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Eslam Abad Blitz Cup(22 Bahman)

Last update 15.02.2017 09:40:31, Creator/Last Upload: Ahmad Rezaei Ghaleh (FA)

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Starting rank

1Chavari Mohammad Mahdi12542563IRI2092Kermanshah
2Khabiri Kaveh12521540IRI1977Kermanshah
3Veysi Rahim Abadi Milad12544779IRI1911Kermanshah
4Veysi Rahim Abadi Sadegh12557242IRI1896Kermanshah
5Sajadipoor Aliakbar12571164IRI1867Kermanshah
6Shahmoradi Arash12515841IRI1863Kermanshah
7Fattahi Mohammad22550437IRI1695Eslam Abad
8Maleki Ehsan22553061IRI1689Eslam Abad
9Ghabasiah Peyman12571130IRI1660Kermanshah
10Amiri Firooz12571121IRI1622Kermanshah
11Bagherabadi Sajad42508630IRI1553Eslam Abad
12Esmaili Farhad22554556IRI1482Kermanshah
13Ostovi Ghobad22538127IRI1428Eslam Abad
14Bahramzadeh Fariborz42525659IRI0Eslam Abad
15Fattahi MoslemIRI0Eslam Abad
16Nemati Masoud42525713IRI0Kermanshah
17Ostevari AyobIRI0Eslam Abad
18Seifi Rasul42525748IRI0Eslam Abad
19Sorny Oliaei Mohammad Mehdi22571922IRI0Kermanshah
20Zibakerdar Peiman12504300IRI0Kermanshah