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4th International Children's Chess Festival "Nana Aleksandria Cup-2009" U16G

Last update 18.07.2009 16:29:21, Creator/Last Upload: georgian chess federation

Starting rank

1WFMArabidze MeriGEO2217
2Ugulava LelaGEO2023
3Anakidze NinoGEO1993
4Shamatava AnaGEO1844
5Parjiani TeklaGEO1828
6Madoian IolandaGEO1758
7Mardaleishvili AnaGEO1757
8Chakvetadze DeaGEO1688
9Chachia MariamGEO0
10Chachia MegiGEO0
11Kokhreidze TatiaGEO0
12Qipshidze MadonaGEO0
13Tedoshvili AnaGEO0
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