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Huddersfield Minor 2017

Last update 29.05.2017 14:33:47, Creator/Last Upload: Huddersfield Chess (Nigel Hepworth)

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Final Ranking after 6 Rounds

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtg TB1 
13Watson StevenENG1254,5
6Edgar BarryENG1234,5
7Fisher NealENG1234,5
18Webster VivienENG1044,5
511Lesnik EricENG1114
12Parry SamENG1104
20Dharmasena KianENG1014
89Walker RogerENG1173,5
10Sutcliffe RobertENG1143,5
13Shaughnessy PhillipENG1093,5
23Wilson JeffENG863,5
1214De Santos AndrewENG1063
15Dharmasena GavithENG1063
16Parkin KennethENG1063
21Sriharan SriENG983
22Appleby JohnENG943
26Hynes ThomasENG763
31Wooll-Rivers CharlesENG03
1924Bottomley RichardENG812,5
28Wood RichardENG562,5
2125Fulthorpe BarryENG782
30Drury LeeENG02
231Boustred NoelENG1251,5
4Woodhouse DavidENG1251,5
255Egan WilliamENG1241
17McGinty MarkENG1041
272Stratford ChrisENG1250,5
27Mendis ArjunaENG610,5
29Dhunna DannyENG500,5
308Ford ChrisENG1190
19Beswick AndrewENG1010

Tie Break1: points (game-points)