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The 17th Anatoly Karpov's Chess Tournament

Last update 01.08.2016 16:15:56, Creator/Last Upload: Kovaleva, Galina (RUS)

Starting rank list of players

6GMAndreikin Dmitry4158814RUS2733
9GMWojtaszek Radoslaw1118358POL2733
7GMJakovenko Dmitry4122356RUS2712
3GMMatlakov Maxim4168003RUS2684
4GMSmirin Ilia2801990ISR2676
8GMKovalenko Igor14117908LAT2667
10GMMotylev Alexander4121830RUS2660
2GMKorobov Anton14105730UKR2656
1GMBologan Victor13900048MDA2654
5GMSutovsky Emil2802007ISR2622