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37th National Team Chess Championship 2017- Bhopal

Last update 08.02.2017 11:40:07, Creator/Last Upload: Virudhunagar District Chess Association

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Team pairings

Round 8 on 2017/02/07 at 10.00 AM
1  Indian Railway A  Karnataka4:0
2  Kerala  Viyugam CA1:3
3  Air India  Indian Railway B2:2
4  Airport Authority of India  Andhra Bank4:0
5  Tamil Nadu - A  Bihar State - A4:0
6  Sivakasi Chess Club  LIC0:4
7  Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited  Resha Chess3:1
8  DASCB, Delhi  MP TEAM - B:
9  Gujarat  SSCB:
10  Academy of Chess Education  Tamil Nadu - B:
11  Rajasthan A  Telangana State B3:1
12  Anand Chess Club  Himachal Pradesh:½
13  SKM Chess Academy Indore  MP TEAM - A:
14  Bihar State - B  Telangana State A3:1
15  Punjab State  Gwalior District A3:1
16  Unite Indore Chess Club  Urmi School & Hostel A:
17  Academy of Chess Education -B  Fischer Chess Club3:1
18  Rajasthan B  Ewing Christian, U.P.1:3
19  Reserve Bank of India  Gwalior District B4:0
20  Himachal Pradesh - A  Gwalior District C:½
21  Andhra Pradesh -B  Jammu & Kashmir4:0
22  Virudhunagar DCA  bye2:
23  Uttar Pradesh  not paired: