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Egyptian CH. 2009 Final

Last update 16.07.2009 20:19:15, Creator/Last Upload: EGYPTIAN CHESS FEDERATION

Starting rank list of players

5GMAmin Bassem10601457EGY2551
9GMAdly Ahmed10601619EGY2548
3GMEl Gindy Essam10600140EGY2501
2IMEzat Mohamed10600906EGY2459
8IMFrhat Ali10600507EGY2397
10Sadek Sameh10602771EGY2384
7IMEl Ghazali Youssef M10600167EGY2362
1IMAbou El Zein Eid Mahmoud10600078EGY2357
6Amin Ashraf10600418EGY2357
4IMWageih Kareim10604561EGY2253