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Campionat Juvenil d'Andorra 2017

Last update 21.02.2017 19:19:22, Creator/Last Upload: federació d’escacs valls d’andorra

Starting rank

1Riba Revert Valenti6900364AND1577
2Alcon Llosada Alex6900780AND1521
3Ribera Veganzones Josep Maria6900763AND1381
4Alcon Llosada Jaume6900798AND1340
5Trojman Gea Alex6900674AND1316
6Ribera Veganzones Serni6900860AND1228
7Martinez Gamiz Marc6900976AND1227
8Ramos Torres Daniel6901077AND1220
9De La Riva Real Ariadna6901018AND1192
10Sanchez Sala Marc6901115AND1098
11Atalaya Azabal Marc6901310AND0
12Chaderat Xarpell Jaime6901093AND0
13Chaderat Xarpell Jean6901204AND0
14De La Riva Real Jana6901131AND0
15Hotchandani Ishan6901247AND0
16Montraveta Jo Laia6901298AND0
17Montraveta Jo Marc6901301AND0
18Mourelo Garcia Jan6901182AND0
19Perez Escudero Nicolas6901271AND0
20Riba Revert Clara6901280AND0
21Sanchez Sala Roger6901220AND0
22Sansa Aviles Marti6901190AND0
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