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Witney Junior Minor

Last update 28.09.2017 15:09:56, Creator/Last Upload: 4NCL

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Starting rank

1Pilton Brandes Bentley JamesENG56Somerset Juniors
2Bhaskaran JoshENG48None
3Domingo Kristin MENG45Oxfordshire Juniors
4Hidouci WassimENG42Brookfield Primary
5Rathnam RishiENG20Richard Pate
6Kroening AlexanderENG16Oxfordshire Juniors
7Ash JoshuaENG0
8Bewes HarryENG0
9Blackwall EdwardENG0None
10Fedorov VeronikaENG0None
11Frost EdwardENG0
12Gascoyne ThomasENG0None
13Gordon-Till MaximilianENG0Bicester
14Johnson MarkENG0Wantage
15Johnson TobyENG0Wantage
16Lambert CharlieENG0None
17Mansfield GeorgeENG0Bicester
18McLoone RebeccaENG0
19Moore HarryENG0Bicester Junior
20Nicholson IrisENG0None
21O'farrell KianENG0Lynch Hill
22Prabhu LakshayENG0None
23Reeves ThomasENG0Wantage
24Roberts JudeENG0None
25Sarup KabirENG0Wiltshire Junior
26Weerapperuma RushithaENG0
27Wild EdwardENG0None
28Worrall WilliamENG0Chandlings
29Chen YiwenENG0None