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Panamericano Sub-20 Absoluto COLOMBIA 2016

Last update 26.06.2016 21:00:01, Creator/Last Upload: FECODAZ

Player overview for par

3IMVasquez Guillermo2401PAR111½001015,51100,00U20 Abs
32Heinechen Juan2080PAR1100010104324053,20U20 Abs

Results of the last round for par

Rd.Bo.No. NameTypGrFEDRtgPts. ResultPts. NameTypGrFEDRtg No.
IMVasquez GuillermoPAR2401 1 - 05 Rengifo Blancas Renzo JhonathU16PER2140
Squella Lavin Carlos FelipeU20CHI22214 1 - 04 Heinechen JuanU16PAR2080

Player details for par

IM Vasquez Guillermo 2401 PAR Rp:2349 Pts. 5,5
131Rosero Jefferson2090COL4w 10,860,1400,00
218FMHusbands Orlando2233BAR6s 10,720,2800,00
316IMBlandon Luis Guillermo2260COL5,5w 10,690,3100,00
42FMAlbornoz Cabrera Carlos Danie2471CUB6s ½0,400,1000,00
511IMCori Quispe Kevin Joel2353PER8w 00,57-0,5700,00
68IMViswanadha Kesav2377USA6s 00,53-0,5300,00
722Cofre Archibold Nestor2215MEX5w 10,740,2600,00
814IMBarros Rivadeneira Cristhian2283ECU5,5s 00,66-0,6600,00
927Rengifo Blancas Renzo Jhonath2140PER5w 10,820,1800,00
Heinechen Juan 2080 PAR Rp:2199 Pts. 4
14IMRuiz Castillo Joshua Daniel2399COL4w 10,130,874034,80
214IMBarros Rivadeneira Cristhian2283ECU5,5s 10,240,764030,40
38IMViswanadha Kesav2377USA6w 00,15-0,1540-6,00
416IMBlandon Luis Guillermo2260COL5,5s 00,26-0,2640-10,40
512IMCampos Jimenez Augusto Cesar2337CUB5,5w 00,18-0,1840-7,20
641Suarez Ohiggins Luis1936CHI4s 10,690,314012,40
723Tapia Alexei2204PAN5s 00,33-0,3340-13,20
826Filipps Yamil2164BOL4w 10,380,624024,80
919Squella Lavin Carlos Felipe2221CHI5s 00,31-0,3140-12,40