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Torneig d´Escacs Escolar Western Park 2017

Last update 26.08.2017 15:33:00, Creator/Last Upload: Spanish Chess Federation (Licence 158)

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Starting rank

1Canyelles Sureda Joan24516813ESP1331
2Garcia Adell Ivan24515639ESP1297
3Altarriba Sampedro Lorien24510068ESP1257
4Payeras Vilella Pedro24560219ESP1161
5Tomas Viver Marta24555371ESP1066
6Altarriba Sampedro Lida24510050ESP0
7Canyelles Sureda AdriaESP0
8Cladera Yedro Miquel54543681ESP0
9Fernandez Boje Eduardo54539293ESP0
10Gili Mata AlejandroESP0
11Gili Mata NataliaESP0
12Hernandez JavierESP0
13Herrrero Sierra OscarESP0
14Llabres PauESP0
15Llabres SebastiàESP0
16Medina Palomar Alvaro54529310ESP0
17Navarro LaisESP0
18Tomas Viver Antoni24555363ESP0