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2016 British Chess Championships Under 12

Last update 30.07.2016 14:13:52, Creator/Last Upload: englishchessfederation

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Final Ranking crosstable after 7 Rounds

Rk. NameRtg1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.RdPts.
Munshi Aditya1838 19w1 15b1 2w0 23b1 5w1 3b1 4w16
Ratnesan Ranesh1717 20b1 16w1 1b1 3b½ 4w½ 7w1 5b16
Verma Aditya1908 18b1 17w1 7b1 2w½ 11b1 1w0 12b15,5
Rushbrooke Remy1586 22b½ 27w1 9b1 6w1 2b½ 11w1 1b05
Guha Chirag1739 24b1 14w1 11b½ 22w1 1b0 6w1 2w04,5
Onslow Teddy1720 31w1 23b1 8w½ 4b0 21w1 5b0 19w14,5
Rathbone-Jones Ifan1673 32w1 25b1 3w0 15b1 19w1 2b0 8w½4,5
Akeya-Price Robert A1669 33b1 30w1 6b½ 11w0 22b1 12w½ 7b½4,5
Hosdurga Chirag1667 15w0 31b1 4w0 35b1 16w1 19b½ 21w14,5
Gray Edward1615 16b0 22w0 32b½ 33w1 20b1 29w1 14b½4
Woltery Nicolai1593 21w1 28b1 5w½ 8b1 3w0 4b0 15w½4
Sanger Jake M1550 23w0 32b1 16w½ 25b1 31w1 8b½ 3w04
Doherty Bobby1517 30b0 20w0 24b0 -1 34w1 26b1 25w14
Metcalfe Charlie P1511 26w1 5b0 21w½ 18b½ 23w1 15b½ 10w½4
Rahulan Thivyaa1378 9b1 1w0 27b1 7w0 17b1 14w½ 11b½4
Easwar Dhruv1357 10w1 2b0 12b½ 17w½ 9b0 24w1 27b14
Barlov Alex1547 35b+ 3b0 25w½ 16b½ 15w0 23b½ 33w13,5
Fraser Susanna1502 3w0 26b1 23w0 14w½ 30b0 35b1 29w13,5
Ramaiya Arushi1500 1b0 33w1 30b1 20w1 7b0 9w½ 6b03,5
Wong Cheuk Nam1432 2w0 13b1 35w1 19b0 10w0 31b1 22w½3,5
Sawhney Anisha1301 11b0 29w1 14b½ 24w1 6b0 30w1 9b03,5
Bains-Gillespie Jake1295 4w½ 10b1 28w1 5b0 8w0 25b½ 20b½3,5
Shenbagakumar Gautham1176 12b1 6w0 18b1 1w0 14b0 17w½ 30b13,5
Desai Nilomi1489 5w0 34b½ 13w1 21b0 26w½ 16b0 31w13
Vyas Param1330 29b1 7w0 17b½ 12w0 32b1 22w½ 13b03
Hegde Aditya0 14b0 18w0 -1 29w½ 24b½ 13w0 34b13
Southey Ciaran0 34w1 4b0 15w0 31b0 35w1 28b1 16w03
Balouka Myers Toby1575 -1 11w0 22b0 30w½ 29b0 27w0 35b12,5
Howlett Danny T1525 25w0 21b0 34w1 26b½ 28w1 10b0 18b02,5
Dharmasena Gavith0 13w1 8b0 19w0 28b½ 18w1 21b0 23w02,5
Currah Giovanni1457 6b0 9w0 33b1 27w1 12b0 20w0 24b02
Ratnesan Rajeiv1418 7b0 12w0 10w½ 34b½ 25w0 33b0 -12
Lo Matthew1390 8w0 19b0 31w0 10b0 -1 32w1 17b02
Balouka-Myers Raphael1321 27b0 24w½ 29b0 32w½ 13b0 -1 26w02
Baweja Adiveer962 17w- -1 20b0 9w0 27b0 18w0 28w01