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GM closed Tournament Maccabiah 2017 A

Last update 14.07.2017 15:33:37, Creator/Last Upload: Israel Chess Federation (Licence 50)

Starting rank list of players

3GMMoiseenko Alexander14102560UKR2671
4GMMeier Georg4675789GER2644
2GMSmirin Ilia2801990ISR2644
6GMDvoirys Semen I.4100379RUS2552
8GMHuzman Alexander2803828ISR2552
9GMRozentalis Eduardas12800023LTU2509
10GMKlein David1003623NED2508
1IMFlom Gabriel621650FRA2473
7FMParkhov Yair2813408ISR2407
5IMDeutsch Eyal2803917ISR2342