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Panamericano Sub-20 Femenino COLOMBIA 2016

Last update 26.06.2016 21:06:09, Creator/Last Upload: FECODAZ

Player overview for arg

7IMAcosta Pablo Ismael2380ARG1011½½01051920-34,00U20 Abs
7WIMBrizzi Milagros Tatiana1990ARG1½1011½01652035,40U20 Fem

Results of the last round for arg

Rd.Bo.No. NameTypGrFEDRtgPts. ResultPts. NameTypGrFEDRtg No.
FMSantiago Vilca Christian AmilU16PER22695 1 - 05 IMAcosta Pablo IsmaelU18ARG2380
WIMBrizzi Milagros TatianaU20ARG19905 1 - 0 WFMArgote Heredia ValentinaU16COL2039

Player details for arg

IM Acosta Pablo Ismael 2380 ARG Rp:2222 Pts. 5
135Olarte Parra Jhoan Sebastian2001COL4w 10,910,09201,80
222Cofre Archibold Nestor2215MEX5s 00,72-0,7220-14,40
331Rosero Jefferson2090COL4w 10,840,16203,20
418FMHusbands Orlando2233BAR6s 10,700,30206,00
520FMJimenez Garcia Emmanuel2218CRC6w ½0,71-0,2120-4,20
624FMNieto Rodriguez Alejandro2203DOM4,5s ½0,73-0,2320-4,60
712IMCampos Jimenez Augusto Cesar2337CUB5,5w 00,56-0,5620-11,20
833FMPosada Juan Manuel2041COL4,5w 10,880,12202,40
915FMSantiago Vilca Christian Amil2269PER6s 00,65-0,6520-13,00
WIM Brizzi Milagros Tatiana 1990 ARG Rp:2138 Pts. 6
118WCMCespedes Galindo Estefania1713COL4w 10,830,17203,40
22WFMRoca Rojas Ana Flavia2177CUB6s ½0,260,24204,80
38Loaiza Yurani1962COL5,5w 10,540,46209,20
45WIMMonroy G. Nataly A.1999BOL6,5s 00,49-0,4920-9,80
512Velez Alvarez Laura Camila1876COL4w 10,660,34206,80
61WIMEswaran Ashritha2261USA6w 10,170,832016,60
73WIMFuentes Godoy Lilia Ivonne2094MEX7s ½0,360,14202,80
86WFMSalcedo Jackeline1995COL5s 00,49-0,4920-9,80
94WFMArgote Heredia Valentina2039COL5,5w 10,430,572011,40