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Lake Sevan 2017

Last update 22.07.2017 12:41:21, Creator/Last Upload: Chess Academy of Armenia-2017

Starting rank list of players

8GMAmin Bassem10601457EGY2672
2GMKovalenko Igor14117908LAT2659
5GMKravtsiv Martyn14113147UKR2657
1GMNabaty Tamir2809052ISR2650
3GMSwiercz Dariusz1126881POL2637
6GMTer-Sahakyan Samvel13302531ARM2605
9GMGabuzyan Hovhannes13303732ARM2569
10IMPetrosyan Manuel13300857ARM2553
4IMMartirosyan Haik13306553ARM2544
7IMHarutyunian Tigran13303635ARM2517