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First Aftab Cup Open International ChessTournament 2017

Last update 04.09.2017 11:07:58, Creator/Last Upload: Mr. Kamran Maddani (Ostan Markazi)

Player overview for geo

8GMSanikidze Tornike2533GEO1101110½16,51010-4,20

Results of the last round for geo

Rd.Bo.No. NameFEDRtgPts. ResultPts. NameFEDRtg No.
Rastbod AliIRI2296 0 - 1 GMSanikidze TornikeGEO2533

Player details for geo

GM Sanikidze Tornike 2533 GEO Rp:2382 Pts. 6,5
169Mosavi Seyed Masoud1591IRI1s 10,11101,10
239FMAl-Khattab Ghassan M. Ali Ajm1994IRQ5,5w 10,11101,10
325Shah Moradi Mohammad2185IRI5,5s 0-0,8910-8,90
411GMDarini Pouria2503IRI6,5w 10,46104,60
528Firouzja Mohammadreza2109IRI5s 10,11101,10
616Bagheri Maziar2313IRI6w 10,22102,20
712IMMousavi Seyed Khalil2436IRI7s 0-0,6310-6,30
89IMFirouzja Alireza2517IRI6,5w ½-0,0210-0,20
918Rastbod Ali2296IRI5,5s 10,20102,00