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3. Internationale Villach Open

Last update 03.03.2010 00:20:22, Creator: askö esv admira villach,Last Upload: heinz herzog

Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1IMOkhotnik Vladimir2461FRA 69w1 32b1 19w1 7b1 5w1 18b1 10w1 6b½ 2w½8,052,041,545,25
2IMBorsos Bogdan2303UKR 77w1 43b1 16w1 3b½ 4w½ 14b½ 19w1 7b1 1b½7,053,542,539,50
3FMKavcic Zan2307SLO 68b1 26w1 6b1 2w½ 10b½ 11w0 55b1 21w1 9b17,051,540,039,00
4IMMazi Leon2370SLO 74b1 22w½ 17b1 11w1 2b½ 10w0 32b1 18w1 8b17,050,039,537,75
5FMPraznik Niko2340SLO 9b½ 31w1 21b1 12w1 1b0 43w1 18b½ 11w1 6b½6,553,040,536,00
6Schiner Hartmut2184AUT 56w1 63b1 3w0 53b1 13w1 15b1 11b½ 1w½ 5w½6,551,539,534,25
7FMVolosin Vladimir2280HUN 52b1 25w1 36b1 1w0 32b1 8w½ 31b1 2w0 19b16,551,539,033,50
8FMTestor Sebastian2318AUT 66w1 35b1 14w1 18b½ 15w½ 7b½ 16w½ 10b1 4w06,052,541,533,50
9GMTratar Marko2493SLO 5w½ 45b1 34w1 20b1 18w0 35b½ 14w1 15b1 3w06,051,540,033,00
10Halvax Georg2265AUT 67w1 13b½ 57w1 27b1 3w½ 4b1 1b0 8w0 32b16,051,540,031,25
11Stephan Axel2252GER 86w1 61b1 94w1 4b0 23w1 3b1 6w½ 5b0 14w½6,051,040,031,25
12NMWiedermann Daniel2192AUT 38w1 28b1 27w½ 5b0 35w½ 45b1 23w½ 26b1 16w½6,049,538,531,75
13Bittner Rudolf Jun.2013AUT 47b1 10w½ 44b½ 41w1 6b0 17w½ 36b½ 55w+ 33w16,048,037,029,50
14Partenheimer Axel2173GER 59b1 73w1 8b0 25w1 56b1 2w½ 9b0 37w1 11b½6,047,536,529,00
15FMHiermann Dietmar2302AUT 31b½100w1 37b1 42w1 8b½ 6w0 47b1 9w0 36b16,046,536,028,50
16MKBergen Peter DI.2150AUT 55b1 95w1 2b0 28w1 46b½ 34w1 8b½ 20w½ 12b½6,046,036,528,25
17MKMuellneritsch Anton2159AUT 33w½ 80b1 4w0 57b½ 54w1 13b½ 28w½ 34b1 35w+6,046,035,029,00
18FMPraznik Anton2231SLO 64b1 48w1 41b1 8w½ 9b1 1w0 5w½ 4b0 22b½5,552,540,528,50
19Leitner Gerald DI.2188AUT 62b1 39w1 1b0 22w1 43b½ 46w1 2b0 42w1 7w05,549,037,025,25
20Hartl Daniel2253AUT 65b1 58w1 42b½ 9w0 22b1 31w0 43b1 16b½ 23w½5,545,035,026,00
21Wieneroiter Gerald Mag.2134AUT 51w1 57b½ 5w0 69b1 45w½ 58b1 35w1 3b0 28w½5,545,034,524,50
22Nolz Tom2056AUT 89w1 4b½ 33w1 19b0 20w0 70b1 56w1 23b½ 18w½5,544,534,524,50
23Wertjanz David2118AUT 76b1 41w0 77b1 63w1 11b0 68w1 12b½ 22w½ 20b½5,542,533,523,50
24Hafner Robert2111AUT -0 -0 85b1 78w1 68b0 41w½ 59b1 57w1 31b15,541,532,021,75
25Hoebarth Guenter Ing.1957AUT 71w1 7b0 86w1 14b0 57w½ 72b1 33w0 56b1 49w15,541,031,021,50
26Goeslbauer Harald2039AUT 50w1 3b0 67w½ 71b1 33w0 90b1 46b1 12w0 42b15,541,031,021,25
27Neagos Raul-Alexandru2090ROU 82b1 84w1 12b½ 10w0 31b0 39w1 34b0 69w1 43b15,540,532,021,50
28Oberbichler Robert1948AUT 96b1 12w0 79b1 16b0 70w½ 59w1 17b½ 47w1 21b½5,540,032,020,75
29Veigl Wilhelm2059AUT 41b0 76w1 55b0 95w1 38b1 47w0 67b½ 68w+ 51w15,537,530,021,75
30Napetschnig Martin1669AUT 42b0 87w1 73b1 43w0 48b0 77w1 58w½ 45b1 61w15,536,528,520,50
31Lang Josef Jun.2050AUT 15w½ 5b0 72w1 90b1 27w1 20b1 7w0 33b½ 24w05,048,038,523,00
32Rieger Robert2067AUT 83w1 1w0 59b1 70b1 7w0 67b1 4w0 38b1 10w05,047,035,519,50
33MKSereinig Eduard2160AUT 17b½ 40w1 22b0 58w½ 26b1 48w½ 25b1 31w½ 13b05,046,537,025,75
34Rozman Mitja1889SLO 91b1 44w1 9b0 36w½ 42b1 16b0 27w1 17w0 37b½5,045,037,022,50
35Ebner Johann Mag.2047AUT 81b1 8w0 78b1 55w1 12b½ 9w½ 21b0 41w1 17b-5,044,035,021,00
36Pregl Walter2115AUT 75w1 72b1 7w0 34b½ 67w½ 56b½ 13w½ 54b1 15w05,042,032,020,50
37Wiesend Bruno Dr.2090GER 80w½ 60b1 15w0 67b0 75w1 69b1 64w1 14b0 34w½5,039,530,019,50
38Tarmastin Laura1807AUT 12b0 93w1 58b½ 49b½ 29w0 79w1 73b1 32w0 60b15,037,529,517,25
39Dangl Christian1888AUT 92w1 19b0 70w0 75b½ 80w1 27b0 50w½ 76b1 55w15,037,529,019,00
40Sternig Helmut1581AUT 45w½ 33b0 69w0 76b0 91w1 87w1 65b½ 74w1 62b15,033,026,016,75
41Grasser Samuel1623AUT 29w1 23b1 18w0 13b0 53w½ 24b½ 63w1 35b0 54w½4,546,536,022,25
42Hokamp Sascha2095GER 30w1 46b1 20w½ 15b0 34w0 57b1 48w1 19b0 26w04,546,036,021,25
43Knaller Christoph2022AUT 90w1 2w0 95b1 30b1 19w½ 5b0 20w0 64b1 27w04,545,035,517,75
44Frank Dieter DI.2158AUT 70w1 34b0 13w½ -0 -0 71b1 75w1 48b+ -04,543,034,018,25
45Bartl Ulf DI.2024GER 40b½ 9w0 82b1 62w1 21b½ 12w0 51b½ 30w0 67b14,543,034,018,00
46Meskhi Maka0AUT -1 42w0 68b1 61b1 16w½ 19b0 26w0 53b½ 52w½4,543,033,020,50
47Veigl Thomas1578AUT 13w0 77b0 92w1 74w1 63b1 29b1 15w0 28b0 53w½4,540,031,017,75
48Frey Armin1947AUT 97w1 18b0 56w0 60b1 30w1 33b½ 42b0 44w- 70w14,539,531,518,00
49Turian Hans2076AUT 95b0 51w1 62b½ 38w½ 77b1 55w0 68b½ 67w1 25b04,537,029,017,75
50Kliegl Severin1596AUT 26b0 52w½ 74b½ 77w0 82b1 65w½ 39b½ 73w½ 69b14,536,027,517,00
51Taupe Richard1722AUT 21b0 49b0 88w½ 82w½ 96b1 61b1 45w½ 58w1 29b04,535,528,015,25
52Reder Lisa1822AUT 7w0 50b½ 83w½ 97b½ 71w½ 60b0 81w1 72w1 46b½4,535,026,015,50
53Schaberg Wolfgang1957ITA 79b0 75w1 98b1 6w0 41b½ 64w0 70b1 46w½ 47b½4,534,527,014,50
54Pajcin Jovan1883NED 84b0 78w0 96b1 81w1 17b0 95w1 60b1 36w0 41b½4,532,024,513,75
55Kisseloev Alexander1724AUT 16w0 92b1 29w1 35b0 61w1 49b1 3w0 13b- 39b04,044,534,516,50
56Van Den Berg Mark1779NED 6b0 91w1 48b1 94b1 14w0 36w½ 22b0 25w0 57b½4,044,035,516,00
57Bresch Manfred1886AUT 99b1 21w½ 10b0 17w½ 25b½ 42w0 78b1 24b0 56w½4,043,534,016,25
58Filzmaier Bruno Doz.1955AUT 88w1 20b0 38w½ 33b½ 86w1 21w0 30b½ 51b0 64w½4,042,033,516,75
59Tscheinig Sandro1762AUT 14w0 97b1 32w0 72b½ 66w1 28b0 24w0 83b½ 81w14,039,530,513,00
60Zauchner Markus1578AUT100b½ 37w0 65b1 48w0 73b½ 52w1 54w0 77b1 38w04,039,031,015,50
61Castellano Alfonso1960ITA 85b1 11w0 81b1 46w0 55b0 51w0 82b1 65w1 30b04,038,029,013,50
62Guetz Andreas1803AUT 19w0 88b1 49w½ 45b0 72w0 97b½ 71w1 63b1 40w04,036,028,014,00
63Grasser Peter1912AUT 93b1 6w0 84b1 23b0 47w0 76w1 41b0 62w0 78b14,036,027,511,00
64Jaeger Manfred1811AUT 18w0 71b½ 90w0 88b1 97w1 53b1 37b0 43w0 58b½4,035,527,513,75
65Fragni Enrico1816ITA 20w0 90b½ 60w0 84w½ 85b1 50b½ 40w½ 61b0 89w14,035,027,014,00
66Zefi Xhon1845ALB 8b0 81w0 93b1 79w0 59b0 96w½ 87b½ 90w1 88b14,029,021,010,50
67Maier Josef1817AUT 10b0 85w1 26b½ 37w1 36b½ 32w0 29w½ 49b0 45w03,544,034,516,25
68Scharler Walter1843AUT 3w0 89b1 46w0 83b1 24w1 23b0 49w½ 29b- -03,543,033,015,25
69WMKBauer Marie-Christine1872AUT 1b0 82w½ 40b1 21w0 79b1 37w0 90b1 27b0 50w03,542,531,512,50
70Huemer Gerald1724AUT 44b0 99w1 39b1 32w0 28b½ 22w0 53w0 84b1 48b03,541,533,513,25
71Egger Fritz1561AUT 25b0 64w½ 87b1 26w0 52b½ 44w0 62b0 82w1 80b½3,539,030,512,25
72Ravnjak Marco1454AUT 87b1 36w0 31b0 59w½ 62b1 25w0 86w½ 52b0 76w½3,538,530,012,75
73Ressmann Walter1885AUT 98w1 14b0 30w0 80b½ 60w½ 81b1 38w0 50b½ -03,537,030,010,25
74Orsario Wolfgang1855AUT 4w0 83b½ 50w½ 47b0 81w0 85b1 95w1 40b0 75w½3,537,027,511,75
75Halvax Alexander1708AUT 36b0 53b0 91w1 39w½ 37b0 84w1 44b0 78w½ 74b½3,536,028,510,25
76Jakob Tobias1719AUT 23w0 29b0 97w0 40w1 98b1 63b0 79w1 39w0 72b½3,534,528,010,75
77Saringer Hubert1836AUT 2b0 47w1 23w0 50b1 49w0 30b0 83w½ 60w0 79b½3,042,032,012,25
78Jonach Reinhard1676AUT 94w0 54b1 35w0 24b0 83w1 86b½ 57w0 75b½ 63w03,040,030,011,75
79Guzikowski Pawel1520POL 53w1 94b0 28w0 66b1 69w0 38b0 76b0 87w½ 77w½3,036,528,011,50
80D Incecco Stefano Dr.1649ITA 37b½ 17w0100b½ 73w½ 39b0 -0 -0 98w1 71w½3,036,029,59,25
81Taupe Andreas1612AUT 35w0 66b1 61w0 54b0 74b1 73w0 52b0 96w1 59b03,036,028,59,50
82Bauer Valentina1666AUT 27w0 69b½ 45w0 51b½ 50w0 93b1 61w0 71b0 96w13,034,026,58,00
83Zeber Karl1632AUT 32b0 74w½ 52b½ 68w0 78b0 92w1 77b½ 59w½ -03,034,026,010,50
84Bricori Bekim0AUT 54w1 27b0 63w0 65b½ 90w0 75b0 85w+ 70w0 87b½3,033,525,511,50
85Spanz Robert1564AUT 61w0 67b0 24w0 92b1 65w0 74w0 84b- 99b1 97b13,033,524,58,50
86Grabner Josef1815AUT 11b0 96w1 25b0 98w1 58b0 78w½ 72b½ -0 -03,033,026,06,25
87Hasberger Walter1898AUT 72w0 30b0 71w0 91b½ 88w1 40b0 66w½ 79b½ 84w½3,032,024,58,75
88Tarmastin Luca1516AUT 58b0 62w0 51b½ 64w0 87b0 98w1 96b½ 95b1 66w03,029,023,56,75
89Görög Dorin1612AUT 22b0 68w0 99b0 96w0 92b0 91b1 93w1 97w1 65b03,028,521,06,50
90Frieser Gerhard1580AUT 43b0 65w½ 64b1 31w0 84b1 26w0 69w0 66b0 -02,536,028,08,50
91Faullant Cindy1400AUT 34w0 56b0 75b0 87w½ 40b0 89w0 92b½ 93w½ -12,530,523,58,50
92Tarmastin Denise1348AUT 39b0 55w0 47b0 85w0 89w1 83b0 91w½ -0 98b12,530,024,05,00
93Pirkowitsch Franz1464AUT 63w0 38b0 66w0 -1 95b0 82w0 89b0 91b½ 99w12,528,521,58,50
94Zivanovic Vladimir2108SCG 78b1 79w1 11b0 56w0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -02,038,529,56,00
95Kuss Erich1645AUT 49w1 16b0 43w0 29b0 93w1 54b0 74b0 88w0 -02,035,527,56,50
96Sottovia Seppi1501AUT 28w0 86b0 54w0 89b1 51w0 66b½ 88w½ 81b0 82b02,034,526,06,50
97Leiler Ferdinand1497AUT 48b0 59w0 76b1 52w½ 64b0 62w½ -0 89b0 85w02,034,026,57,75
98Hoeffernig Leon1261AUT 73b0 -1 53w0 86b0 76w0 88b0 99w½ 80b0 92w01,530,024,56,00
99Conrad Felix1342AUT 57w0 70b0 89w1 -0 -0 -0 98b½ 85w0 93b01,526,021,03,50
100Bauer Manfred Mag.1991AUT 60w½ 15b0 80w½ -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -01,038,028,04,00

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Sonneborn-Berger Tie-Break (with modified points, analogous to Buchholz Tie-Break)

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