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8th Parsvnath International Open Chess Tournament

Last update 22.01.2010 11:35:05, Creator/Last Upload: All India Chess Federation

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Final Ranking crosstable after 11 Rounds

Rk.NameFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.Rd10.Rd11.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1GMGhaem Maghami EhsanIRI107w1170b1 52w1 32b1 19w1 46b1 22w½ 4w½ 13b1 3b½ 5w½98377,571
2GMKryakvin DmitryRUS 97w1130b1119w1 78b½ 47w½ 30b½ 84w½ 15b1 48w1 14b1 4w19787266
3GMKotsur PavelKAZ215b1 35w1 50b0135w1 89b½ 83w1 78b1 33w1 25b1 1w½ 13b1976,571,566
4GMLenic LukaSLO143b½275w1 92w1104b1 14w½ 56b1 26w1 1b½ 47w1 23b1 2b08,578,57468
5GMRahman ZiaurBAN242w1 93b½ 58w1105b1 78w1 25b0 30w1 36b1 23w½ 18b1 1b½8,578,573,567
6IMSengupta DeepIND164w1 95b1 81w1 79b0 34w1 52b½119w1 77b1 22w1 8b½ 7w½8,5777165
7GMKravtsiv MartynUKR116b1121w½ 93b½ 88w1 53b½ 89w1 31b1 59w1 29b½ 40w1 6b½8,5777164,5
8GMLe Quang LiemVIE160w1 92b½ 90w½291b1 54w1 15b½ 77w½ 62b1 41w1 6w½ 27b18,576,571,565,5
9GMZubarev AlexanderUKR162w1 58b½123w1 54b½ 48w½ 28b0107w1 87b1 30w1 26b1 23w18,5767064
10GMIuldachev SaidaliUZB185w1 67b1120w1 23b1 79w1 22b0 47w½ 49b0 86w1 77b1 29w18,574,56963
11GMJumabayev RinatKAZ212b½143w1121b1126w1 46b0 53w1 79b1 29w0 50b1 32w1 38b18,5736862
12GMDeepan Chakkravarthy JIND149b1 44w1 62b1 50w½ 18b½ 23w0 93b1 55w½ 28b1 24w½ 57b18787265,5
13GMDzhumaev MaratUZB294b1 69w1 94b½ 37w½122b1 59w1 24b1 46w1 1w0 49b1 3w0877,573,567,5
14IMKonguvel PonnuswamyIND196b1 99w1 83b½ 60w1 4b½125w½ 28b½124w1 37b1 2w0 65b1877,57266
15IMMurali Krishnan B TIND219b-283w1155b1113w1112b1 8w½ 85b1 2w0 88b1 20w½ 46b187772,567
16IMThejkumar M SIND154b1131w½114b1 55w1 31b1 27w0 74b½ 28w½ 66b1 22b½ 52w1876,570,564,5
17GMArun Prasad SIND -0 -0294b1100w1 63b1 24w0 35b½167w1 79b1 25w1 19b½8767266,5
18IMKarthikeyan PIND201w1 73b1 54w½ 90b1 12w½ 82b½ 48w½ 81b1 51w1 5w0 68b187670,564
19IMHimanshu SharmaIND234b1167w1125b1122w1 1b0 21w0121b½ 92w1 55b1 78w1 17w½8746963,5
20GMLaxman R RIND198w1123b½134w1133b1 30w½ 79b½ 52w1 47b0119w1 15b½ 49w1873,56862
21WIMMuminova NafisaUZB262w1152b1 80w0 64b1103w1 19b1 46w0 48b0 69w1122b1 51w187267,561,5
22GMTurov MaximRUS216b1 40w1127b1 24w1 27b½ 10w1 1b½ 25w½ 6b0 16w½ 43b½7,582,577,571,5
23IMTolstikh NikolayRUS263w1168b1 34w1 10w0 35b1 12b1 51w1 27w1 5b½ 4w0 9b07,581,57771,5
24IMGirinath P D SIND180w1118b1 48w1 22b0 95w1 17b1 13w0 39b1 26w½ 12b½ 33w½7,579,57467,5
25IMLalith Babu M RIND206w1 98b1105w½138b1 80w1 5w1 27b½ 22b½ 3w0 17b0 54w17,57872,566,5
26Swapnil S DhopadeIND217b1 65w1 89b1 63w½ 50b½ 91w1 4b0 60w1 24b½ 9w0115w17,577,572,566
27IMBitoon RichardPHI257w1110b1 91w1 82b1 22w½ 16b1 25w½ 23b0 49w½ 47b1 8w07,57772,566
28IMKoshy VarugeeseIND284b1153w1 46b0 71w½102b1 9w1 14w½ 16b½ 12w0 88b1 77w17,576,57266
29IMDas ArghyadipIND195w1211b½111w1137b1 36w½ 85b½ 80w1 11b1 7w½ 38w½ 10b07,5767165,5
30IMPriyadharshan KIND344b1150w1128b1324w½ 20b½ 2w½ 5b0121w1 9b0 97w1 96b17,5757266
31IMSuvrajit SahaIND271w1 64b1133w½129b1 16w0138b1 7w0 44b½ 95w1 39b½ 87w17,5757064
32IMRathnakaran KIND299w1291b1132w1 1w0139b½ 48b0168w1133b1 34w1 11b0 82w17,572,567,562,5
33GMThipsay Praveen MIND208b1172w½171b½ 70w½110b1 66w1120b1 3b0 82w½125w1 24b½7,5726761,5
34Abhishek KelkarIND218b1202w1 23b0153w1 6b0142w1100b½108w1 32b0114w1 78b17,5726761,5
35Gupte MeghanIND311w1 3b0206w1187b1 23w0178b1 17w½ 56b1 77w0 86b1 84w17,571,567,562
36GMManik MikulasSVK258b1171w½172b1 72w1 29b½120w½ 94b1 5w0 83b½ 60w1 40b½7,571,56762
37IMBabu N SudhakarIND259w1129b½175w1 13b½136w½123b½ 67w1 90b1 14w0 44b½ 98w17,571,56761,5
38GMGutov AndreyRUS221w1103b1 82w0168b1130w1119b½ 81w½ 91b1 84w1 29b½ 11w07,5716660,5
39WIMKiran Manisha MohantyIND209w1141b1 78w0222b1 77w0 61b1 70w1 24w0166b1 31w½ 79b17,57165,560
40IMHegde Ravi GopalIND285w1 22b0234w1169b1 56w0159b1146w1127w1 46b1 7b0 36w½7,5706661
41Shivananda B SIND241b1102w1139b½ 53w½128b0174w1 69b1122w1 8b0 83w½ 89b17,5706560
42Sangma RahulIND361w1111b½137w0189b+131b½ 68w1167b0156w1 93b1 53w½ 83b17,5686458,5
43IMSarkar JustinUSA158w1137b½140w1211b½ 85w0 64b½174w1138b½ 58w1132b1 22w½7,5686358
44Chattarjee LaltuIND363w1 12b0292w1193b1 84w½ 81b0141w1 31w½126b1 37w½101b17,56764,560
45GMMurshed NiazBAN223w1135b½211w0213b1134w½181b½137w1 80b½ 90w1 82b½ 91w17,563,55954
46IMDimakiling OliverPHI292w1136b1 28w1 96b1 11w1 1w0 21b1 13b0 40w0 81b1 15w0780,57670
47IMRoy Chowdhury SaptarshiIND179b1100w1 53b½ 83w1 2b½128w1 10b½ 20w1 4b0 27w0 55b½78074,568,5
48Deshpande AniruddhaIND250b1186w1 24b0156w1 9b½ 32w1 18b½ 21w1 2b0 57w0150b1777,572,567
49IMSaptarshi RoyIND194b1 88w1122b0102w½171b1 63w1125b1 10w1 27b½ 13w0 20b07757064,5
Abhishek DasIND225w1173b1 3w1 12b½ 26w½ 51b0 95w1130b½ 11w0121b½123w17757064,5
51FMGrover SahajIND260b1290w1 60b½ 94w½ 96b1 50w1 23b0 74w1 18b0124w1 21b0774,57064
52Thakur AkashIND203b1166w1 1b0150w1167b1 6w½ 20b0 65w½172b1128w1 16b0774,56963,5
53Mehar Chinna Reddy C HIND269w1169b1 47w½ 41b½ 7w½ 11b0173w½146b1 64w1 42b½ 56w½77469,564
54IMGokhale ChandrashekharIND236b1197w1 18b½ 9w½ 8b0188w1 99b½166w½113b1 59w1 25b077368,563,5
55Ankit R RajparaIND276w1 61b½189w1 16b0175w½129b1176w1 12b½ 19w0134b1 47w½77267,562
56IMRavi LankaIND192b½212w1131b½151w1 40b1 4w0 65b½ 35w0179b1112w1 53b½7726761,5
57FMVishnu Prasanna VIND374w+151b1 96w0152b1 98w½ 80b0181w1 58b½123w1 48b1 12w0771,565,559,5
58Phadke SohanIND220b1 9w½ 5b0212w1 76b½186w1126b½ 57w½ 43b0147w1127b17716661
59IMAshwin JayaramIND226w1176b1124w1 80b½ 86w1 13b0 82w1 7b0120w½ 54b0121w1770,56660,5
60FMPrasenjit DattaIND251w1222b1 51w½ 14b0148w½175b1134w1 26b0111w1 36b0145w1770,565,560
61Roop SauravIND296b1 55w½ 66b0101w1 67b½ 39w0194b½205w1 85b1 63w½128b1769,565,560
62IMTilak Sharad SIND342w1146b1 12w0173b½137w1176b½ 98w1 8w0 65b0175b1136w1769,564,559
FMRamakrishna JIND253w1193b1 77w1 26b½ 17w0 49b0183w0198b1181w1 61b½141w1769,564,559
64Divyasri ChIND323b1 31w0239b1 21w0194b1 43w½ 75b1125w½ 53b0154w1124b1768,56661
65Shreyans K ShahIND366w1 26b0223w1107b1120w0292b1 56w½ 52b½ 62w1127b1 14w0768,564,560
66FMVinoth Kumar MIND329w1178b½ 61w1 86b0141w1 33b0144w1169b1 16w0145b½129w1767,56458,5
67Singh PritamIND295w1 10w0258b½162b1 61w½117w1 37b0191b½144w½159b1119w1767,563,559
68Patil PratikIND182w1126w0225b½256b1 87w½ 42b0158w1185b1 80w1120b1 18w076661,556,5
69Haribalu VIND368w1 13b0221w1178b0201w1184b1 41w0187b1 21b0153w1120w1764,562,557,5
70Karma PandyaIND359w1 77b0180w1 33b½104w½213w1 39b0184b1 81w0160b1132w1764,56257,5
71Sidhant MohapatraIND305w1 81b0224w1 28b½ 90w½106b½132w½123b0292w1138b1122w1764,560,556
72GMVul Arkadi EremeevichRUS268w1189b½148w1 36b0129w½140b0221w1109b½168w1136b½135w176459,554,5
73Abhilash Reddy M LIND340b1 18w0219b0300w1154b1214w1124b0155w1 74b½ 75w½125b+763,559,555,5
74IMArkhangelsky BorisRUS235w½341b1178w½109b½173w1211b1 16w½ 51b0 73w½135b½151w1763,559,554,5
75IMLim Yee-WengMAS 80w0278b1198w1144b½109w½177b½ 64w0238b1174w1 73b½152w1762,558,553,5
76Karthikeyan MuraliIND321w1124b0329w1 87b½ 58w½170b½136w½ 95b0158w1211b1133w+76258,555
77IMTania SachdevIND161b1 70w1 63b0118w1 39b1 99w1 8b½ 6w0 35b1 10w0 28b06,580,57568,5
78IMKamble VikramadityaIND254b1113w1 39b1 2w½ 5b0139w1 3w0170b1130w1 19b0 34w06,578,573,568
79Swayams MishraIND214b1227w1112b1 6w1 10b0 20w½ 11w0131b1 17w0130b1 39w06,577,572,567,5
80FMSai Krishna G VIND 75b1155w1 21b1 59w½ 25b0 57w1 29b0 45w½ 68b0108w½189b+6,57670,564,5
81Bitan BanerjeeIND261b1 71w1 6b0108w½135b1 44w1 38b½ 18w0 70b1 46w0113b½6,575,57165,5
82Shiven KhoslaIND378b1156w1 38b1 27w0182b1 18w½ 59b0114w1 33b½ 45w½ 32b06,575,570,565
83Navin Kanna T UIND279w1191b1 14w½ 47b0144w1 3b0190w1183b1 36w½ 41b½ 42w06,57368,563
84Arun Karthik RIND246b1145w½174b1139w½ 44b½114w1 2b½128w1 38b0 96w½ 35b06,572,567,562,5
85Santu MondalIND308b1324w0154b1117w1 43b1 29w½ 15w0 86b0 61w0257b1173w16,57166,562
86FMMaheswaran PIND207b1174w½145b1 66w1 59b0 92w½131b½ 85w1 10b0 35w0166b16,5716660,5
87Nath RupankarIND266b½204w1142b½ 76w½ 68b½147w½189b1 9w0188b1102w1 31b06,57165,560
88Lokesh PIND328w1 49b0158w1 7b0195w1163b1133w½106b1 15w0 28w0179b16,5706761,5
89Joshi G BIND327w1159b1 26w0343b1 3w½ 7b0177w1140b½145w½190b1 41w06,57066,561,5
90Singh S VikramjitIND331b1371w1 8b½ 18w0 71b½153w1113b1 37w0 45b0146w1 97b½6,569,56763,5
91Premnath RIND345b1287w1 27b0188w1142b1 26b0103w1 38w0102b½ 99w1 45b06,569,565,561
92Lakshmanrao DIND252w1 8w½ 4b0199w1183b1 86b½140w½ 19b0190w0193b1177w16,569,56559,5
93FMDas SayantanIND353b1 5w½ 7w½182b0230w1187b1 12w0159b1 42w0202b1107w½6,5696661
94FMRajesh V A VIND256w1144b1 13w½ 51b½211w½136b1 36w0111b½134w½ 98b0168w16,568,56459
95Mallick AnjanIND326b1 6w0217b1216w1 24b0 97w1 50b0 76w1 31b0182w½197b16,5686459
96Wajih NassirIND240b1117w1 57b1 46w0 51w0146b0292w1222b1129w1 84b½ 30w06,56863,558,5
97Baig AkramIND 2b0303w1205b1 99w0270w1 95b0157w1176b1138w1 30b0 90w½6,56763,559,5
98CMBhagwat VinodIND325b1 25w0179b1215w1 57b½127w½ 62b0182w1101b½ 94w1 37b06,56763,558,5
99Debashish DuttaIND313w1 14b0299w1 97b1106w1 77b0 54w½119b0191w1 91b0169w16,5676358
Swaraj PalitIND319w1 47b0195w1 17b0158w1297b1 34w½120b0169w1115b0191w16,5676358
101Arindam MukherjeeIND244w1148b½129w0 61b0231w1157b1145w½173b1 98w½103b1 44w06,56762,557,5
Baruah UtpalIND228w1 41b0254w1 49b½ 28w0185b½195w1160b1 91w½ 87b0178w16,56762,557,5
103Navalgund NiranjanIND277b1 38w0194b1116w1 21b0155w1 91b0186w½199b1101w0182b16,56762,557
104Singh Gurpreet PalIND224b1142w½183b1 4w0 70b½166w½108b0212w1151w½173b½181w16,566,561,556,5
105Tiwari ArjunIND367b1147w1 25b½ 5w0114b0199w0203b1149w1108b½166w½188b16,5666357,5
106Shashikant KutwalIND304b1188w1324b0166w1 99b0 71w½227b1 88w0137b½117w1110b½6,5666257
107Narayanan S LIND 1b0331w1362b1 65w0218b1172w1 9b0113w0213b1137w1 93b½6,565,56258,5
108Atishay AjmeraIND274w1127b0259w1 81b½133w0180b1104w1 34b0105w½ 80b½170w16,565,56156,5
109Hemant Kumar SinghIND376w+120b0342w+ 74w½ 75b½124w0226b1 72w½121b0194w1167b16,565,56155,5
110Deepthamsh Reddy MIND237b1 27w0196b½204w1 33w0169b0229w1164b1183w1119b½106w½6,565,560,555,5
111WFMSaranya JIND307b1 42w½ 29b0231w1126b0212w1217b1 94w½ 60b0116w½192b16,5656156
112Gusain HimalIND248w1249b1 79w0191b1 15w0156b½169w0216b1177w1 56b0190w16,5656055
113Aravind Subramanian NIND298w1 78b0316w1 15b0263w1340b1 90w0107b1 54w0162b1 81w½6,5646056
114Manoj BaruaIND341w½335b1 16w0164b1105w1 84b0259w1 82b0223w1 34b0187w16,563,56056
115IMSingh D PIND200w-364w1149b½183w0267b1197w1166b0143w1118b1100w1 26b06,5626055,5
116Salil Kumar DIND 7w0311b1302w1103b0232w1131w0312b1134b0157w1111b½176w16,561,55854
117Hetul ShahIND278w1 96b0249w1 85b0235w1 67b0340w1136b½131w1106b0171w16,561,557,553,5
118Debayan MajumdarIND372w1 24w0344b1 77b0180w½149w0267b1257b1115w0223b1184w16,5565552
119Vaibhav SuriIND267b1190w1 2b0181w1290b1 38w½ 6b0 99w1 20b0110w½ 67b0675,57165,5
120Saravana Krishnan PIND163b1109w1 10b0227w1 65b1 36b½ 33w0100w1 59b½ 68w0 69b06746963,5
121Fenil ShahIND332w1 7b½ 11w0160b½223w1193b1 19w½ 30b0109w1 50w½ 59b0672,568,563,5
122Anilkumar O TIND337w1187b1 49w1 19b0 13w0148b1291w1 41b0140w1 21w0 71b0671,56863
123Imocha LaishramIND312b1 20w½ 9b0149w1197b1 37w½127b0 71w1 57b0156w1 50b0671,567,562,5
124Savitskiy SergeyRUS165b1 76w1 59b0142w0196w1109b1 73w1 14b0152w1 51b0 64w067165,560
125Matta Vinay KumarIND213w1343b1 19w0146b1178w1 14b½ 49w0 64b½211w1 33b0 73w-67065,560,5
126Kulkarni ChinmayIND229w1 68b1138w½ 11b0111w1133b½ 58w½211b½ 44w0129b0217w16706560
127WGMMohota NishaIND239b1108w1 22w0177b1176w½ 98b½123w1 40b0167b1 65w0 58w0669,564,559
128Venkat SundaramIND334w1184b1 30w0159b1 41w1 47b0152w1 84b0175w1 52b0 61w066965,560
129Harini SIND317b1 37w½101b1 31w0 72b½ 55w0260b1163w1 96b0126w1 66b06696560,5
130WFMSemenova ElenaRUS348b1 2w0260b1186w1 38b0182w1150b1 50w½ 78b0 79w0142b½667,56459,5
CMPrince BajajIND354w1 16b½ 56w½184b½ 42w½116b1 86w½ 79w0117b0226b1148w½667,56459,5
132Jaiswal PuneetIND301b1199w1 32b0147w½174b0143w1 71b½142w1150b1 43w0 70b0667,563,558,5
133FMSingh Rishpal SIND364b1219w1 31b½ 20w0108b1126w½ 88b½ 32w0147b½144w1 76b-6676560,5
134Upadhayay RIND356b1370w½ 20b0258w1 45b½192w1 60b0116w1 94b½ 55w0149b½66764,560
135Nasir Ali SyedIND352b1 45w½370b+ 3b0 81w0141b0244w1208w1204b1 74w½ 72b06676459,5
136Singh Arvinder PreetIND270b1 46w0161b1219w1 37b½ 94w0 76b½117w½186b1 72w½ 62b066763,559
137Bhattacharya Niladri ShekharIND293b1 43w½ 42b1 29w0 62b0294w1 45b0258w1106w½107b0230w16676359
138Anurag JaiswalIND347b1200w1126b½ 25w0190b1 31w0147b1 43w½ 97b0 71w0221b1666,563,558,5
139FMMohannad FarhanJOR280w1238b1 41w½ 84b½ 32w½ 78b0156w0141b½256w1148b½140w½666,56257,5
140Negi V SIND283b½231w1 43b0225w½161b1 72w1 92b½ 89w½122b0179w½139b½66560,555,5
141Rathore SonakshiIND272b1 39w0296b1171w½ 66b0135w1 44b0139w½214b1172w1 63b0664,560,556
142Chakravarthi Y V KIND288w1104b½ 87w½124b1 91w0 34b0271w1132b0230w1170b½130w½66460,555,5
143Dave Shiv ShankarIND 4w½ 11b0235w½165b1269w½132b0224w1115b0304w½236b1218w16646055,5
144Rahul Kumar PuneIND318b1 94w0200b1 75w½ 83b0220w1 66b0218w1 67b½133b0219w1663,56055,5
145Shrestha Sujendra PrasadNEP320w1 84b½ 86w0196b0256w1257b1101b½214w1 89b½ 66w½ 60b0663,559,555
146Mohanan U CIND264b1 62w0367b1125w0219b1 96w1 40b0 53w0231b1 90b0229w16636055,5
147Mohana Priya JIND351w1105b0165w1132b½170w½ 87b½138w0259b1133w½ 58b0224w1662,559,555
148Lohana KapilIND310b1101w½ 72b0275w1 60b½122w0179b0342w1221b1139w½131b½662,558,554
149Chitaranjan TIND 12w0295b1115w½123b0274w1118b1211w0105b0327w1174b1134w½66258,554,5
150Chauhan JoyIND232w1 30b0263w1 52b0271w1302b1130w0162b1132w0233b1 48w066258,554

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