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104th British Championships Major Open

Last update 06.08.2017 15:55:29, Creator/Last Upload: englishchessfederation

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Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk. NameRtg1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts.
Brown Tom2063 24w1 19b0 29w1 21b½ 33w1 14b1 5w1 4b½ 7w17
Tozer Philip Aa2141 28w1 11b½ 33w1 12b½ 4w1 5b½ 19w½ 7w½ 13b16,5
Miller Dominic2103 13w½ 51b1 12w0 8b1 28w1 10b½ 11w1 19b1 4w½6,5
Crocker Philip J2068 49b1 33w½ 23b1 36w1 2b0 32w1 7b1 1w½ 3b½6,5
Sugden John N2037 35b1 12w½ 8b1 13w1 7b½ 2w½ 1b0 16w1 10b16,5
Blake J Morgan1833 60b+ 17b0 52w1 15b1 31w1 7w0 9b1 10w½ 12b16,5
Young Daniel J1963 56b1 55w1 15w1 19b1 5w½ 6b1 4w0 2b½ 1b06
Graham William M1840 16w½ 47b1 5w0 3w0 40b½ 51b1 15w1 17b1 19w16
Burke Mitchell R2012 36w0 54b1 24w1 27b½ 21w1 19b½ 6w0 14b½ 22w15,5
De Coverly Roger D1971 14w½ 57b1 13w0 39w1 30b1 3w½ 12b1 6b½ 5w05,5
Hubbard Michael1922 50b1 2w½ 30b½ 53w½ 37b½ 47w1 3b0 24w½ 28b15,5
Pollack Oscar1871 41w1 5b½ 3b1 2w½ 14w½ 17b1 10w0 28b1 6w05,5
Ratnesan Ranesh1845 3b½ 48w1 10b1 5b0 16w½ 31w1 21b1 2w05,5
Price Gwilym T1776 10b½ 32w½ 44b1 23w1 12b½ 1w0 16b½ 9w½ 27b15,5
Costley Martin O2124 58b1 18w1 7b0 6w0 38b½ 34w½ 8b0 42w1 35b15
Jameson David2099 8b½ 53w0 41w1 34b½ 51w1 13b½ 14w½ 5b0 37w15
Edwards Simon R1973 29b1 6w1 36b0 30w½ 53b1 12w0 37b½ 8w0 41b15
Stoyanov Viktor1919 61w+ 15b0 37w0 46b½ 50w1 24b0 38w½ 44b1 33w15
Holton Jake1918 46b1 1w1 43b1 7w0 36b1 9w½ 2b½ 3w0 8b05
Boswell Jacob Connor1914 38b½ 30w0 48b½ 29w½ 55b1 26w½ 34b½ 36w1 24b½5
Rushbrooke Remy1909 55b0 56w1 25b1 1w½ 9b0 38w1 36b1 13w0 26b½5
Johnson Paul A1870 48b½ 40w½ 38b0 55w½ 39b1 42w1 30b½ 37w1 9b05
Foster Timothy1865 42w1 31b½ 4w0 14b0 52w½ 57b1 47b1 30w½ 25b½5
Hilton Tim1826 1b0 46w1 9b0 40w½ 48b1 18w1 11b½ 20w½5
Calderon Paul1814 21w0 41b0 49w1 52b1 43b½ 32w1 23w½5
WCMCamp Imogen Al1802 31w0 42b½ 47w½ 52b½ 46w1 20b½ 27w½ 34b1 21w½5
Graham Cassie M1874 40b½ 38w½ 55b1 9w½ 32b0 41w½ 26b½ 43w+ 14w04,5
Ruane Brendan J1857 2b0 50w1 40b1 43w1 3b0 37w½ 32b1 12w0 11w04,5
Karia Rishul1776 17w0 45w1 1b0 20b½ 44w½ 43w0 48b1 38b½ 49w14,5
Somton Anita1705 20b1 11w½ 17b½ 10w0 33b1 22w½ 23b½ -04,5
Rice Chris B2009 26b1 23w½ 53b½ 38w1 6b0 36w½ 13b0 35w½ -04
Whitehead Mark A1917 57w½ 14b½ 51w1 37b½ 27w1 4b0 28w0 25b0 38w½4
Cowan Richard M1874 39w1 4b½ 2b0 42w1 1b0 30w0 40b1 41w½ 18b04
Forster James Connor C1862 52b1 43w0 39b½ 16w½ 41b½ 15b½ 20w½ 26w0 42b½4
Gosling Brian Ge1825 5w0 41b0 48w½ 45b1 39w1 31b½ 15w04
Mulay Partha1815 9b1 44w1 17w1 4b0 19w0 31b½ 21w0 20b0 39w½4
Chauhan Pranay1769 44b0 58w1 18b1 32w½ 11w½ 28b½ 17w½ 22b0 16b04
Metcalfe Charlie P1713 20w½ 27b½ 22w1 31b0 15w½ 21b0 18b½ 29w½ 32b½4
Robertson Jim1633 33b0 49w1 34w½ 10b0 22w0 54b1 35b0 45w1 36b½4
Atara Omeet J1616 27w½ 22b½ 28w0 24b½ 8w½ 44b½ 33w0 52b½ 50w+4
Samworth-Calvier Juju1594 12b0 35w1 16b0 25w1 34w½ 27b½ 44w½ 33b½ 17w04
Raghavendra Mahima G1562 23b0 26w½ 57w1 33b0 56w1 22b0 50w1 15b0 34w½4
Rice Cliff1990 54w1 34b1 19w0 28b0 47w0 29b1 25w½ 27b- -03,5
Davison Colin Fs1930 37w1 36b0 14w0 50b½ 29b½ 40w½ 41b½ 18w0 48w½3,5
Ifalore Michael1911 51w0 29b0 54w1 47b0 35w0 56b½ 52w1 39b0 -13,5
Walton David1727 19w0 24b0 -1 18w½ 26b0 48w½ 51b0 55w13,5
Nayak Aurideep1627 8w0 26b½ 45w1 43b1 11b0 23w0 50b½ -03,5
Davidson Laura J1564 22w½ 13b0 20w½ 35b½ 24w0 46b½ 29w0 -1 44b½3,5
Wilson Matthew R1829 4w0 39b0 50w0 57b½ 25b0 58w½ -1 54w1 29b03
Akeya-Price Robert A1746 11w0 28b0 49b1 44w½ 18b0 55w1 42b0 47w½ 40b-3
WCMSivarajasingam Venetia1710 45b1 3w0 32b0 58w1 16b0 8w0 46w1 -0 -03
Golding William1517 34w0 -1 6b0 26w½ 23b½ 25w0 45b0 40w½ 54b½3
Tombolis Christopher1807 16b1 31w½ 11b½ 17w0 -0 -0 -0 -02,5
Willow Hambel M1802 43b0 9w0 45b0 56b0 -1 39w0 58w1 49b0 52w½2,5
Neale George1635 21w1 7b0 27w0 22b½ 20w0 50b0 56w½ 46b02,5
WCMSivarajasingam Shayanna1774 7w0 21b0 58b0 54w1 42b0 45w½ 55b½ -0 -02
Modi Kishan J1725 32b½ 10w0 42b0 49w½ 58b1 23w0 -0 -0 -02
Hughes Gavin James1849 15w0 37b0 56w1 51b0 57w0 49b½ 54b0 -0 -01,5
Ridwan Syed0 -1 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -01
WIMShamima Akter Liza2072 6w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00
WCMChowdhury Mahmuda Hoque1729 18b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00