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10th international open Triandrias 2017 - B

Last update 28.04.2017 15:43:02, Creator/Last Upload: Nikos A. Nikolaou

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Final Ranking crosstable after 7 Rounds

Rk.NameFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Papadimitriou IliasGRE 88b1 58w1 81b1 11w1 5b1 12w1 2b½6,5028,51634
2Koutsogoulas GeorgiosGRE109b1 70w1 40b1 6w½ 8b1 22w1 1w½60301574
3Tzovanis Anastasios AnagnostiGRE112b1 48w½ 35b½ 45w1 32b1 6w1 14b160271399
4Vourlis-Kolettis AhilleasGRE 74b1 11w0 84b1 35w1 43b1 37w1 12b160261421
5Chatziioannidis TheofylaktosGRE 67b1 30w1 13b1 28w1 1w0 41b1 9w½5,5029,51527
6Ifoulis AntoniosGRE140w1 87b1 82w1 2b½ 7w1 3b0 25w15,5028,51473
7Baltakis IoannisGRE 84b1 15w1 16b½ 26w1 6b0 69w1 24b15,5028,51452
8Symeonidis TheofilosGRE115w1 29b½ 76w1 25b1 2w0 27b1 46w15,50271407
9Tzontas AthanasiosGRE108b1 35w½ 83b½ 47w1 15b1 11w1 5b½5,5026,51260
10Delaveridis DimitriosGRE114w1 92b1 86b1 22w½ 24b½ 13w½ 31b15,50261519
11Yannopapas LeontiosGRE134w1 4b1 41w1 1b0 20w1 9b0 72w15030,51413
12Dritsas Stavros NikolaosGRE 68w1 32b1 18w1 38b+ 36b1 1b0 4w05030,51357
13Tounta NefeliGRE103w1 47b1 5w0 53b1 49w1 10b½ 17w½50281293
14Ligas RafailGRE 23b0144w1 30b1 70w1 16b1 36w1 3w050271396
15Karakaras KonstantinosGRE122w1 7b0 79w1 94b1 9w0 62b1 41w15025,51289
16Stoimenidis DimitriosGRE104w1 71b1 7w½ 85b½ 14w0 87b1 50w150251302
17Mastrakoulis SimeonGRE 39b½ 96w1 26b0109w1 48b1 67w1 13b½50241288
18Nikolaidou MariaGRE101b1 63w1 12b0 43w0 84b1 52w1 35b150231271
Arzoumanidis IsaakGRE118w1 51b1 23b0 68w½ 39b½ 65w1 40b150231271
20Haralabidis AristidisGRE 93b0118w1 88b1 52w1 11b0 43w1 44b150231184
21Fregidis NikolaosGRE 51w0 61b½ 90w1 29b½ 74b1 60w1 36b150231178
22Eleftheriadis ThemistoklisGRE 57w1 54b1 72w1 10b½ 42w1 2b0 -04,5028,51363
23Argyrakis PanagiotisGRE 14w1 59b1 19w1 36b0 -0 54b1 29w½4,5027,51331
24Papasimakopoulos StefanosGRE 98w1 44b½ 27w½ 54b1 10w½ 68b1 7w04,50271262
25Karavalasis StilianosGRE 39w1 44b1 8w0110b1 55w1 6b04,5026,51305
26Kafantaris PavlosGRE116w1 42b½ 17w1 7b0 33w½ 64b½ 71w14,50261276
27Ifoulis StefanosGRE 80w1 24b½ 31w½ 56b1 8w0 67b14,5025,51394
28Venetidis GeorgiosGRE 79w1 49b1 77w1 5b0 -0 45w1 30b½4,5025,51269
29Liamos EvangelosGRE105b1 8w½ 56b0 21w½ 82b1 81w1 23b½4,50251353
30Pasoglou NikoletaGRE106w1 5b0 14w0114b1 88w+ 83w+ 28w½4,50251064
31Hristou AlexandrosGRE100w1120b1 36w0 27b½ 59w1 42b1 10w04,5024,51207
32Nikolaou TheodorosGRE145b1 12w0 75b1 82w1 3w0 33b½ 78w14,5024,51173
33Betsakos HaralamposGRE 96b0146w1126b1 81w½ 26b½ 32w½ 77w14,5020,51218
34Haliandros ApostolosGRE 82b0150w1112b½ 39w0 75b1111w1 68w14,50181061
35Tsialis MichailGRE125w1 9b½ 3w½ 4b0103w1 85b1 18w040291251
36Tsakona MariaGRE 97b1 43w1 31b1 23w1 12w0 14b0 21w040281325
37Pateraki KleopatraGRE146b1 82w- 57w1 62b1 85w1 4b0 -040271372
38Boudoulis PashalisGRE 75b1110w1 69b1 12w- -0 47w1 -04026,51850
39Chalkias Michail PanagiotisGRE 17w½ 25b0116w1 34b1 19w½ 72b½ 59w½4026,51317
40Mitsiou GeorgiosGRE 94w1 62b1 2w0 66b½ 87w½ 49b1 19w04026,51202
41Giannoulaki ErmofiliGRE 78b1 52w1 11b0 63w1 83b1 5w0 15b04026,51068
42Tsiakmakis ChristosGRE 64b1 26w½141b+ 56w1 22b0 31w0 48b½40261262
43Sioutopoulos ChristosGRE135w1 36b0 92w1 18b1 4w0 20b0 89w140261200
44Galanis Nikolaos-PanagiotisGRE 91b1 24w½ 25w0 50b1 71w1 46b½ 20w04025,51279
45Koudounis VasileiosGRE123b1 55w½ 3b0 94w1 28b0 83w140251192
46Sakellaridis GrigoriosGRE 83b0107w1 73b1 58w1 55b½ 44w½ 8b040251158
47Kalogridis ThemistoklisGRE113b1 13w0142b+ 9b0106w1 38b0 94w140251144
48Mitsiou KonstantinosGRE131w1 3b½ 85w0 80b1 17w0 79b1 42w½4024,51204
49Tsivelekidou Anthoula ElpidaGRE132b1 28w0 91b1 86w1 13b0 40w0 93b140241188
50Vasileiadi EleniGRE 63b0101w1 65b1 44w0 51b1 58w1 16b040241148
51Kyparissopoulos SpyridonGRE 21b1 19w0143b+ 55b0 50w0106b1 85w+40241128
52Kofkeli EleniGRE133w1 41b0 61w1 20b0 95w1 18b0 99w+40241107
53Betsakou SofiaGRE128b1 86w0 97b1 13w0 99b1 -0 88w14023,51239
54Arzoumanidis AlexandrosGRE148b1 22w0 93b1 24w0 97b1 23w0 90b14023,51187
55Peikos RafailGRE150b1 83w½ 45b½ 51w1 46w½ 25b0 64w½40231198
56Tounta Lito - EleniGRE 76w½ 90b1 29w1 42b0 27w0 89b1 66w½40231041
57Vasileiadis GeorgiosGRE 22b0148w1 37b0 91w1 60b0 82w1102b14022,51161
58Pechlivanidis MichailGRE138w1 1b0140w1 46b0121w1 50b0 84w14022,51150
59Michaelides AlexandrosCYP144b1 23w0 78b½112w1 31b0 80w1 39b½4022,51112
60Katsigris AntoniosGRE 61w½ 76b0 89w1111b½ 57w1 21b0100w14022,51088
61Lamprinakis EmmanouilGRE 60b½ 21w½ 52b0 73w0120w1104b1109b140221160
62Katsimanis DimitriosGRE147b1 40w0113b1 37w0124b1 15w0 91b14021,51126
63Tsouchnikas GeorgiosGRE 50w1 18b0125w1 41b0 89w0123b1 95w140211102
64Sioulas StylianosGRE 42w0116b½123w1115b1 81b½ 26w½ 55b½40201119
65Pahtas HaideftosGRE 89w0 95b1 50w0122b1129w1 19b0105w14019,51060
66Gavriilidis GiorgosGRE137b0127w1124b1 40w½ 67b0 74w1 56b½40191139
67Batsis LazarosGRE 5w0106b1 98w1 87b½ 66w1 17b0 27w03,50261126
68Topaltzikis GeorgiosGRE 12b0 99w1117b+ 19b½ 77w1 24w0 34b03,5025,51204
69Fotiadis AlexandrosGRE 95w1 89b1 38w0 71b½ 78w1 7b0 -03,5025,51128
70Batsi VarvaraGRE119w1 2b0130w1 14b0111w½ 98b½ 73w½3,50241052
71Batsi EleniGRE117b1 16w0 96b1 69w½ 44b0113w1 26b03,5023,51114
72Mplitsa ArtemisGRE127b1 93w1 22b0 83w0101b1 39w½ 11b03,5023,51040
73Vlassis MiltiadisGRE149w+ 81b- 46w0 61b1 -0 97w1 70b½3,50231245
74Vafeiadakis KonstantinosGRE 4w0134b1120w1 77b½ 21w0 66b0111b13,50231155
75Pechlivanidou KalipsoGRE 38w0129b1 32w0 92b½ 34w0116b1117w13,50231090
76Delaveridis AthanasiosGRE 56b½ 60w1 8b0110w0137b1102w0113b13,50221129
77Tzikas Athanasios GGRE 99b1137w1 28b0 74w½ 68b0109w1 33b03,50221032
78Kavakopoulou Ioulia AnastasiaGRE 41w0133b1 59w½120b1 69b0110w1 32b03,5021,51125
79Tzontas KonstantinosGRE 28b0132w1 15b0137w½117b1 48w0119b13,50211064
80Eleftheriadis Eleftherios IGRE 85w½ 27b0149w+ 48w0119b1 59b0115w13,50211018
81Manenis KonstantinosGRE107b1 73w+ 1w0 33b½ 64w½ 29b0 -030271053
82Kountardas AntoniosGRE 34w1 37b+ 6b0 32b0 29w0 57b0121w13026,5975
83Sioulas NikolaosGRE 46w1 55b½ 9w½ 72b1 41w0 30b- 45b030261261
84Arvanitis Nikolaos 46489GRE 7w0122b1 4w0125b1 18w0114b1 58b030251115
85Filippou SotiriosGRE 80b½111w1 48b1 16w½ 37b0 35w0 51b-30251102
86Giannopoulou AnastasiaGRE130w1 53b1 10w0 49b0 -0 -0120w13024,51160
87Vourlis-Koletis SokratisGRE136b1 6w0137b1 67w½ 40b½ 16w0 -030241172
88Gkountras Klearchos-AngelosGRE 1w0138b1 20w0128b1 30b-127w1 53b030241136
89Yannopapas VasileiosGRE 65b1 69w0 60b0107w1 63b1 56w0 43b030241060
90Karakotsios KonstantinosGRE 56w0 21b0116b1 92w½122b1 54w030221100
91Kouroukafopoulos GrigoriosGRE 44w0100b1 49w0 57b0147w1103b1 62w03022956
92Skodras Marios KonstantinosGRE102b1 10w0 43b0 75w½ 90b½ 93w0127b13022926
93Zanis PanteleimonGRE 20w1 72b0 54w0129b0128w1 92b1 49w03021,51055
94Apostolidis CharalamposGRE 40b0147w1102b1 15w0 45b0124w1 47b03021,51048
95Koukoubis KonstantinosGRE 69b0 65w0105b1102w1 52b0112w1 63b03021990
96Xenidis DiogenisGRE 33w1 17b0 71w0106b0114w0148b1123w13020,51047
97Balafoutas DimitriosGRE 36w0135b1 53w0147b1 54w0 73b0129w13020,51021
98Koukouliatas Sotirios GeorgioGRE 24b0145w1 67b0127w1113b½ 70w½ -030201147
99Kefalas IoannisGRE 77w0 68b0135w1100b1 53w0121b1 52b-30201054
100Banakas KonstantinosGRE 31b0 91w0145b1 99w0144b1107w1 60b030201020
101Athanasiadis Mori Kento DimitGRE 18w0 50b0138w1133b1 72w0105b0122w130191021
102Iliadou AnnaGRE 92w0114b1 94w0 95b0131w1 76b1 57w03019889
103Tsakonas KonstantinosGRE 13b0113w0144b1126w1 35b0 91w0124b13018,5993
104Balafoutas AlexandrosGRE 16b0117w0148b1113w0126b1 61w0125b13018,5986
105Vasilakis MichailGRE 29w0115b0 95w0 -1145b1101w1 65b03018,5832
106Firtikiadis NikitasGRE 30b0 67w0132b1 96w1 47b0 51w0134b130181033
107Chorozidis PanagiotisGRE 81w0 46b0131w1 89b0132w1100b0133w130171046
108Banaka PanagiotaGRE 9w0125b0122w0119b0138w1128b1131w13016967
109Tzovani DimitraGRE 2w0119b½139w1 17b0115w1 77b0 61w02,5023,51030
110Trivella MariaGRE129w1 38b0115w½ 76b1 25w0 78b0 -02,5023977
111Nasioudis Haralampos-MariosGRE 85b0119w1 60w½ 70b½ 34b0 74w02,5022,5971
112Gavriilidis NikiforosGRE 3w0131b1 34w½ 59b0123w½ 95b0114w½2,5022966
113Tagkaloglou Savvas StefanosGRE 47w0103b1 62w0104b1 98w½ 71b0 76w02,5021874
114Giakoustidou EvgeniaGRE 10b0102w0136b1 30w0 96b1 84w0112b½2,5020,5955
115Koptsis NikolaosGRE 8b0105w1110b½ 64w0109b0137w1 80b02,5020,5950
116Karamichos MichailGRE 26b0 64w½ 39b0 90w0148b1 75w0137b12,5020,5893
117Zani Michailia - MariaGRE 71w0104b1 68w- 79w0118b1 75b02,5020,5868
118Drogalas GeorgiosGRE 19b0 20b0128w0148w½139b1117w0126b12,5019971
119Kountardas TriantafyllosGRE 70b0109w½111b0108w1 80w0129b1 79w02,5018862
120Fotiadis Nikolaos DimGRE139b1 31w0 74b0 78w0 61b0132w1 86b02021,5909
121Kalioropoulou AnnaGRE 58b0 99w0 82b02021,5251
122Kouroukafopoulos DimitriosGRE 15b0 84w0108b1 65w0136b1 90w0101b02021823
123Divanidis Dimitrios MariosGRE 45w0 64b0139w1112b½ 63w0 96b02021818
124Koutla MariaGRE 66w0130b1 62w0 94b0103w02021754
125Moschopoulos AristeidisGRE 35b0108w1 63b0 84w0130w0147b1104w02020843
126Stoimenidis MarkosGRE 33w0103b0104w0146b1118w02020736
127Fotiadis LoukasGRE 72w0 66b0134w1 98b0133w1 88b0 92w02019,5890
128Negros AthanasiosGRE 53w0130b0118b1 88w0 93b0108w0147w12019,5805
129Oikonomou ThomaiGRE110b0 75w0150b1 93w1 65b0119w0 97b02019785
130Petridis DimitriosGRE 86b0128w1 70b0124w0125b1 -0 -020181043
131Mavridis Athanasios TheoGRE 48b0112w0107b0150w1102b0136w1108b02017,5826
132Pechlivanidis AsteriosGRE 49w0 79b0106w0146w1107b0120b0144w+2016,5715
133Taousianis IliasGRE 52b0 78w0146b1101w0127b0145w1107b02016825
134Safetis VasileiosGRE 11b0 74w0127b0145w0150b1144w+106w02016715
135Xourida MariaGRE 43b0 97w0 99b0144w0 -0 -1145b12015,5770
136Tranidis SavvasGRE 87w0140b0114w0138b1122w0131b0146w12014,5828
137Samaras DimitriosGRE 66w1 77b0 87w0 79b½ 76w0115b0116w01,5020,5745
138Kyriakopoulos CharalamposGRE 58b0 88w0101b0136w0108b0150w½148w11,5016768
139Kyriazis Antonios DimitriosGRE120w0109b0123b0118w0 -0150b11,5014763
140Vafeiadakis PetrosGRE 6b0136w1 58b0 -0 -0 -0 -01020,51017
141Zaga KonstantinaGRE 42w- -0 -0 -0 -010200
Rakopoulos Alexandros TsampikGRE 47w- -0 -0 -0 -010200
Zagka TheodoraGRE 51w- -0 -0 -0 -010200
144Mastrogeorgis VasileiosGRE 59w0 14b0103w0135b1100w0134b-132b-1019,5756
145Kountouris IoannisGRE 32w0 98b0100w0134b1105w0133b0135w01017,5717
146Kafantaris GeorgiosGRE 37w0 33b0133w0132b0 -1126w0136b01017243
147Yannopapa AngelikiGRE 62w0 94b0 -1 97w0 91b0125w0128b01017192
148Mitsiou Anna MariaGRE 54w0 57b0104w0118b½116w0 96w0138b00,5019583
149Varli Mehmet FatihTUR 73b- 80b- -0 -0 -0 -00,50180
150Eleftheriadis DimitriosGRE 55w0 34b0129w0131b0134w0138b½139w00,5016637

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Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Performance (variable with parameter)