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ACC August Swiss U1900

Last update 13.09.2016 05:34:11, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 23)

Starting rank

1Amirirad KamranCAN1785ON
2Ugodnikov Arkadiy2615940CAN1722ON
3Nadj PalCAN1690ON
4Hanratty BrianCAN1680ON
5Diemer UlliCAN1638ON
6Vigneswaramoorthy VinorthCAN1631ON
7Ab-Barin Hooshang2618281CAN1605ON
8Armstrong Robert J.2605791CAN1586ON
9Giffen GlennCAN1557ON
10Chen Harry (siqi)CAN1507ON
11Gelowitz Mark A.CAN1502ON
12Abbarin Shabnam2617854CAN1491ON
13Belcadi SalimCAN1423ON
14Allen JoshuaCAN1421ON
15Ramesh BharathCAN1399ON
16Jevtic DraganCAN1395ON
17Goldfarb AdamCAN1384ON
18David Jean-MarcCAN1373ON
19Patton Mark A.CAN1335ON
20Zhang Henry XianruiCAN1315ON
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