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Witney Senior RP

Last update 24.09.2017 18:22:04, Creator/Last Upload: 4NCL

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Starting rank

1Hackett Dave G402281ENG205Witney
2Handley Michael R450740ENG188Cowley
3Coates Kenneth G409391ENG187Crowthorne
4Paul Nathanael424510ENG185Newport
5CMHeadlong Timothy404098ENG180Brown Jack
6Hayward Philip T20672870ENG179Oxford City
7Cole James431818ENG177Magdalen College School
8Cherupalli Ramprasad25623761IND160None
9Varney Daniel431753ENG159Cumnor
10Beckett Richard436518ENG155Bicester
11Cole Graham L431559ENG155Magdalen College School
12Edwards Derek FENG152Witney
13Headlong Benjamin436410ENG151Brown Jack
14Hosdurga Chirag438189ENG146None
15Maydew Simon431699ENG143Newport
16Bush Ian447218ENG140Magdalen College
17Headlong Fenella418650ENG140Brown Jack
18Macarthur Duncan M449083ENG139Keynsham
19Watson Darrell A420476ENG139Bourne End
20Reynolds Gary447544ENG135Didcot
21Foster CyrilENG123Cowley
22Aubury BenENG122Dragon
23Read William (bill)438235ENG121Witney
24Gilders IanENG115Witney
25Brooke Ian R430889ENG111Oxford City
26Coates Christine407542ENG98Crowthorne
27Cordon RayENG78Wantage
28Kachkanov SlavaENG59Wantage
29Asquith JulianENG0None
30Thomas GriffithsENG0Charlbury
31Bisogno VincenzoENG127