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XXXV. Zalakaros Chess Festival HUN Open Ch. 2016

Last update 04.06.2016 15:32:47, Creator: Hungarian Chess-Federation (Master),Last Upload: Hungarian Chess-Federation licence 10

Player overview for svk

40FMGazik Viktor2433SVK1½010110½531HUN op (ch)
86IMGazik Igor2302SVK½½100½0½1476HUN op (ch)

Results of the last round for svk

Rd.Bo.No.NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtgNo.
92240FMGazik Viktor2433 ½ - ½ FMKozak Adam234769
94886IMGazik Igor23023 1 - 03 Gyurkovics Bence Dr.2233102

Player details for svk

FM Gazik Viktor 2433 SVK Rp:2498 Pts. 5
196FMDankhazi Andras2267HUN4w 1
23GMIvanisevic Ivan2646SRB7s ½
35GMRomanov Evgeny2641RUS5,5w 0
482FMSzabo Attila2315ROU4s 1
511GMProhaszka Peter2593HUN6w 0
676Raja Harshit2329IND4,5s 1
751IMMeszaros Tamas2409HUN5w 1
815GMSzabo Gergely-Andras-Gyula2548ROU5,5s 0
969FMKozak Adam2347HUN5w ½
IM Gazik Igor 2302 SVK Rp:2376 Pts. 4
130GMRomanishin Oleg M2464UKR5s ½
238IMKreisl Robert2439AUT4,5w ½
336IMNomin-Erdene Davaademberel2448MGL4s 1
410GMPapp Gabor2596HUN5,5w 0
552GMCebalo Miso2407CRO4s 0
648IMKonopka Michal2418CZE4w ½
761IMPaschall William M.2377USA4s 0
857IMDel Rey Diego2388ESP3,5s ½
9102Gyurkovics Bence Dr.2233HUN3w 1