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First Friday IM Oct17

Last update 11.10.2017 08:15:56, Creator/Last Upload: Johor Chess Association

Starting rank list of players

7IMLioe Dede7100566INA2356
9IMNay Oo Kyaw Tun13000110MYA2344
5CMGukesh D46616543IND2323
2IMMas Hafizulhelmi5700507MAS2318
3FMSivakumar Ashvin5804655SGP2309
8IMMishra Neeraj-Kumar5000106IND2301
6Kumar Gaurav5085578IND2274
10Sekar B5043743IND2260
1Lokesh N.5025044IND2181
4FMSubramaniam Sumant5702720MAS2172