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British Rapidplay 2016 Open

Last update 13.11.2016 18:02:58, Creator/Last Upload: Lara Barnes IA

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Final Ranking crosstable after 11 Rounds

1IMBATES Richard A2394ENG 29w½ 26b1 23w1 8b1 9w1 3b1 2w½ 14b1 6w1 4b0 11w192467
IMD`COSTA Lorin A R2384ENG 13b½ 15w½ 30b1 17w1 5b1 21w1 1b½ 3w1 9b1 6b1 4w½92471
3FMTATE Alan2384SCO 24w1 11b1 6w1 4b1 36w½ 1w0 21b1 2b0 14w1 9w½ 7b½7,52366
FMPOOBALASINGAM Peter S2276ENG 31b1 5w1 7b1 3w0 18b1 36w1 14b0 6w0 16b1 1w1 2b½7,52313
TALBOT Mark A2072ENG 39w1 4b0 34w1 6b1 2w0 20b½ 8w½ 10b1 11w1 13b½ 9w17,52233
6MACKLIN Paul2365ENG 30b1 16w1 3b0 5w0 26w1 25b1 7w1 4b1 1b0 2w0 17b172240
FMLAURIDSEN Jesper Morch2246DEN 25w1 23b½ 4w0 19b½ 39w1 17w1 6b0 36b½ 8w1 18b1 3w½72164
FMWALL Tim P2183ENG 18b1 17w½ 12b1 1w0 32b1 14w0 5b½ 20w1 7b0 23w1 16w172178
9GMARKELL Keith C2424ENG 28b1 10w1 14b½ 21w½ 1b0 31w1 36b1 16w1 2w0 3b½ 5b06,52230
FMWILEY Tom E2162ENG 41b1 9b0 24w1 18w0 31b0 44w1 33b1 5w0 39b1 21w1 13w½6,52047
FMSMITH Andrew Philip2136IRL 38b1 3w0 18b0 30w1 33b½ 32w1 12b1 29w1 5b0 14w1 1b06,52128
GRATTAGE Matthew2037ENG 34b1 21w½ 8w0 32b0 19w1 26b1 11w0 18b0 33w1 36b1 25w16,51979
BURKE Mitchell R2009ENG 2w½ 29b0 45w1 23b½ 25w0 39b1 20w½ 19b1 36w1 5w½ 10b½6,52051
14IMPRITCHETT Craig W2344SCO 45w1 27b1 9w½ 36b0 29w1 8b1 4w1 1w0 3b0 11b0 19w½62176
BURNETT Jim2176ENG 36w½ 2b½ 26w½ 20w1 17b0 43b1 16w0 24b0 27w1 25b½ 30w162008
WESTWOOD Richard D2103ENG 33b1 6b0 39w1 44w1 21b0 18w1 15b1 9b0 4w0 20w1 8b062101
MILSON Samuel A2053ENG 40w1 8b½ 19w1 2b0 15w1 7b0 29w0 23b1 25w½ 24b1 6w062129
KEELY Leo A1925ENG 8w0 40b1 11w1 10b1 4w0 16b0 24w½ 12w1 29b1 7w0 21b½62137
WILLOW Jonah B1894ENG 37b½ 22w1 17b0 7w½ 12b0 27b½ 26w1 13w0 42b1 29w1 14b½62109
TALBOT Nathan L1756ENG 23w0 25b1 27w1 15b0 24w1 5w½ 13b½ 8b0 30w1 16b0 34w162051
21SURTEES Mike J2177ENG 43w1 12b½ 29w1 9b½ 16w1 2b0 3w0 25b½ 24w½ 10b0 18w½5,52116
SHAW Peter2103ENG 32w½ 19b0 43w1 26b0 42w1 29b0 25w0 28b½ 38w1 33b1 24w½5,51921
BOZTAS Kenan2051ENG 20b1 7w½ 1b0 13w½ 44b½ 33w½ 31b1 17w0 34w1 8b0 26w½5,51957
ACKLEY Peter J E2004ENG 3b0 33w1 10b0 34w1 20b0 40w1 18b½ 15w1 21b½ 17w0 22b½5,51995
ARKELL Nicholas D1930ENG 7b0 20w0 38b1 35w1 13b1 6w0 22b1 21w½ 17b½ 15w½ 12b05,52076
BOSWELL Jacob Connor1698ENG 35b1 1w0 15b½ 22w1 6b0 12w0 19b0 37w1 32b½ 31w1 23b½5,52092
27JAYAWARNA Nugith2057ENG 44b1 14w0 20b0 33w0 41b1 19w½ 32b0 40w1 15b0 39w1 29b½51878
BAK Andrew2034ENG 9w0 43b½ 32w0 39b0 45w0 -1 41b1 22w½ 40b0 42w1 37b151916
MOREBY James2015ENG 1b½ 13w1 21b0 37w1 14b0 22w1 17b1 11b0 18w0 19b0 27w½52077
GARNETT John S1974ENG 6w0 41b1 2w0 11b0 34b½ 37w1 44b½ 32w1 20b0 40w1 15b051946
POUSADA GARCIA Daniel1949ESP 4w0 39b0 40w1 42b1 10w1 9b0 23w0 34b0 43w1 26b0 36w151929
MILLER Dominic1851ENG 22b½ 37w0 28b1 12w1 8w0 11b0 27w1 30b0 26w½ 34b0 39w151944
COCKS Elliot1833ENG 16w0 24b0 -1 27b1 11w½ 23b½ 10w0 44w1 12b0 22w0 40b151951
MODI Shyam Jagdish1606ENG 12w0 -1 5b0 24b0 30w½ 35b1 43w½ 31w1 23b0 32w1 20b051893
35COMBIE Alex B2047ENG 26w0 36b0 41w1 25b0 40b0 34w0 37b½ 38b0 44w1 43b1 42w14,51795
BANSAL Rohan1817ENG 15b½ 35w1 37b1 14w1 3b½ 4b0 9w0 7w½ 13b0 12w0 31b04,52120
37KEELEY Roger2148ENG 19w½ 32b1 36w0 29b0 43w0 30b0 35w½ 26b0 41w1 44b1 28w041793
GITTENS Nathan L1869ENG 11w0 42b0 25w0 43b0 -1 45b0 35w1 22b0 41w½ 44b141811
COWAN Richard M1804ENG 5b0 31w1 16b0 28w1 7b0 13w0 42w1 43b1 10w0 27b0 32b041943
WILTSHIR Rich1774ENG 17b0 18w0 31b0 -1 35w1 24b0 45w1 27b0 28w1 30b0 33w041835
41SHAMIM Hossain1808BAN 10w0 30w0 35b0 45b1 27w0 42b0 28w0 -1 37b0 38b½ 43w13,51833
42BOUSBOURAS Spyridon2095GRE -0 38w1 44b0 31w0 22b0 41w1 39b0 45b1 19w0 28b0 35b031778
BRAMSON Mike1913ENG 21b0 28w½ 22b0 38w1 37b1 15w0 34b½ 39w0 31b0 35w0 41b031800
HILTON Tim1798ENG 27w0 45b1 42w1 16b0 23w½ 10b0 30w½ 33b0 35b0 37w0 38w031852
45MCKERRACHER Douglas1962SCO 14b0 44w0 13b0 41w0 28b1 38w1 40b0 42w0 -0 -0 -021773
46RIDING Mick D1898ENG -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -000