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II Torneig Escolar Vila de Binissalem

Last update 18.06.2016 18:58:36, Creator/Last Upload: Spanish Chess Federation (Licence 158)

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Starting rank

1Boris Juan JaimeESP0
2Company JaumeESP0
3Ferrer LLucESP0
4Gonzalez AriadnaESP0
5Liebana XiscoESP0
6Loredo MiguelESP0
7Macias MateuESP0
8Mari AinaESP0
9Miguel Garau JoanESP0
10Nadal Gil JoanESP0
11Real Joan AndreuESP0
12Sanchez MarcESP0
13Vazquez IñaquiESP0
14Vazquez XaviESP0
15Vidal RicardoESP0