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8th Penang Heritage City International Chess Open 2016 Penang Challenger 2016

Last update 10.12.2016 12:29:20, Creator/Last Upload: PenangChessAssociation

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Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Noor Akbar Muhd Aziz Farhan1920MAS 99b1 36w1 44b1 28w1 13b1 26w1 24b1 3w½ 5b18,505551,25
2Yap Egin Darrel1956MAS101b1 57w1 47b1 64w1 12b1 24w0 4b1 25w1 11b18052,546,00
3Koo Wei Xin Rosamund1818MAS131b1 63w1 72b1 29w½ 6b1 9w½ 19b1 1b½ 16w17,5055,545,00
4CMTan Jun Hao1997SGP 54w1 51b½ 38w1 5b1 50w1 15b1 2w0 17b1 7w½7057,543,25
5Arfan Aditya Bagus1424INA215b1 18w1 25b1 4w0 53b1 44w1 12b1 24w1 1w07053,537,50
6Chan Sheng Liang Bernard1598MAS105w1133b1 30w½ 74b1 3w0 51b1 31w1 15b½ 24w1705137,75
7Lim Lui Lung1557MAS177b1115w1 68w1 10b0 33w1 43b½ 21w1 27b1 4b½705037,75
8Lee Zhi Wei1565MAS145b1 78w1 14b0120w1 65b1 25w- 75w1 69w1 25b1704734,50
9Koo Wei Wei Melanie1665MAS 80w1109b1 67w1 19b1 15w½ 3b½ 17w½ 10b½ 23w½6,5054,537,75
10Alivia Novyansari1736INA113b1 61w1 16b1 7w1 24b0 46w½ 47b1 9w½ 13b½6,5053,538,25
11Azhar Puteri Munajjah Az-Zahr1739MAS137w1 56b1 17w1 15b0 31w½ 86b1 66w1 20b1 2w06,505335,50
12Chew Wen Da1627MAS171b1 93w1129b1 14w1 2w0 23b1 5w0 56b1 22b½6,5052,534,25
13Nguyen Lam Thien1552VIE146b1 84w1 45w1 49b1 1w0 68b1 25w0 30b1 10w½6,505234,25
14Janani J1853IND 62w1130b1 8w1 12b0 17w0 55b1 67w1 34b½ 52w16,5051,536,00
15Teoh Ern Sheng1590MAS141b1132w1135b1 11w1 9b½ 4w0 26b1 6w½ 18b½6,5051,534,50
16Teh Yong Keat Anthony1541MAS151w1124b1 10w0 41b1 91w1 27b½ 43w1 32w1 3b06,505134,00
17Tan Yong Hau1502MAS 85b1154w1 11b0115w1 14b1 64w1 9b½ 4w0 49w16,5050,533,75
18Suryadi Addifa Auliya Hadibrata0INA162w1 5b0 54w1 33b0101w1109b1 36w1 43b1 15w½6,5049,533,25
19Lim See Siang Fergus1573MAS189b1167w1 43b1 9w0 81b1 34w1 3w0 41b½ 54w16,5048,531,50
20Chin Shun Yi1398MAS191b1 43w0144b1 35w1 28b½ 29w1 53b1 11w0 47b16,504833,00
21Hoe Chew Ming Thomas1778SGP 89w1 67b0 35b½142w1 98b1 69w1 7b0 66w1 46b16,504732,00
22Yip Yong1379MAS193w1 68b0136w½111b1 82w½134b1 45w1 39b1 12w½6,5043,530,75
23Lee Care Greene1525MAS175b½183w1 98b1 66w½180b1 12w0 93b1 40w1 9b½6,504329,00
24Cheong Kai Bin Andre1667MAS222w1 52b1 37w1 27b1 10w1 2b1 1w0 5b0 6b0605633,00
25Anjali R. Sagar1690IND136w1 79b1 5w0125b1 73w1 8b+ 13b1 2b0 8w0605430,50
26Chan Kok Leong1719MAS111w1 90b1 73w½ 51b1 30w1 1b0 15w0 57b1 31w½6052,532,00
27Chee Yi Hun1693MAS139b1 69w1 31b1 24w0100b1 16w½ 46b1 7w0 35b½6050,531,25
28Heng Gu Jia1594MAS143w1103b1168w1 1b0 20w½ 67b½ 38w1 33b½ 34w½605029,75
29Loo Hsien Rong Evan1574MAS147w1125b1 32w1 3b½ 43w0 20b0103w1 79b1 33w½6049,530,75
30Ng Yong Quan1545MAS149b1100w1 6b½ 48w1 26b0 52b½ 73w1 13w0 70b1604930,25
31Looi Ka Loc1457MAS140w1155b1 27w0 89b1 11b½ 48w1 6b0110w1 26b½6048,529,25
32Fong Choong Ee1879MAS 92b1 34w1 29b0 65w0 80w1 81b1130w1 16b0 67w16047,530,00
33Kumaresan Nhavin1311MAS205b1 48w0171b1 18w1 7b0 77w1 59b1 28w½ 29b½6047,529,00
34Navaratnam Rohan Shan Tze1399MAS159w1 32b0134w1168b1 58w1 19b0 68w1 14w½ 28b½604728,25
35Zulkifli Muhd Hafizuddin1591MAS 55w½221b1 21w½ 20b0178w1 42b1 50w1 52b½ 27w½604627,75
36Lee Peng Keong1401SGP169b1 1b0137w1102w1 64b0 71w1 18b0144w1 65b1604626,00
37Rohizan Nurul Aina Akmar1595MAS117b1 81w1 24b0108w1 69b0 92w1 40b0115w1 71b16045,528,50
38WCMDing Dao En1368MAS192b1 53w½ 4b0121w1 85b1 70w½ 28b0104w1 64b16045,527,25
39Cheah Kah Hoe1665MAS127b1 98w½ 40b0173w1119b½ 84w1 61b1 22w0 87b1604528,00
40Wong Zhenyong Jayden1311SGP211w½181b1 39w1 50b0 45w½107b1 37w1 23b0 73w1604428,25
41Eng Jia Jean1688MAS 77b1 66w0179b1 16w0135b1166w1 70b1 19w½ 45b½604426,50
42Chembeti Shreesh Amit1600MAS 71b0179w0186b1177w1131b1 35w0 96b1 78w1 69b1603925,50
43Membrere Brena Mae1918PHI 82w1 20b1 19w0133b1 29b1 7w½ 16b0 18w0 98b15,5052,530,00
44Srivatanakul Pricha1579THA110b1108w1 1w0123b1 75w1 5b0 79w½ 54b0103w15,504925,50
45Curry Stephen1750ENG 96b1 83w1 13b0132w½ 40b½119w1 22b0 93w1 41w½5,5048,527,50
46Chua Kian Meng1510MAS112w1 91b1 49w0101b1107w1 10b½ 27w0 55b1 21w05,5048,527,25
47Tan Keigen1584MAS194w1172b1 2w0 94b1 79w1 66b½ 10w0 51b1 20w05,504824,50
48Saleh Fahim Al-Faqeh1633MAS138w1 33b1 74w½ 30b0 60w1 31b0 54w½133b1 56w½5,5047,528,00
49Md Monir Hossain1724BAN121b1 87w1 46b1 13w0 66b0 65w½129b1 76w1 17b05,504726,50
50AFMHairul Muhd Ilhan Mansiz1471MAS104b1102w½ 88b1 40w1 4b0132w½ 35b0 92w½120w15,5046,527,25
51Chia Yu Zhe Ashton1403SGP161b1 4w½173b1 26w0129b1 6w0 88b1 47w0102b15,5046,524,50
52Koay Yu Zhe1458MAS152b1 24w0 92b½ 96w1167b1 30w½132b1 35w½ 14b05,504625,00
53Brown Geoffrey M1724ENG134w1 38b½142w1 73b½ 5w0133b1 20w0 75b½114w15,504625,00
54Hoh Chee Chuen Steven1554MAS 4b0169w1 18b0179w1160b1100w1 48b½ 44w1 19b05,504623,25
55Wahida Alicia Fitri0INA 35b½ 65w0183b1 88w1 83b1 14w0 98b1 46w0100b15,504525,00
56Mak Chin Wah1371SGP207b1 11w0113b1 85w½ 71b½104w1 64b1 12w0 48b½5,504524,25
57Tin Shan Ze1401MAS174w1 2b0 89w0148b1137w1 82b½ 80w1 26w0110b15,504523,50
58Singh Eshwant1647MAS126b1 75w1 66b½166w½ 34b0102w1 69b0 81w1 61b½5,504426,00
59Tan Yik Chean1552MAS148w1 74b0101w0112b1149w1 91b1 33w0123b1 60w½5,504324,75
60Pathamanathan Dharmin1642MAS185b1 76w1 64b0 70w½ 48b0 83w½158b1 72w1 59b½5,504324,25
61Cheah Yet Png Nicholas1370MAS163w1 10b0138w0151b1136w1143b1 39w0105b1 58w½5,5042,522,75
62Nagaraj Jeevvanraj1506MAS 14b0190w1 76b½106w½ 72b0169w1150b1 83w1 63b½5,504223,25
63Chen Tzi Herng1396MAS212w1 3b0111w½136b½134w0148b1127w1 99b1 62w½5,5040,522,00
64Mohd Radzuan Muhd Harith Farh1626MAS118w1114b1 60w1 2b0 36w1 17b0 56w0132b1 38w05050,524,50
65Chong Kai Ni Agnes1243MAS 75w0 55b1148w1 32b1 8w0 49b½ 86w1 68b½ 36w0504925,75
66CMLoh Shao Kai Dylan1443SGP213w1 41b1 58w½ 23b½ 49w1 47w½ 11b0 21b0 74w½504924,75
67Tay Xiong Ze Darren Christoph1376MAS184b1 21w1 9b0 71w½110b1 28w½ 14b0 85w1 32b0504924,50
68Audiali1794INA144b1 22w1 7b0103w1166b1 13w0 34b0 65w½ 75w½504823,50
69Tan Xiyie Cecelia1344MAS208w1 27b0105w1178b1 37w1 21b0 58w1 8b0 42w0504721,50
70Ahmad Nazar Ellie Emira Syami1518MAS116w1129b0 99w1 60b½ 74w1 38b½ 41w0 82b1 30w05046,524,75
71Wong Ching Wen1383MAS 42w1 73b0114w1 67b½ 56w½ 36b0109w1130b1 37w05046,524,25
72Mohd Kamal Eldin Hakimi1566MAS122w1123b1 3w0 91b0 62w1 94b½ 74w½ 60b0149w15046,523,50
73Chin Yi Hao1442MAS179b1 71w1 26b½ 53w½ 25b0141w1 30b0131w1 40b05045,521,75
74Tan Naython1167SGP195b1 59w1 48b½ 6w0 70b0117w1 72b½100w½ 66b½504523,00
75Yeoh Yuan Hui1311MAS 65b1 58b0143w1135w1 44b0180w1 8b0 53w½ 68b½5044,521,25
76Lee Jaryl1440SGP176w1 60b0 62w½ 82b0156w1 89b1 94w1 49b0 80w½504422,75
77Ting Zheng Yu0MAS 41w0 97b1122w0147b1 99w1 33b0149w1 90b½ 79w½504422,50
78Tay Xiong Sheng Dexter Christ1204MAS107w1 8b0140w1 95b½ 86w0105b½143w1 42b0138w1504421,25
79Foo Jiu Weir Brien1331MAS186b1 25w0139b1104w1 47b0152w1 44b½ 29w0 77b½5043,520,75
80Chin Mei Qi1400MAS 9b0182w1 83b½ 87w1 32b0167w1 57b0166w1 76b½504320,00
81Mak Xiu Ning Charlene1261SGP199w1 37b0147w1156b1 19w0 32w0141b1 58b0136w1504319,00
82Eng Jia Wei1523MAS 43b0191w1106b½ 76w1 22b½ 57w½166b½ 70w0140b15042,522,25
83Legge Terence1376ENG188w1 45b0 80w½118b1 55w0 60b½134w1 62b0137w15042,520,75
84Koh Jing Yi1155MAS198w1 13b0107w0 97b1140w1 39b0116w½112b½143w1504220,50
85Tan Yi Xuan1303SGP 17w0216b1124w1 56b½ 38w0172b1 90w½ 67b0142w1504218,75
86Goh Kai Ray Alden1438MAS150b1135w0131b1129w½ 78b1 11w0 65b0 88w½144b15041,521,50
87Lee Zhia Chen Zachary1366MAS165w1 49b0118w½ 80b0122w½151b1136w1138b1 39w05041,520,50
88Goh Julien1125SGP216w1 95b½ 50w0 55b0118w1106b1 51w0 86b½147w15041,520,00
89Mohd Radzuan Muhd Harith Fahm1485MAS 21b0184w1 57b1 31w0106b½ 76w0146b½179w1130w15041,520,00
90Chong Kai Ling Sylvia1351MAS204b1 26w0121b½110w0170b1113w1 85b½ 77w½ 92b½504120,75
91Teh Ren Xuan1135MAS214b1 46w0158b1 72w1 16b0 59w0104b0146w1141b1504119,00
92Pathamanathan Pravin1507MAS 32w0201b1 52w½130b½187w1 37b0180w1 50b½ 90w½504119,00
93Ho Khai Sheng Samuel1274SGP217w1 12b0194w1107b0138w1116b1 23w0 45b0134w15040,517,50
94Sagar Siya1213IND135b0150w1145b1 47w0175b1 72w½ 76b0139w1 95w½504020,50
95Loh Jing Lin1513MAS202b1 88w½102b½ 78w½132b0 96w½139b½129w1 94b½5039,521,25
96Chong Ming Ee1480MAS 45w0193b1130w½ 52b0174w1 95b½ 42w0181b1132w15039,518,00
97Kaur Mira1288MAS166b0 77w0182b1 84w0205b1108w0196b1154w1131b15034,516,50
98Emran Muhammad Emir Rasyid1324MAS178w1 39b½ 23w0122b1 21w0111b1 55w0116b1 43w04,5046,519,50
99Lim Feng Wei Ferris1540MAS 1w0176b1 70b0150w1 77b0161w1152b1 63w0104b½4,504417,75
100Lai Zhen Hou1435MAS201w1 30b0149w1138b1 27w0 54b0137w1 74b½ 55w04,504317,50
101Sathaseelan Dinish1554MAS 2w0213b1 59b1 46w0 18b0158w0163w1180b1112w½4,504316,25
102Foo Jiu Yarng Clarance1072MAS156w1 50b½ 95w½ 36b0212w1 58b0112w½106b1 51w04,5042,518,50
103Ooi Zhi Ping1243MAS209b1 28w0141b1 68b0105w½126w1 29b0121w1 44b04,5042,517,75
104Zubir Luqman1298MAS 50w0206b1155w1 79b0124w1 56b0 91w1 38b0 99w½4,5042,517,75
105Nik Ahmad Hisham Nik Emer His1381MAS 6b0209w1 69b0184w1103b½ 78w½108b1 61w0115b½4,5041,517,00
106Lee Ryan1445MAS180b1 -0 82w½ 62b½ 89w½ 88w0126b1102w0171b14,5040,518,75
107Auyeung Chi Hung Lucas0SGP 78b0177w1 84b1 93w1 46b0 40w0144b0189w1164b½4,5040,518,50
108Tan Jia Jin1229MAS210w1 44b0116w1 37b0143w0 97b1105w0148b1127w½4,5040,518,25
109Lai Hong Jun1317MAS182b1 9w0127b1180w0139b1 18w0 71b0117w½170b14,5040,517,25
110Chong Hui Yi1346MAS 44w0223b1172w½ 90b1 67w0125b1114w1 31b0 57w04,5040,516,75
111Yeoh Wen1417MAS 26b0204w1 63b½ 22w0164b1 98w0167b½184w1119b½4,5040,516,75
112Yeoh Chean Yi1305MAS 46b0197w1167b½ 59w0142b1120w½102b½ 84w½101b½4,504018,25
113Teh Ming Yang1456MAS 10w0188b1 56w0174b½153w½ 90b0165w1159b1125w½4,504017,00
114Chan Wen Hui Ryan1309SGP196b1 64w0 71b0146w1126b½121w1110b0173w1 53b04,5039,517,25
115Pheng Qi Jinn Andrew1161MAS200w1 7b0211w1 17b0116w0213b1145w1 37b0105w½4,5039,513,25
116Choo Xuan1313MAS 70b0214w1108b0128w1115b1 93w0 84b½ 98w0173b14,5038,517,00
117Ong Zhen Sean1374MAS 37w0217b1133w0157b1172w½ 74b0124w1109b½123w½4,503816,75
118Koay Yu Hang1385MAS 64b0218w1 87b½ 83w0 88b0170w1164b½157w1128b½4,503816,25
119Chow Guo Quan Jovan1267SGP183b½175w1166b0170w1 39w½ 45b0138w0145b1111w½4,5037,517,75
120Kwok Teng Yan Megan1187SGP -0215w1202b1 8b0168w½112b½147w½171w1 50b04,5037,514,50
121Ng Wei Jie1447MAS 49w0163b1 90w½ 38b0221w1114b0187w1103b0176w14,5037,514,00
122Lim Cheng Lun1335MAS 72b0170w½ 77b1 98w0 87b½206b1133w0164w½167b14,503716,75
123Hiu Jack Yuan1200MAS219b1 72w0146b1 44w0145b0175w1177b1 59w0117b½4,503714,75
124Navaratnam Ishaan Quan Tze1157MAS170b1 16w0 85b0202w1104b0146w½117b0207w1169b14,503714,50
125Lee Yann Ze Darryl1226SGP220b1 29w0189b1 25w0141b0110w0188b1177w1113b½4,503613,25
126Goh Wenxin Abriale1395MAS 58w0178b0208w1165b1114w½103b0106w0200b1166b14,503515,25
127Chong Rou Yi1407MAS 39w0208b1109w0212b0188w1157b1 63b0182w1108b½4,503514,75
128Sejdeh Amirsam1169IRI153w½211b½178w0116b0191w1140b½168w1147b½118w½4,5032,515,75
129Tan Jia Xuan1146MAS160b1 70w1 12w0 86b½ 51w0168b1 49w0 95b0151w½404417,00
130Jayakumar Divyasree1384MAS190b1 14w0 96b½ 92w½144b1145w1 32b0 71w0 89b04043,516,00
131Joo Rui An Ryan1496MAS 3w0174b1 86w0176b1 42w0159b1135w1 73b0 97w04043,515,00
132Foo Jing Er Claire1242MAS223w1 15b0151w1 45b½ 95w1 50b½ 52w0 64w0 96b0404315,50
133Chen Tzi Xuen1246MAS218b1 6w0117b1 43w0171b1 53w0122b1 48w0 -04042,514,50
134Chai Chang Yik1448MAS 53b0192w1 34b0191w1 63b1 22w0 83b0190w1 93b04042,514,50
135Al-Bana Husen0INA 94w1 86b1 15w0 75b0 41w0194b1131b0141w0179b14041,516,00
136Chong Kai Zhe Colin1411MAS 25b0186w1 22b½ 63w½ 61b0211w1 87b0178w1 81b04041,514,00
137Lee Yee Wey1465MAS 11b0207w1 36b0161w1 57b0190w1100b0150w1 83b0404113,50
138Muhd Muhd Zarif Aiman1391MAS 48b0205w1 61b1100w0 93b0196w1119b1 87w0 78b04040,515,50
139Loganathan Divyadarrshini1415MAS 27w0165b1 79w0159b1109w0178b1 95w½ 94b0153w½4040,515,50
140Poh Yu Tian1283MAS 31b0185w1 78b0154w1 84b0128w½142b½155b1 82w04040,514,75
141Pang Tze Yuan1347MAS 15w0199b1103w0198b1125w1 73b0 81w0135b1 91w04040,514,50
142Loh Zhang Yan Leonard1110SGP197b1166w½ 53b0 21b0112w0153b1140w½158w1 85b0404014,75
143Ong Coshinne1355MAS 28b0203w1 75b0192w1108b1 61w0 78b0197w1 84b0404013,50
144Kee Lee Er1485MAS 68w0212b1 20w0201b1130w0163b1107w1 36b0 86w0404013,00
145Zubir Lyana1331MAS 8w0157b1 94w0185b1123w1130b0115b0119w0186b14039,514,00
146Lim Kun Hoe1319MAS 13w0200b1123w0114b0208w1124b½ 89w½ 91b0182w14038,513,25
147Lim Zhi Zhun1343MAS 29b0219w1 81b0 77w0207b1160w1120b½128w½ 88b04038,512,75
148Chuah Ee Chao1321MAS 59b0160w1 65b0 57w0192b1 63w0205b1108w0178b14038,512,50
149Rosli Adam Safwan1496MAS 30w0159b1100b0215w1 59b0212w1 77b0152w1 72b0403812,00
150Thian Ren Ning1269MAS 86w0 94b0199w1 99b0198w1155b1 62w0137b0200w1403713,00

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Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable