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Dundee 150

Last update 23.07.2017 21:11:31, Creator: alexholowczak,Last Upload: Lara Barnes IA


Round 1 on 2017/07/14 at 13.00
112444GMCRAMLING Pia½ - ½GMPETR Martin248610
222447IMGREET Andrew N½ - ½GMMCNAB Colin A24359
332464GMKAPNISIS Spyridon½ - ½GMROZENTALIS Eduardas25098
442326IMPRITCHETT Craig W0 - 1GMARAKHAMIA-GRANT Ketevan23647
552442GMWILLIAMS Simon K½ - ½GMARKELL Keith C24246
Round 2 on 2017/07/15 at 14.00
1102486GMPETR Martin1 - 0GMARKELL Keith C24246
272364GMARAKHAMIA-GRANT Ketevan0 - 1GMWILLIAMS Simon K24425
382509GMROZENTALIS Eduardas1 - 0IMPRITCHETT Craig W23264
492435GMMCNAB Colin A½ - ½GMKAPNISIS Spyridon24643
512444GMCRAMLING Pia1 - 0IMGREET Andrew N24472
Round 3 on 2017/07/16 at 14.00
122447IMGREET Andrew N1 - 0GMPETR Martin248610
232464GMKAPNISIS Spyridon1 - 0GMCRAMLING Pia24441
342326IMPRITCHETT Craig W0 - 1GMMCNAB Colin A24359
452442GMWILLIAMS Simon K½ - ½GMROZENTALIS Eduardas25098
562424GMARKELL Keith C0 - 1GMARAKHAMIA-GRANT Ketevan23647
Round 4 on 2017/07/17 at 14.00
1102486GMPETR Martin½ - ½GMARAKHAMIA-GRANT Ketevan23647
282509GMROZENTALIS Eduardas½ - ½GMARKELL Keith C24246
392435GMMCNAB Colin A0 - 1GMWILLIAMS Simon K24425
412444GMCRAMLING Pia1 - 0IMPRITCHETT Craig W23264
522447IMGREET Andrew N½ - ½GMKAPNISIS Spyridon24643
Round 5 on 2017/07/18 at 14.00
132464GMKAPNISIS Spyridon0 - 1GMPETR Martin248610
242326IMPRITCHETT Craig W0 - 1IMGREET Andrew N24472
352442GMWILLIAMS Simon K½ - ½GMCRAMLING Pia24441
462424GMARKELL Keith C½ - ½GMMCNAB Colin A24359
572364GMARAKHAMIA-GRANT Ketevan½ - ½GMROZENTALIS Eduardas25098
Round 6 on 2017/07/20 at 14.00
1102486GMPETR Martin½ - ½GMROZENTALIS Eduardas25098
292435GMMCNAB Colin A0 - 1GMARAKHAMIA-GRANT Ketevan23647
312444GMCRAMLING Pia½ - ½GMARKELL Keith C24246
422447IMGREET Andrew N1 - 0GMWILLIAMS Simon K24425
532464GMKAPNISIS Spyridon1 - 0IMPRITCHETT Craig W23264
Round 7 on 2017/07/21 at 14.00
142326IMPRITCHETT Craig W0 - 1GMPETR Martin248610
252442GMWILLIAMS Simon K0 - 1GMKAPNISIS Spyridon24643
362424GMARKELL Keith C½ - ½IMGREET Andrew N24472
582509GMROZENTALIS Eduardas½ - ½GMMCNAB Colin A24359
Round 8 on 2017/07/22 at 14.00
1102486GMPETR Martin1 - 0GMMCNAB Colin A24359
212444GMCRAMLING Pia½ - ½GMROZENTALIS Eduardas25098
322447IMGREET Andrew N1 - 0GMARAKHAMIA-GRANT Ketevan23647
432464GMKAPNISIS Spyridon½ - ½GMARKELL Keith C24246
542326IMPRITCHETT Craig W0 - 1GMWILLIAMS Simon K24425
Round 9 on 2017/07/23 at 14.00
152442GMWILLIAMS Simon K1 - 0GMPETR Martin248610
262424GMARKELL Keith C1 - 0IMPRITCHETT Craig W23264
372364GMARAKHAMIA-GRANT Ketevan½ - ½GMKAPNISIS Spyridon24643
482509GMROZENTALIS Eduardas½ - ½IMGREET Andrew N24472
592435GMMCNAB Colin A0 - 1GMCRAMLING Pia24441