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Witney Junior Major

Last update 24.09.2017 18:23:59, Creator/Last Upload: 4NCL

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Starting rank

1Rayner Hugo460885ENG116Witney
2Love James459518ENG114None
3Maydew Zach448486ENG112Newport
4Headlong GeorgiaENG111Brown Jack
5Beneat Frederick449172ENG110Witney
6Gillow MatthewENG105Cherwell
7Murawski PawelENG103Oxfordshire Juniors
8Chetverikov IvanENG101Oxfordshire Juniors
9Ashraf ZohaENG95Brookfield Primary
10Kardashyan GeorgeENG95Oxford
11Turner JamieENG91Magdalene College
12Bridson EwanENG89None
13Shearsby JudeENG86Coventry Ca
14Parnes ShiraENG83Oxfordshire Juniors
15Turner BenENG82Magdalene College
16Byrom HarrisENG79Oxfordshire Juniors
17Fry RobertENG76None
18Howells WilliamENG75Bicester
19Arora TashikaENG73None
20Balbus DavidENG73Oxfordshire Juniors
21Elgar MaxENG72None
22Kardashyan DavidENG72Oxford
23Roberts JohnENG70Oxfordshire Juniors
24Domingo MarcoENG62Oxfordshire Juniors
25Hertog AlexanderENG61Phil And Jim
26Kachkanov BayrENG61Wantage
27Cassar Delia NikolaiENG60Bicester Junior
28Kendall CeciliaENG58Oxfordshire Juniors
29Rao ShreeENG58Crowthorne
30Bhaskaran RocheENG57None
31Murawski JanENG55Oxfordshire Juniors
32Harkness BenENG54Oxfordshire Juniors
33Frost Oliver WENG51Oxfordshire Juniors
34Hidouci NailaENG49Brookfield Primary
35Fedorov BorisENG46None
36Chen YiwenENG0None
37Sarisky JamesENG0Oxfordshire Juniors