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8th Asian Continental/Individual (Open)

Last update 25.05.2009 18:18:57, Creator: Philippines Chess Federation,Last Upload: IA Abdulrahim Mahdi

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Final Ranking crosstable after 11 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.Rd10.Rd11.RdPts. TB1  TB2 
1GMGanguly Surya Shekhar2625IND 56w1 42b1 18w½ 41b½ 45w1 28b½ 5w1 9b½ 2w½ 6w1 8b½825462554
2GMZhou Weiqi2563CHN 36w½ 52b½ 26w1 42b½ 53w1 27b½ 41w1 28b1 1b½ 9w1 6b½825052515
3Yu Yangyi2433CHN 14w½ 37b½ 48w1 45b0 22w1 46b1 4w½ 21w½ 39b1 10w1 11b½7,525752582
4GMYu Shaoteng2504CHN 78b1 21b1 5w0 51w1 10b½ 7w½ 3b½ 17w1 11b½ 24w1 9b½7,525702585
5GMLe Quang Liem2591VIE 38b1 30w½ 4b1 59w1 9b½ 24w1 1b0 23w½ 6b0 25w1 21b17,525452551
6GMAntonio Rogelio Jr2518PHI 57w½ 26b½ 36w1 53b½ 73w1 12b1 28w½ 14b1 5w1 1b0 2w½7,525292544
7GMHou Yifan2590CHN 19w0 60b1 44w1 33b1 41w½ 4b½ 27w1 18b1 9w½ 21w½ 13b½7,525252535
8GMZhou Jianchao2635CHN 23w½ 44b½ 53w0 68b½ 67w1 42b1 48w½ 33b1 27w1 18b1 1w½7,524992506
9GMSandipan Chanda2558IND 60w1 19b1 28w1 12b½ 5w½ 10b1 18w½ 1w½ 7b½ 2b0 4w½725772587
10GMSasikiran Krishnan2682IND 53w1 34b1 15w½ 18b½ 4w½ 9w0 61b½ 46b1 23w1 3b0 22w1725282536
11GMKunte Abhijit2513IND 76w½ 75b½ 66w1 73b½ 21w½ 52b½ 16w1 13b1 4w½ 14b½ 3w½725102526
12GMGupta Abhijeet2570IND 63b1 50w1 59b½ 9w½ 29b½ 6w0 30b1 20w½ 24b0 32w1 23b1725082514
13GMNegi Parimarjan2592IND 44w½ 23b½ 19w1 29w½ 34b½ 45b½ 52w1 11w0 30b1 26b1 7w½724942502
14GMNguyen Ngoc Truong Son2588VIE 3b½ 51w0 58b1 23w½ 63b1 25w1 24b1 6w0 20b½ 11w½ 28b1724902497
15GMLi Shilong2557CHN 58b1 55w1 10b½ 24w0 30b0 31w1 40b0 43w½ 56w1 41b1 27w1724892498
16GMKazhgaleyev Murtas2626KAZ 55b0 58w½ 67b½ 66w1 51b½ 53w1 11b0 32w1 29b½ 47w1 24b1724742481
17GMFilippov Anton2584UZB 31w½ 83w½ 78b½ 54b1 42w1 41b½ 26w½ 4b0 45w1 23b½ 33w1724712479
18GMDao Thien Hai2546VIE 65b1 43w1 1b½ 10w½ 24b½ 29w1 9b½ 7w0 40b1 8w0 19w½6,525532569
19Wan Yunguo2434CHN 7b1 9w0 13b0 71w½ 78b½ 74w1 59b½ 37b½ 46w1 34w1 18b½6,525362556
20IMAl Sayed Moh Mad N2496QAT 72w0 69b1 75w1 22b1 28w0 59w1 21b½ 12b½ 14w½ 33b0 45w16,525352551
21GMSo Wesley2641PHI 32b1 4w0 40b1 25w½ 11b½ 30w1 20w½ 3b½ 28w1 7b½ 5w06,525202527
22GMTorre Eugenio2561PHI 40b½ 67w1 51b½ 20w0 3b0 57b1 44w1 34w1 25b½ 35w1 10b06,525012511
23Ding Liren2458CHN 8b½ 13w½ 37w½ 14b½ 68w1 83b1 49w1 5b½ 10b0 17w½ 12w0625962604
24GMRahman Ziaur2523BAN 66w1 72b½ 27w1 15b1 18w½ 5b0 14w0 41b1 12w1 4b0 16w0625492558
25GMIuldachev Saidali2497UZB 83w½ 31w1 74b½ 21b½ 46w½ 14b0 68w1 49b1 22w½ 5b0 37w½625482569
26GMMurshed Niaz2407BAN 61b½ 6w½ 2b0 85w1 50b1 34w1 17b½ 39w½ 35b½ 13w0 30b½625482554
27IMToufighi Homayoon2478IRI 70b½ 77w1 24b0 43w1 35b1 2w½ 7b0 61w1 8b0 39w1 15b0625472567
28GMMoradiabadi Elshan2526IRI 62b1 85w1 9b0 47w1 20b1 1w½ 6b½ 2w0 21b0 40w1 14w0625432559
29GMTu Hoang Thong2506VIE 75w½ 76b1 72w1 13b½ 12w½ 18b0 35b½ 40w½ 16w½ 37b0 54w1625252543
30Gao Rui2500CHN 79w1 5b½ 73w½ 52b½ 15w1 21b0 12w0 69b1 13w0 53b1 26w½625182532
31Pak Evgeniy2328KAZ 17b½ 25b0 -1 50w½ 33w½ 15b0 65w1 45b0 69w1 48b1 35w½625122524
32Gundavaa Bayarsaikhan2461MGL 21w0 66b0 69w½ 81b½ 80w1 72b1 83w1 16b0 49w1 12b0 64w1625042523
33GMDeepan Chakkravarthy J2482IND 77b½ 71w½ 80b1 7w0 31b½ 51w½ 55b1 8w0 63b1 20w1 17b0624802497
34GMLaylo Darwin2509PHI 82b1 10w0 43b½ 74w1 13w½ 26b0 54w1 22b0 52w1 19b0 57w1624772488
35GMAl-Modiahki Mohamad2585QAT 52w½ 36b½ 54w½ 76b1 27w0 56b1 29w½ 48b1 26w½ 22b0 31b½624642472
36CMNguyen Van Huy2423VIE 2b½ 35w½ 6b0 70w1 47b0 82w0 71b1 51w0 81b1 75w1 61b1624632483
37GMGhaem Maghami Ehsan2593IRI 51b½ 3w½ 23b½ 55w0 43b1 40w0 82b1 19w½ 42b½ 29w1 25b½624582463
38GMWang Rui2434CHN 5w0 79b½ 81w1 83b0 57w0 76b1 73w½ 74b½ 75b½ 66w1 59b1624362446
39GMMegaranto Susanto2553INA 54w0 65b1 52w0 57b½ 72w1 79b1 45w1 26b½ 3w0 27b0 56w1624342440
40Xiu Deshun2422CHN 22w½ 49b1 21w0 46b0 76w1 37b1 15w1 29b½ 18w0 28b0 41w½5,525542560
41IMBitoon Richard2479PHI 71b½ 70w1 61b1 1w½ 7b½ 17w½ 2b0 24w0 43b1 15w0 40b½5,525322549
42IMHarika Dronavalli2474IND 84b1 1w0 85b1 2w½ 17b0 8w0 70b½ 58w1 37w½ 56b½ 49w½5,525212550
43FMBatchuluun Tsegmed2391MGL 46w1 18b0 34w½ 27b0 37w0 64w1 50b1 15b½ 41w0 52b1 44w½5,525152521
44FMVidit Santosh Gujrathi2441IND 13b½ 8w½ 7b0 77w½ 74b½ 62w1 22b0 82w1 61b½ 59w½ 43b½5,525132530
45GMMahjoob Morteza2498IRI 80b½ 74w½ 71b1 3w1 1b0 13w½ 39b0 31w1 17b0 51w1 20b05,524952514
46GMBui Vinh2522VIE 43b0 62w1 55b½ 40w1 25b½ 3w0 51b1 10w0 19b0 58w1 47b½5,524742481
47IMNolte Rolando2479PHI 73w½ 68b½ 84w1 28b0 36w1 49b0 69w½ 52b½ 60w1 16b0 46w½5,524682486
48GMNguyen Anh Dung2518VIE 74b½ 80w½ 3b0 78w½ 77b1 55w1 8b½ 35w0 51b½ 31w0 69b15,524502462
49GMHossain Enamul2531BAN 67b½ 40w0 77b½ 82w1 62b1 47w1 23b0 25w0 32b0 60w1 42b½5,524472453
50GMVillamayor Buenaventura2474PHI 81w1 12b0 68w½ 31b½ 26w0 66b½ 43w0 72b1 57w½ 70b½ 67w15,523962405
51IMIrwanto Sadikin2447INA 37w½ 14b1 22w½ 4b0 16w½ 33b½ 46w0 36b1 48w½ 45b0 53w½525442551
52IMDimakiling Oliver2426PHI 35b½ 2w½ 39b1 30w½ 59b½ 11w½ 13b0 47w½ 34b0 43w0 75b1525372544
53GMGonzales Jayson2465PHI 10b0 82w1 8b1 6w½ 2b0 16b0 66w½ 54b½ 74w1 30w0 51b½525322548
54IMAshwin Jayaram2413IND 39b1 59w0 35b½ 17w0 71b½ 78w1 34b0 53w½ 79b1 61w½ 29b0525142534
55IMSadorra Julio Catalino2451PHI 16w1 15b0 46w½ 37b1 83w½ 48b0 33w0 66b0 68w½ 74b½ 76w1525112528
56IMNguyen Thanh Son2448VIE 1b0 78w½ 70b½ 80w1 61b½ 35w0 79b1 59w1 15b0 42w½ 39b0525082528
57FMWahono Awam2391INA 6b½ 61w0 83b½ 39w½ 38b1 22w0 58b½ 70w½ 50b½ 63w1 34b0525032513
58Zhang Ziyang2419CHN 15w0 16b½ 14w0 60b1 79w0 75b1 57w½ 42b0 73w1 46b0 78b1524782493
59GMGomez John Paul2538PHI 69w1 54b1 12w½ 5b0 52w½ 20b0 19w½ 56b0 66w1 44b½ 38w0524732480
60Garma Edgardo2421PHI 9b0 7w0 62b0 58w0 -1 84b1 80w1 83b+ 47b0 49b0 74w+524702485
61GMParagua Mark2529PHI 26w½ 57b1 41w0 72b½ 56w½ 73b1 10w½ 27b0 44w½ 54b½ 36w0524622471
62IMAkshayraj Kore2404IND 28w0 46b0 60w1 84b1 49w0 44b0 72w½ 68b1 70w½ 64b0 77w1524372451
63IMMas Hafizulhelmi2425MAS 12w0 81b½ 79w½ 75b1 14w0 68b0 78w1 73b1 33w0 57b0 70w1524142429
64GMKim Alexey2481KOR 68w½ 73b0 76w0 69b½ 75w½ 43b0 67w½ 84b1 80b1 62w1 32b0523882396
65Yang Kaiqi2413CHN 18w0 39w0 82b0 -1 70b½ 77w1 31b0 75w0 72b1 71w½ 81b1523842395
66Wang Li2401CHN 24b0 32w1 11b0 16b0 81w1 50w½ 53b½ 55w1 59b0 38b0 71w½4,524982506
67Lou Yiping2410CHN 49w½ 22b0 16w½ 79b½ 8b0 70w0 64b½ 77w1 71b½ 68w1 50b04,524812501
68IMHassan Abdullah2322UAE 64b½ 47w½ 50b½ 8w½ 23b0 63w1 25b0 62w0 55b½ 67b0 85w14,524792488
69FMPriyadharshan K2411IND 59b0 20w0 32b½ 64w½ 85b1 71w1 47b½ 30w0 31b0 79w1 48w04,524622479
70Garcia Jan Emmanuel2292PHI 27w½ 41b0 56w½ 36b0 65w½ 67b1 42w½ 57b½ 62b½ 50w½ 63b04,524472452
71Yu Lie2307CHN 41w½ 33b½ 45w0 19b½ 54w½ 69b0 36w0 78b1 67w½ 65b½ 66b½4,524402444
72FMNovita Anjas2345INA 20b1 24w½ 29b0 61w½ 39b0 32w0 62b½ 50w0 65w0 -1 79b½424842494
73FMAlhuwar Jasem2293UAE 47b½ 64w1 30b½ 11w½ 6b0 61w0 38b½ 63w0 58b0 78w0 -1424782485
74FMAbu Sufian Shakil2378BAN 48w½ 45b½ 25w½ 34b0 44w½ 19b0 81b1 38w½ 53b0 55w½ 60b-424722477
75Causo Deniel2367PHI 29b½ 11w½ 20b0 63w0 64b½ 58w0 -1 65b1 38w½ 36b0 52w0424582463
76FMHoang Canh Huan2378VIE 11b½ 29w0 64b1 35w0 40b0 38w0 77b½ 79w0 85w1 80b1 55b0424552469
77Jia Haoxiang2344CHN 33w½ 27b0 49w½ 44b½ 48w0 65b0 76w½ 67b0 84w1 85b1 62b0424512460
78Pascua Haridas2359PHI 4w0 56b½ 17w½ 48b½ 19w½ 54b0 63b0 71w0 -1 73b1 58w0424502468
79IMBancod Ronald2356PHI 30b0 38w½ 63b½ 67w½ 58b1 39w0 56w0 76b1 54w0 69b0 72w½424462450
80Olay Edgar Reggie2348PHI 45w½ 48b½ 33w0 56b0 32b0 85w1 60b0 -1 64w0 76w0 84b1424232461
81CMNguyen Hoang Nam2281VIE 50b0 63w½ 38b0 32w½ 66b0 -1 74w0 85b1 36w0 84b1 65w0423922426
82Elorta David2372PHI 34w0 53b0 65w1 49b0 84w1 36b1 37w0 44b0 -0 -0 -0324942508
83IMKhamrakulov Dzhurabek2524UZB 25b½ 17b½ 57w½ 38w1 55b½ 23w0 32b0 60w- -0 -0 -0324812490
84Chua Aaron2116MAS 42w0 -1 47b0 62w0 82b0 60w0 85b1 64w0 77b0 81w0 80w0224002415
85Celis Solomon B Iii2007MAC -1 28b0 42w0 26b0 69w0 80b0 84w0 81w0 76b0 77w0 68b0123882401
86GMDzhumaev Marat2552UZB -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0000

Tie Break1: rating average of the opponents (variabel with parameters)
Tie Break2: rating average of the opponents (variabel with parameters)