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7th Asian Seniors 65 Championships 2016

Last update 04.11.2016 09:55:13, Creator/Last Upload: Peter Long

Player overview for nzl

12CMMilligan Helen2053NZL10½1100½15157th Asian Seniors 50 Cham
1Gibbons Robert1954NZL1½110½110637th Asian Seniors 65 Cham

Results of the last round for nzl

Rd.Bo.No.NameFEDRtgPts. ResultPts. NameFEDRtgNo.
9212Aung SayMYA04 1 - 06 Gibbons RobertNZL19541
9912CMMilligan HelenNZL20534 1 - 04 Win Thein SMYA037

Player details for nzl

Gibbons Robert 1954 NZL Rp:1657 Pts. 6
110Zamahari Abang Draup1593MAS0s 1
26Thaung Tun A1836MYA5,5w ½
34Luu Duc Hai1884VIE5s 1
42Tin Mg Aye1896MYA6w 1
55IMWazeer Ahmad Khan1847IND9w 0
614Saw Kyaw Nyein0MYA6,5s ½
717Tin Aung0MYA5s 1
88Alavi Mir Mahmood1728IRI4w 1
912Aung Say0MYA5s 0
CM Milligan Helen 2053 NZL Rp:1569 Pts. 5
131Tha Zan0MYA3- 1K
21IMLodhi Mahmood2340PAK7,5s 0
325Ko Ko Gyi0MYA5,5w ½
417Limono Handjojo1848INA4s 1
511Zaw Win2079MYA3,5w 1
62FMMyo Zaw Min2286MYA5,5w 0
721Ba Kyaw0MYA4,5s 0
829Ohn Kyaw0MYA4,5s ½
937Win Thein S0MYA4w 1