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Last update 03.12.2016 18:48:47, Creator/Last Upload: chesskavala

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The best player per board: according Points

The minimum required number of games: 60%

Board 1
1Demirtzoglou Hrist2023SO DRAMAS A'685,721397
2WGMTsolakidou Stavroula2097SO KAVALAS685,721287
3Bozanis Dimitrios1601OFS KAVALAS B'457,119407
4Stamoudis Chrysafis1898MAS GALAXIAS DRAMAS3,550,018487
5Iosifidis Evangelos1731SO DRAMAS B'2,535,717697
6Tsirigkanos Athanasios1814IRAKLIS KAVALAS2,535,717587
7Kazantzidis Panagiotis1995OFS KAVALAS A'2,535,717327
8Kouimtsidis Georgios1672SSX DIMOKRITOS114,315717
Board 2
1Hristoforidis Vasilios1881SO DRAMAS A'7100,024317
2Manelidis Savvas1977OFS KAVALAS A'571,417757
3Aftsoglou Ioannis2057SO KAVALAS571,417647
4Nikolaidis Athanasios1462OFS KAVALAS B'3,550,016917
5Papageorgiou Paraskevas Efst1466SSX DIMOKRITOS3,550,016907
6Tononidis Anastasios1384SO DRAMAS B'228,615447
7Tzimas Petros1679IRAKLIS KAVALAS228,615027
Board 3
1Zisiadis Dimitrios1946SO KAVALAS7100,023277
2Ganiaridis Panagiotis1803SO DRAMAS A'685,718567
3Samaridis Konstantinos1700OFS KAVALAS A'4,564,316647
4Stergiou Filippos0SSX DIMOKRITOS3,550,016057
5Mihailidou Magdalini1472OFS KAVALAS B'3,550,015947
6Hatzitheodorou Stavros0MAS GALAXIAS DRAMAS228,614477
7Papadianakis Marios1671IRAKLIS KAVALAS1,521,413367
Board 4
1Apostolakakis Konstantinos1900SO KAVALAS685,717717
2Stamatis Ioannis1461OFS KAVALAS B'571,416837
3Tsirlis Panteleimon1657OFS KAVALAS A'571,416557
4Soilemetzidis Konstantinos1788SO DRAMAS A'571,416367
5Pantazidis Alexandros0MAS GALAXIAS DRAMAS342,914847
6Bakalidis Efstratios0SSX DIMOKRITOS228,613767
7Voidis Charalambos0IRAKLIS KAVALAS228,613767