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Jeruchess Winter Grand-Prix - 2 of 7

Last update 26.01.2017 22:55:58, Creator/Last Upload: Israel Chess Federation (Licence 66)

Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

1Lukin Elisha2133ISR*1111111018
2Moskovich Daniel2072ISR0*½11111117,5
3Slonimskij Arkadij2196RUS0½*½1111016
4Cohen Revivo Shoham2025ISR00½*1011115,5
5Vazana Yochay1908ISR0000*111115
6Goldberg Shmuel1618RSA00010*10114
7Lukovski Lev1728GER000000*1113
Waxman Mark1642ISR0000010*113
Fainkihen Efim1990UKR10100000*13
10Israel Hillel1681ISR000000000*0