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Giai vo dich co tuong cac dau thu manh toan quoc nam 2009 - Bang nu

Last update 09.12.2009 05:54:01, Creator/Last Upload: IA Ignatius Leong

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Starting rank

1Ngo Lan HuongHCM
2Cao Phuong ThanhHCM
3Dam Thi Thuy DungHCM
4Nguyen Phi LiemBCA
5Hoang Thi Hai BinhHCM
6Tran Tue DoanhHCM
7Nguyen Thi BinhHNO
8Ngo Thu HaBCA
9Bui Chau Y NhiHCM
10Ha Mai HoaBCA
11Le Thi HuongHCM
12Tran Thi HanhHNO
13Nguyen Thi Hong HanhBCA
14Le Thi Kim LoanHNO
15Chu Thu TrangHNO
16Pham Thu HaHNO
17Nguyen Le Mai ThaoBDI