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8th Asian Continental Individual (Women)

Last update 23.05.2009 14:07:00, Creator: Philippines Chess Federation,Last Upload: IA Abdulrahim Mahdi

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Final Ranking crosstable after 11 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.Rd10.Rd11.RdPts. TB1  TB2 
1WIMZhang Xiaowen2340CHN 34b½ 28w1 25b1 12w1 7b1 6b½ 3w½ 9w1 21b1 4w½ 13b1923492363
2WGMHuang Qian2410CHN 22w½ 9b0 40w1 14b1 29w½ 10b½ 39w1 11b1 6w½ 15b1 7b1823132332
3WFMDing Yixin2281CHN 32b1 8w1 12b0 31b1 17w1 21w1 1b½ 6b½ 16w½ 7w0 9b17,523822389
4WGMMeenakshi Subbaraman2303IND 44w1 10b0 19w1 9b0 22w1 8w½ 28b½ 23b1 27w1 1b½ 6w17,522852309
5WGMZhang Jilin2335CHN 35b1 26w1 6w0 15b1 9w0 29b1 10w½ 17b½ 13w½ 21w1 12b½723472361
6Ju Wenjun2454CHN 20b1 13w1 5b1 7w1 21b½ 1w½ 9b½ 3w½ 2b½ 8w½ 4b0723472355
7WGMMunguntuul Batkhuyag2440MGL 19w1 11b1 9w1 6b0 1w0 13b1 21w½ 8b½ 28w1 3b1 2w0723372350
8WGMKaravade Eesha2359IND 30w1 3b0 27w½ 18b½ 37w1 4b½ 15w1 7w½ 9b½ 6b½ 16w1723162329
9WGMHoang Thi Bao Tram2239VIE 45b1 2w1 7b0 4w1 5b1 16w½ 6w½ 1b0 8w½ 14b1 3w06,523622372
10IMTania Sachdev2423IND 37b1 4w1 21b0 39w1 27b½ 2w½ 5b½ 16w0 12b½ 18w1 11b½6,523452351
11WGMSukandar Irine Kharisma2300INA 38b1 7w0 30b½ 34w1 12b1 27w½ 16b½ 2w0 18b½ 28w1 10w½6,523242347
12GMZhu Chen2491QAT 14w1 17b½ 3w1 1b0 11w0 24b1 27w1 21b0 10w½ 22b1 5w½6,523192330
13WGMNguyen Thi Thanh An2324VIE 23w1 6b0 14w½ 22b½ 18w1 7w0 33b1 30w1 5b½ 16b1 1w06,522982314
14WIMXu Tong2231CHN 12b0 36w1 13b½ 2w0 35b1 30w0 41b1 25w1 20b1 9w0 21b16,522882305
15WIMPourkashiyan Atousa2273IRI 42b1 21w0 41b1 5w0 30b½ 26w1 8b0 39b1 17w1 2w0 23b16,522852310
16WGMGu Xiaobing2336CHN 40w½ 22b1 17w0 33b1 31w1 9b½ 11w½ 10b1 3b½ 13w0 8b0623092327
17WGMLe Thanh Tu2326VIE 36b1 12w½ 16b1 21w½ 3b0 39w½ 30b½ 5w½ 15b0 29w½ 28b1622932312
18WIMMuminova Nafisa2212UZB 46w½ 23b½ 29w½ 8w½ 13b0 36b1 31w1 27b½ 11w½ 10b0 24w1622702292
19WFMDang Bich Ngoc2185VIE 7b0 38w1 4b0 30w½ 28b0 43w1 25b0 42w1 31w½ 39b1 29b1622322255
20WFMLe Thi Phuong Lien2216VIE 6w0 41b½ 23w½ 32b0 38w1 40b1 29w1 28b0 14w0 34b1 31w1621882205
21WGMSwathi Ghate2330IND 29w1 15b1 10w1 17b½ 6w½ 3b0 7b½ 12w1 1w0 5b0 14w05,523742386
22WFMCamacho Chardine Cheradee2166PHI 2b½ 16w0 35b1 13w½ 4b0 31b0 24w1 44w1 33b1 12w0 25b½5,523132333
23Xu Huahua2093CHN 13b0 18w½ 20b½ 45w½ 25b1 33w½ 26b1 4w0 30b½ 27b1 15w05,522602272
24Lkhamsuren Uuganbayar2038MGL 25b0 33w½ 37b½ 40w½ 34b1 12w0 22b0 41w1 26b1 30w1 18b05,522292240
25WIMLe Kieu Thien Kim2277VIE 24w1 31b½ 1w0 29b0 23w0 32b1 19w1 14b0 34w½ 33b1 22w½5,522032217
26Wang Xiaohui2265CHN 43w1 5b0 45w1 27b0 32w1 15b0 23w0 29b½ 24w0 35w1 40b15,521692185
27WGMMohota Nisha2304IND 28b½ 34w1 8b½ 26w1 10w½ 11b½ 12b0 18w½ 4b0 23w0 30b½522952314
28WFMTay Li-Jin Jeslin2068SGP 27w½ 1b0 36w0 43b1 19w1 37b1 4w½ 20w1 7b0 11b0 17w0522892302
29WFMCua Sherily2143PHI 21b0 42w1 18b½ 25w1 2b½ 5w0 20b0 26w½ 37b1 17b½ 19w0522842296
30WIMGhader Pour Shayesteh2156IRI 8b0 32w1 11w½ 19b½ 15w½ 14b1 17w½ 13b0 23w½ 24b0 27w½522662288
31WGMNadig Kruttika2361IND 33b1 25w½ 39b½ 3w0 16b0 22w1 18b0 35w½ 19b½ 32w1 20b0522372246
32Salvador Aices2040PHI 3w0 30b0 38b1 20w1 26b0 25w0 35b0 -1 36w1 31b0 39w1522362250
33WIMBui Kim Le2165VIE 31w0 24b½ 44w1 16w0 45b1 23b½ 13w0 36b1 22w0 25w0 41b1521972217
34Guo Qi2147CHN 1w½ 27b0 43w1 11b0 24w0 41w0 -1 38b1 25b½ 20w0 42b1521732195
35Sun Fanghui2146CHN 5w0 43b½ 22w0 44b1 14w0 45b½ 32w1 31b½ 39w½ 26b0 37w½4,522152236
36WFMShamima Akter Liza2125BAN 17w0 14b0 28b1 41w1 39b0 18w0 37b1 33w0 32b0 42w½ -14,521742190
37WFMPerena Catherine2184PHI 10w0 44b½ 24w½ 42b1 8b0 28w0 36w0 40b1 29w0 -1 35b½4,521672183
38WIMMendoza Beverly2045PHI 11w0 19b0 32w0 -1 20b0 42w½ 43b1 34w0 44b1 41w½ 45w½4,520882123
39WFMNguyen Thi Mai Hung2295VIE 41w½ 40b1 31w½ 10b0 36w1 17b½ 2b0 15w0 35b½ 19w0 32b0422662284
40Li Panru2146CHN 16b½ 39w0 2b0 24b½ 42w1 20w0 44b0 37w0 -1 43b1 26w0422002225
41Bernales Christy Lamiel2041PHI 39b½ 20w½ 15w0 36b0 44w½ 34b1 14w0 24b0 45w1 38b½ 33w0421722188
42Docena Jedara1999PHI 15w0 29b0 -1 37w0 40b0 38b½ 45w1 19b0 43w1 36b½ 34w0421172156
43WFMKhademalsharieh Sarasadat1806IRI 26b0 35w½ 34b0 28w0 -1 19b0 38w0 45b1 42b0 40w0 44b13,521172132
44Jose Rulp Ylem2054PHI 4b0 37w½ 33b0 35w0 41b½ -1 40w1 22b0 38w0 45b½ 43w03,521112150
45Suede Mikee Charlene0PHI 9w0 -1 26b0 23b½ 33w0 35w½ 42b0 43w0 41b0 44w½ 38b½321162131
46x0PHI 18b0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0000

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Tie Break2: rating average of the opponents (variabel with parameters)