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Cupa Independentii 2016

Last update 08.08.2016 13:15:01, Creator/Last Upload: CHESS FEDERATION OF MOLDOVA

Starting rank list of players

3FMMatviishen Viktor14129850UKR2405
2FMMorozov Nichita13900897MDA2398
1FMMacovei Andrei13904680MDA2382
10IMVusatiuk Vladimir14118610UKR2382
6IMItkis Boris1209167ROU2380
5FMCerbulenco Liviu13904906MDA2287
9Abramciuc Marius13900609MDA2254
4Ianocichin Victor13901079MDA2211
7IMRomcovici Victor13900560MDA2142
8Kyrychenko Mykola14137127UKR2092