG95Wallasey3,5
53Taylor Paul AENG102Holywell3
9Jackson GaryENG93Chorlton-Cum-Hardy3
13Munro Paul FENG85Coventry *3
15Riddle AlanENG82Limewood & Scarcroft3
20Gardner NigelENG70Crewe3
102Lovegrove David CharlesENG104Newport (shropshire)2,5
4Hodges John LUSA98Solihull2,5
5Broderick Paul GENG97Newport (shropshire)2,5
10Carter Andy SENG90Red Admiral2,5
16Hamilton StuartENG78Rhyl & Prestatyn2,5
17Saram Nethuli DunindeeENG77Dawpool School2,5
18Jones BrianENG76Holywell2,5
27Renshaw AngieENG46Macclesfield2,5
187Hughes Peter JENG95Mutual Circle2
11Wright PhilipENG90Crewe2
19Faye SteveENG71Mutual Circle2
21Gardiner Rebecca LgENG69Barnstaple2
22Martin Richard GENG62Alsager2
28Gardiner HarryENG31Crewe2
2423Curr Patrick VENG60Macclesfield1,5
25Gaedke OttoENG53Frankfurt1,5
2624Knight TerryENG56Derby1
2726Ayres MartinENG48Telepost (shrewsbury)0,5
2814Lovatt AmyENG83Crewe0

Tie Break1: points (game-points)