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26th World Senior Chess Championship 2016 Open 50+

Last update 30.11.2016 18:48:41, Creator/Last Upload: Czech Republic licence 1

Player overview for isl

4GMDanielsen Henrik2477ISL1111010½½1184104,40Open 50+

Results of the last round for isl

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
IMBerezjuk Sergej24317 0 - 17 GMDanielsen Henrik2477

Player details for isl

GM Danielsen Henrik 2477 ISL Rp:2497 Pts. 8
185Kabyzhanov Bulat2039KAZ6s 1100,80
251FMKolesar Milan2194SVK5,5w 1101,60
331Stentebjerg-Hansen Per2262DEN5,5s 1102,30
415GMBagaturov Giorgi2410GEO9,5w 1104,10
514IMVlassov Nikolai2415RUS8s 010-5,90
619GMVokac Marek2391CZE8w 1103,80
76GMMohr Georg2461SLO8s 010-5,20
827IMPetran Peter2302SVK7,5w ½10-2,30
921IMGinsburg Mark2340USA7s ½10-1,80
1029IMKutynec Vladimir2295RUS7w 1102,60
1110IMBerezjuk Sergej2431CZE7s 1104,40