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Campionat Juvenil d'Andorra 2010

Last update 19.02.2010 19:52:42, Creator/Last Upload: Federació d’Escacs Valls d’Andorra

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Starting rank

1Pericas MarcAND1829
2Torrent MarcAND1829
3Gras FerranAND1797
4Jansat ArnauAND1790
5Obregon MarcAND1738
6Gasa MarcAND1725
7Lopez Francesc A.AND1716
8Santos MarcAND1713
9Casanovas EricAND1700
10Da Rocha DianaAND1700
11Fernandez AaronAND1700
12Galera MariaAND1700
13Jauregui AdrianAND1700
14Jauregui GuillermoAND1700
15Martínez PabloAND1700
16Mata MiquelAND1700
17Reyes MarcelAND1700
18Riba ValentíAND1700
19Sasplugas GuillemAND1700
20Trojman AlexAND1700